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Behind the Scenes Disclosure: What you need to Know

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First let’s quickly get the legal mess out of the way. The FTC has declared that all websites in the US that earn income disclose that information.

We earn money from through what is called affiliate sales. Certain sites, such as, pay referral fee’s on sales that were referred from another site. Meaning, if you read about a piece of gear here on SurvivalCache, click on the Amazon link, and then buy the product I will earn a small referral fee. As I mentioned on the Support Us Page this is how I am able to keep free of ads.

To learn how you can help keep going Visit our Support Page…hint: It’s Free for You)

What this does not mean


Please don’t think that we are writing about and recommending products and gear simply to make money from the sales. We certainly are not.

I can assure you that everything we write about will have been researched and if we recommend it as survival gear it is because we think it would be useful for you in a survival situation.

The survival community is full of intelligent people who walk the walk. If we went around recommending useless or crappy gear we would quickly have no reputation as a survival gear website.

What this means for you: 2 Things


1. The flip side of our quality guarantee. If we recommend a piece of gear that is sub-par we expect you to call us on it. Period.  You can leave a comment on the article or Email Us.

2. As we continue to build our site and learn about survival gear you will know that you can come to and find good information on quality gear that is supported by the survivalist community.

Thanks for your support and as always Be Prepared,

Joel @SurvivalCache