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Survival Debate: S&W 15-22 vs. Ruger 10/22

There are many .22 long rifles worthy of consideration as the Last Best Plinker. In most cases, three categories of .22 rifles emerge when tossing them into piles according to similarities; those of classic variety with actions of lever, bolt, and tube-feed semi-auto. And there are those of the modern design with composite stocks, detachable… Read More

Survival Debate: .308 Win vs. .223 Rem

Our “9mm vs. 45” Survival debate was a popular one, so we’re going to take it one step further and go to the ultimate U.S. Military assault rifle comparison: the great .223 Remington, (NATO designation 5.56x45mm) vs. the stalwart .308 Winchester (NATO designation 7.62x51mm).  They are both battle proven platforms that have been in service… Read More

Survival Debate: Bug In Food Options

What food options should survivalists stock up on in a Bug In scenario?  The options seem endless, some easy to pick, others more complicated or requiring more detailed support to work.  It’s a good healthy debate for us.  Tell us what you think or what you’re doing.  I have to admit of all the things… Read More

Survival Debate: Aimpoint vs. EOTech?

The choice between an EOTech holographic weapons sight and an Aimpoint red dot sight is a win-win decision. Both sights offer amazing optical performance, near indestructibility, and a proven track record in battle. by Doc Montana, a contributing author of The downside of both of these sights are that they are fairly expensive, useless… Read More

Survival Debate (Rewind): Team Up or Go It Alone

When a natural or man-made event triggers a SHTF condition or a TEOTWAWKI apocalypse, are you planning to survive on your own or with other people?  Will you be a Lone Wolf or a Groupie?  Revisiting the Debate of Teaming Up or Going It Alone. By Bama Bull, a reader of For many folks… Read More

Survival Debate: AR-7 or M6 Survival Rifle

The Survival Debate is back.  If you had to choose between the Henry Arms AR-7 Survival Rifle or the Springfield Armory M6 Scout Survival Rifle, which would you choose and why?  Both are great survival rifles but which one will the fans of SurvivalCache pick? By the team Limited moving parts - very little… Read More

Survival Debate: PDW – Do you really need one?

The PDW or Personal Defense Weapon is a creation by the gun industry as one more thing us “Gun Nuts” need to have in our arsenal but as you will find out in this "Survival Debate" do you really need one.....or just want one?  Let's find out. The closest cousin to the PDW is the… Read More

Survival Debate: What is the Ultimate Survival Vehicle

We spend a lot of time talking about bug out bags, survival gear, long term food storage and weapons here at Survival Cache but we haven’t spent a lot of time debating the Ultimate Survival Vehicle (Bug Out Vehicle).  In the event of a major crisis, there is a very real possibility (especially if you… Read More

Survival Debate: Which Dog is the King of Survival

A few months back we asked the question, Dog or No Dog?  The overwhelming response was to bring the dog for a variety of reasons, excellent early warning system, close quarters fighting advantage, threat deterrent, companionship, and your emergency "last resort" supply of food. Now that most of us agree to bring the dog, the… Read More

Survival Debate: Home Stocks or Self Storage

A self storage facility sounds like a no brainer for any survivalist. You get a bunch of extra storage space for a few dollars a month that is away from most prying eyes. However, a self storage cache comes with it's own security risks both day-to-day and Post-SHTF. Article by Survival Cache contributing author Chuck… Read More

Survival Debate: Solo or Group

Why is it that almost all End-Of-The-World books and movies feature someone trying to survive alone? Hopefully your loved ones will survive whatever emergency happens and you can work together. Would you really want to strike out on your own forever? Article by Survival Cache contributing author Chuck I got into prepping when I was… Read More