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Survival Gear Review: SOF Tactical Tourniquet (SOFTT)

Before we dive in, let’s take some reality pills.  First, this tourniquet is for you, not for your good samaritan fantasy where you save the beautiful princess/prince with the severed artery (although I’m not saying it wouldn’t work for that as well).  Second, the mere fact of not carrying a tourniquet does not decrease your… Read More

How To Bug Out From Mother Nature

Are you prepared for an emergency evacuation due to Mother Nature?  Between forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and other natural and/or man-made disasters, none of us are completely immune to the threat of having to bug out from our homes. By Mark, a contributing author to For certain people that live in high risk… Read More

Survival Gear Review: The Parry Blade Hunter

The Parry Hunter really can only be described as a little brother to the The Parry Blade.  Both are signature blades of Mel Parry, Warrant Officer QGM, and a veteran of the 22nd Special Air Service Regiment. By Mr. Smashy, a contributing author The Parry Hunter has a 7.5” blade length compared to the… Read More

Wealth and Survival

It is amazing to me how we allow ourselves to be manipulated by the concept of money.  People kill or die for pieces of paper that lost all of its intrinsic value when the government dumped green ink on it.   By Captain Bart, contributing author It had value for sending messages, writing down… Read More

Where is David Earl Burgert?

Time has passed, news organizations and police have moved on; but one question remains.  Where is David Earl Burgert?  A fugitive militia member and survivalist who fired on police during a routine traffic stop remains at large and no one seems to know how to find him. By the SurvivalCache Team David Earl Burgert's criminal… Read More

How to Buy a Gun Case

Gun cases are made to protect guns.  Guns are tools, fine tools.  They deserve to be cared for so they can be expected to perform to their design potential.  Guns need regular maintenance, cleaning, repair, and proper storage.  Storage implies both during the time of use and afterwards. By Dr. John J. Woods, a contributing… Read More