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Survival Debate: Dog or No Dog

Deciding whether or not to take your dog in a survival situation is a more difficult question than choosing between types of gear. For animal loving pet owners it’s a no-brainer. Others might see dogs an an unnecessary risk and use of supplies.


Survival DogsPro:

  • Excellent Early Warning Security
  • Close Quarters Fighting Advantage
  • Threat Deterrent
  • Animal Tracking
  • Companionship


  • Noise can be a security risk
  • Extra Food
  • Extra Water
  • Some Terrain is Difficult

No Dog

Survival DogsPro:

  • Move Faster in some Situations
  • No unnecessary noises
  • No extra food or water required


  • Lonliness
  • No warning for unheard/unseen risks

What Else?

Can you tell my list is a little slanted towards the pro-Dog side? Leave a comment and tell us what other good reasons you have for having or not having a dog in a survival situation.  Also see our Bug Out Bag for dogs – I spray painted mine and it turned out great.

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Top Photo by: Vurnman