5 Dollar Preps – Fishing Gear and First Aid

We decided to start another new weekly column here on Survival Cache called 5 Dollar Preps. Each week we are going to buy $5 dollars worth of survival gear to show people that preparing doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. You can get a surprising amount of useful survival preps with just 5 bucks and here is what we got this week:

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I got a great little collection of fishing supplies. Fishing Line, Assorted hooks, and a small pack of weights.

Fishing LineI was able to get 500 yards of 15lb test line for $2.50. I went for the 15lb pound test even though it sounds like overkill. Fishing line is one of those things that you can use for a hundred different problems. It’s not Duct Tape or WD40, but it’s on that list. 15lb test is enough to be able to use it for other heavier things and fishing.

Fishing HooksA pack of assorted hooks. These were $2.96, and I decided to go a little over budget because of the dial box they came in so I can just toss it in my Bug Out Bag.

Finally, I got a small pack of fishing weights for $1.50.

Fishing WeightsLike I said I went over budget to get the hooks with the container but for a total of $6.96 I was able to get a pretty effective basic fishing set up. I wish I had looked online before shopping because I found this Hook, Sinker, and Swivel pack all in the same type of dial container for $3.99


Gauze Adhesive BandageZack decided to go for some supplies for his first aid kit. First aid supplies are a bit more expensive than fishing line, but every single thing you buy for survival preparedness is a step in the right direction.

The problem with giant pre-made first aid kits is that they have tons of stuff but usually only a little bit of everything. Having something for every possibility is important, but we like to plan our kits based on specific application and the likelihood that they will be needed. Today’s idea was cuts and scrapes too large for band-aids that need to be dressed and protected.  We did like the pre-made kits from Adventure Medical Kits, they seemed to have a good mix of supplies (including an emergency first aid book) and different size bags for you Bug Out Bag.  We also like the quick clot option for stopping severe bleeding.

A roll of gauze for $1.72 is perfect anything larger than a small cut and once dressed you can wrap it with a self adhesive bandage for $3.84

I know some of our readers have creative ideas for $5 dollar preps. Leave us a comment and let us know what you’re doing to prepare.

More First Aid Gear we looked at recently: The Sawyer Extractor for Poisonous Snake Bites

Joel Jefferson
Written by Joel Jefferson

Joel is one of the original founders of SurvivalCache.com. After college, he joined the USMC where he served as an (0302) Marine Infantry Officer. Joel is an avid outdoorsman and spends much of his free time in the mountains. Joel’s hobby is researching survival gear & weapons as well as prepping. Read his full interview here. Read more of Joel's articles.

93 thoughts on “5 Dollar Preps – Fishing Gear and First Aid”

  1. Cool site. Glad I found it. Just wanted to let you know that you can save a buck or two on first aid supplies by getting them at the vet supply store. The Johnson & Johnson Coach self adhesive bandage that Zack got for $3.84 can be found for around $2.00 in different colors.

    • I picked up a “bang stick” at a local scuba shop it is basically a chamber and short barel of a gun but it is fired by pressing he barrel portion back it co es attached to a telescoping pole but it can unscrew to save space and you can just duct tape it to a stick when you need it they come in almost all chamber sizes i got mine in 22 for 5.50 here meant to be used to stop sharks and alligators but I don see why I couldn’t stab a boar with it

      Please do not attempt to punch this into something by hand it’s on a stick for a reason and that’s because you will blow your hand off the reason I learned about them is because a ” gangster” thought he would be cool and carry one on a necklace loaded and when he got into a scuffle with someone he hit it against them shooting them and plowing his hand off…. His was chambered in s&w .50 so you might be able to see there carrying it in the first place was stupid because it has no safety except not placing round into it

    • That's exactly what I was going to say, betywilson. The roll is 5" wide or so, and if you want to be really thrifty, you can use a razor blade to cut it in half down the middle. Our farm supply store will occasionally even have this item on sale for $1.00 I always keep several on hand, so handy for so many things, not just dressing wounds.

  2. I prefer 9 mm. For a SHTF type situation, I have a Kel Tec sub 2000, a nifty little carbine that accepts glock magazines (including the 33 rd ones), weighs 4.6 lbs unloaded, folds to a length of 16.1 in., and is accurate out to about 60-70 yards. With multiple magazines I can carry ammo for small game hunting and personal defense. Paired with a Glock 19 as a side arm (again, same mag), I think 9 mm is a great caliber in terms of versatility, weight per round, and cost.

    • Lucas,

      one of the things i found at the dollar stores is a hand crank radio that works great and last for over an hour with 1 min. of cranking. and just to add to this one I have also found the travel size bottles of like hand sanatizer and little bottles of hydrogen peroxcide and there again most people if they have kids have that stuff around. but one thing thay forget to look for is a steptic pencil one of the greatest inventions i have 13 of them you can hardly find them anymore because one pencil lasts forever lol. I look for them every where i go they work great on little cuts and poped blisters it stings at first but then seals they are cool,

      thanks again

  3. Lucas

    another thing to keep in mind is how many compartments there are you will want to have a list of where things are. On mine I have the top flap map case in that i keep a map of all the places i go and have Caches along with a small notepad(one of the wather proof ones that you can write on in rain or snow). That is where i keep my inventory list and location I broke mine down by compartment and laminated it so I know it will not get distroyed by water.

    I have been an avid outdoorsmen most of my life I like to keep things lite. On my test week I take only the essentials a knife, sleeping bag, and a few potatos i go for a week and see what other new stuff i can learn while out there. depending on the location is how i decide on weather or not to bring my side arm.

    Another thing to keep in mind is web gear the H harnes is a good choice you can wear the web gear and the alice pack at the same time they are made that way and if you have to ditch your main pack for some odd reason like fast get away then you still have the equivelint of a three day pack on your person.

    keep your powder dry,

    • Found them at uniquetitanium dot com for about $9 for a 3-pack. They also sell single/double packs. Virtually weightless. Come with hooks/snaps.

      Check for legality. Not legal in all states. However if TSHTF, the game warden and fine will be the least of your worries. Why are they illegal in some states? Because they work so well catching fish and as a hook-type ground snare for small animals.

  4. I picked up my Mossberg 590 SP last Friday and put 25 rounds through it at the range… I am VERY pleased. I do plan on getting a longer barrel for hunting… but even with the shorter barrel I was having no problem finding the target at 100 yards from the standing position w/o optics. I like the safety position, the ring sights, and went with the 590 because of the 8+1 round capacity. Gotta say…, I'm a little bit in love. lol

  5. Chuck,

    Thanks for commenting.

    I hadn't thought of actually cataloging everything in my gear and keeping this list handy but that is a good idea. I definitely like your map and paper set up, that is something everyone should have.

    You "test weeks" sound pretty intense, but its great that you get that much good practice. What type of terrain are you usually in?

    I haven't tried an H harness, I've actually been shopping around for some tac vests lately. I really like the 5.11 lite one right now. It's relatively cheap, but supposed to be good. I should look into some of the H harnesses.

  6. HI all–

    With regard to the multicolor adhesive bandages that are from a vet supply–Jeffers Equine Catalog. 1-800-Jeffers. I've ordered from them for years. Their surgical and bandage scissors are excellent quality and price, and the Vetrap (or Co-flex) is cheap. Also, the Jeffers Catalog –Pet Version has an earscope for around $13.00 I've been using for kids and also a wound stapling kit for field dogs.

    Best of luck,

    Mountain Mama

  7. another place to get supplys that my family uses is the dollar stores its a good place to start looking for band aids and ace bandages. I completely out fitted a friend for 25 bucks with close to an intermediate field kit. just be careful and look at the stuff before you buy some can be junk while others are good it all works out in the end. even the junk can be use once in a pinch.

  8. The best place to get first aid gear is if you have a friend that works at a hospital, especially a military hospital, they waste money as fast as they make it. I know a guy that works at the hospital, he got me a 50$ FAK in a 15$ pouch for 0$.

  9. I just bought a 4 function whistle from Wal Mart. Ozark Trail brand. The ball less whistle is pretty loud. The thermometer is accurate to 2 degrees. The compass is basic but does accurately give the main points. The magnifying glass is a little hard to get out but could be useful. All in all not too shabby for 5 bucks.

  10. here is something to keep in your go bag . oil of oregano! yes the herb that is used on pasta. oregano oil kills foot fungus on contact ! it also cures most stomach bugs. like stomach flu ! no joke. i use it and raw garlic also . but remember ! ! ! you must put oregano oil in a softgel !!!!!! never put directly in mouth !!!

  11. Snares, traps and fish baskets , Snares can be bought at snareshope.com and are surpisingly cheap, traps can expensive unless you are creative with"scrounged" supplies
    ( caught a pig with one) and fish baskets will all hunt for you !

  12. Along with speedhooks, I also like fishing yo-yos. Set em and forget em. Yo-yos are not as sensitive as speedhooks but they are also designed for larger fish (60lb nylon line). I keep both in my BOB since they take up virtually no space and are super light weight. Multiple automatic lines in the water is always better than one. Automatic is always nice in freezing weather. Yo-Yo 3-pack $7.50 or singles $2.75 at bepreparedtosurvive dot com.

    Again – check legality.

    PS- yo-yos don't come with hooks, only snaps.

  13. Bug Out Bags on a budget? Some things are cheaper and easy to find at the local mega-chain retailers but some are not. I do a lot of online shopping for specialty bag items. My usual goto dot com sites are: (I list these in order of the usual cheapest prices)

    Campingsurvival $ (my fave, but use the site search engine for fastest results)
    bepreparedtosurvive $
    cheaperthandirt $$
    campmore $$
    countycomm $$
    uniquetitanium $$$
    Amazon $-varies

    If anyone knows more good discount sites please list them. As always PRICE SHOP!

  14. Freebie for the first-aid kit……

    Grab 2-3 packs of sugar from the coffee bar or restaurant and stuff em in your first-aid kit. Pour it on cuts (no it doesn't burn, you sissy but make sure it aint salt LMAO). Sugar helps activate some clotting factors. This does NOT work on gushing arterial or very heavy venous bleeds, but it does work on the average cut and on those annoying bleeds that just wont seem to stop. Its not instant but it significantly reduces clotting time.

    If you dont have sugar, use spider webs (any species) also work because of the glucose and proteins. Try not to use old, dusty, or bug filled ones. Fresh is better.

  15. For $2-$3 you can get a single row 7-day pill organizer. I keep one in my EDC and BOB. They stay well stocked with tylenol, ibuprofen, alieve, anti-diarrhea, benadryl, rolaids, and 3 single-use packs of neosporin. Each pocket will hold seven+ pills depending on size. If you can find the child-proof type, they have a button-type lock mechanism that keeps the compartments from opening in your bag.

  16. I made a cool purchase the other day for under $5. Countycomm sells a great 50 yard spool of #000 Kevlar thread. This stuff is pretty darn tuff. I did a few tests out of curiosity. Nearly cut two fingers off trying to break it. Then I did it again after soaking a pice of thread for an hour to see if water affected it….. dont think it did. It can be used to suture, sew a stitch, and a strong impromptu fishing line. I wrapped about 10ft around 3 needles and tossed em in my survival tin. the rest went in the ole B.O.B.

    • That’s a great buy Kevlar thread is what is used for military trip wires for claymores and such and normally is very expense if you purchase the tripwire spools to get it

  17. Heck, I'm on a roll. Another $5 multi purpose item is a small bottle of tea tree oil. Now don't start thinking that I've gone all hippie or anything. This stuff has a million uses. Anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal. Great on fungi such as athletes foot or yeast, cuts, blisters, abrasions, eczema bites, stings, vapor rub, etc. Just a two or three drops in a cup of water makes a great all around topical treatment or cleaning solution for items. One drop per cup can make mouthwash or very clean smelling "hobo bath". Four drops in a cup of water makes natural insect repellent. Its like a swiss army knife in a bottle (without the toothpick).

  18. I make a small survival kit to fit in an altoids tin.

    A small bic lighter, matches, a reel of dental floss in the little tin, a led key-chain light, band-aids, a one use neosporin pack alcohol wipe single, maybe a stripe of duct tape stuck inside the lid, what ever suits your preference. You can put a surprising amount of gear in one, for a daily carry. Cheap individual items.

  19. another survival fishing idea is to take your yo yo or speed hook and ( now this is totaly illegal and should only be done in a survival situation ) tie it to a tree in a field place corn or some other grain on the hook this will fish for birds turkey is what my granpaw used to catch with this rig up

  20. I am surprised nobody has mentioned an eye glass repair kit. They are cheap, small, and if your glasses need a screw or screw driver almost nothing else will do. Even if you arn't rocking 4-eyes out of need like me, how are you going to fix those sunglasses? I keep one in my bag at all times and have had to loan it out a number of times to classmates, friends, and strangers who had a screw drop out of their glasses and had no way to fix it.

  21. Another thing is saline solution for contact lens. It is in a sterile squeeze bottle and could be used for things like flushing eyes if you got something in them–or washing out a dirty wound to help prevent infection. You can get bottles cheap in some places, and as long as they stay sealed they stay sterile.

  22. A great addition for a "BASIC" fishing kit that is often overlooked is a SABUKI RIG, its basically just a length of line with about 10 really tiny hooks and little slips of paper or platic attatched to the hook as a teaser. While it won't catch a monster (but I have caught 3lb grey trout/weakfish in salt water on them) it's a good way to catch smaller fish that you could eat for survival or can catch you bait to help land that "lunker".

    Another great product that goes in each and every one of my fishing kits, salt or fresh water, is called "FISHBITES". They are natural bait that is made into a paste and put on a mesh strip. The best one I have found for all around use is the blood-worm type. In salt water you can catch just about anything from croakers to sharks, and in fresh water you can catch panfish, catfish, carp and the occasional bass. It doesn't require anything special and lasts for years when kept in a sealed bag, its also very lightweight and can easily be cut into small pieces to make it "stretch".

    If you need bait, another little trick I learned from my grandfather, is to find a spot along whatever water source you want to fish that has somewhat loose, moist and rich looking soil; mix a little bit of dish soap or whatever you have with some water, pour it onto the spot making sure you cover a fair bit of it (I try for a 3'x3' area), wait for a few minutes and if there are worms in the dirt they will come up to the top…. great bait or a source of protein if your hungry (just make sure you wash them off). Decomposing logs and stumps can also be a great source of grubs, which again can be used as bait or eaten if need be (I recommend taking the heads off, guts out and cooking them, but they are pretty nasty tasting no matter what!)

    Great topic guys! Keep it up!

  23. Forgot to mention, the SABUKI RIGS are about $4.50 per pack (usually 1 per pack) and neon green seems to work best here in VA

    The FISHBITES run about $6-$9 depending on where you get them, but they are WELL worth the extra couple bucks!

  24. Something to consider having in your bag is a slingshot learn how to use it well. Took me about a month before a got my first squirrel. handy to have and doesn't take up much room.

  25. for snare wire. go to any hardware/wal-mart and pickup some brass picture wire. Cut the wire into 24"-30" lengths double loop one end, this is known as a locking snare. loops should be no more tha 1/4" dia., pass the other end through both loops and set the snare.

  26. Q-tips and fishing line can also be implemented to clean .22 riifles. Just fluff up the end of the q-tip, tie a small portion of line around the end and pull it through much like a Hoppes snake bore.

  27. I agree wholeheartedly with Dave H, about TSC. – great place. Locally, they don't carry sterile suture kits , neither does Southern States – anyone know of a good source?

  28. For your fire kits. Try to keep a small amount of dryer lint for starting fires. It works pretty good if you keep it dry in a plastic bag.

  29. MEDICAL: if you are looking for pressure bandages and want to do it for under $5 get your self the Coach Adhesive Tape and some feminine pads. They work great for gunshot wounds and gashes with the pad over the wound and the adhesive tape applies the pressure needed to stop or slow down the bleeding. You can get both for under $5 if you get the generic brands.

  30. I highly recommend Steri-strips by 3m in any first aid kit. Picture it as packing tape for wounds super strong with "threads" through it. You apply it to a wound and leave them on until they fall off. 1000x better then butterfly bandages but same basic principle. Also don't forget about crazy glue. The fact that it bonds instantly to skin is not always a disadvantage. Great for superficial scalp lacerations. Great Site glad I found it.

    • Great super glue tip! I keep a couple of 3-packs in my B.O.B. 1 pack in my repair kit and one pack in my first-aid. A few added tips if using super glue on a wound. Make sure to irrigate it well before closing, and only close it 80-90% of the way, leaving an area than can be used to drain the wound if infection occurs. ALso, brace yourself before adding super glue, it tends to sting a bit. Never close (suture or glue) a wound that has been open for over 12 hours.

  31. I think you should start calling it $7 preps for current inflation lol . Walgreens has a tooth ache kit . It has a plastic dental applicator , 3 q-tips , small bottle of temporary filling material , small bottle of pain liquid , and a cleaning agent . very small items that could be easily incorporated into your first aid kit .

  32. I actually looked at those the other day and wondered how well they would work. Will grab a pack the next time I head to wally world. Thanks for the great tip!

  33. in addition to your comment on the minute rice. I buy the "white minute rice". I was taught to make breakfast rice by a buddy. In a ziplock baggie I pour in half cup dried rice, heaping tablespoon of powdered milk, heaping tablespoon of brown sugar, and half of one of those little raisin boxes.>>> To prepare just boil water, pour into ziplock up to the top of the rice. Let stand 10 minutes. Eat right from the baggie. Great substitute for those that dont like oatmeal or cream of wheat. Premix for camping hiking hunting. Weighs almost nothing, dry. I know it remains shelf stable for a long time. Used some a year old and was just as good as if it was day 1.

  34. Never thought of that option. I usually keep a small ziplock with easy condiments from fast food chains. salt, pepper, jelly, ketchup, crushed red pepper and parmesan cheese from dominos, cajun sparkle from popeye's chicken, and a few Mrs. Dash packets. I used to have one of those "dial-a-spice" deals from the walmart camping section. Waste of money! Once you break the seal it starts absorbing moisture. After a few days you have a small brick of useless spices.

  35. Still on the $5 prep subject, but off the tinder subject… First let me say, I understand you get what you pay for. I also understand something is better than nothing! With the economy the way it is, a cheap emergency kit beats nothing. Even if its only to fill the possible need until a better quality option can be afforded. Anyone on this site knows that an emergency kit or well stocked B.O.B. can be expensive! On with my story…. While performing my manly duty of bag-holder as my lady shops, I got a little bored. To entertain myself I decided to play a little game in the Dollar Tree (a local chain $1 store). I would brows the isles and see how many things I could spot that would come in handy in an emergency kit. I WAS AMAZED at what items could be purchased for a dollar or less at these places. It would behove any survivalist to really give this place a good once-over! If you don't take a $20 bill and head to one of these, you are really missing out! here is just a SHORT list of the things I spotted:
    15yd roll of duct tape
    stainless steel swiss army knife (knock-off version)
    pack of large zip-ties
    3-pack of lighters
    lighter fluid
    8-inch round cake pan (better than a $15 camping plate/bowl cooking set)
    work gloves
    multi-bit screwdriver
    steel wool
    battery tester
    mini-AM/FM radio
    sewing kit
    dental floss
    28oz aluminum sports bottle (think kleen canteen for $25)
    single egg frying pan
    16oz boiler
    2-pack aluminum cooling rack (think light weight campfire grate)
    10-pack of strike on the box matches
    10-pack of the single serve drink mixes for bottled water.
    dried soups
    foil packed tuna
    salt/pepper pre-filled shaker set
    5-pack of bamboo cooking utensils
    large bag of cotton balls
    petroleum jelly
    3-pack of lip balm
    2-pack of bandanas

    • 3-pack of large box knives (like the break-away blade type)
      2-pack of foil bread pans (collapsable bowls for cooking, eating, water collection, gathering…)

  36. You guys can get all of that at Smith & Edwards, Dicks Sporting Goods, Big 5,Bass Pro shop,Harbor freights,etc,etc,etc. And for pretty darn cheap too. Also almost all outdoorsmen stores and what not have a web site for great deals and to help you save a couple bucks on gas.(But there is shipping.) I personally think that you dont really need to get fishing things if you have a good sling shot (to bring down small game) and wire fore snares,traps an such. As for first aid just get a pre-made kit from the store. It could save you a couple bucks and time that you would have used on making the kit your self.

  37. Great site and topic. Got lots of good ideas here.

    Did a post on our site a few days ago of things I found in TSC's clearance section- $3 saws, $3 pocketknife/LED flashlight combo, pruning tool 2 pack- $7, 10-pack of lighters $2, mini-hoe, etc.


  38. One significant detriment to any situation is pain resulting from a lost tooth filling or a broken tooth w/ exposed nerve. The pre-packaged "dental repair kits" are worthless in my experience. I have zinc oxide powder and clove oil for this remedy. Both are over the counter. You'll have to get the pharmacist to order the zinc oxide powder. Just a couple drops of clove oil (use gloves) into 1/4 tsp of powder, then fold into the consistency of chewing gum. A tongue depressor works well for the folding and application. Now, the most important aspect of relieving tooth pain via this method, and any other medical relief, is cleanliness. You MUST irrigate the site then dry the site as best as possible. This is best accomplished by stepping on an IV bag and directing the flow from the tubing onto the exposure. Then use a bag valve mask (BVM) to quickly dry; and then rapidly apply the paste. The pain relief is instantaneous. Of course, most folks won't have a bag of saline & IV admin kit; so they'll have to improvise. And if I run out of professional suture supplies, I'll use dental floss. Good point on TSC for penicillin, Dave H!

  39. Hello Everyone,
    I spent 20 years as a medic in the military and there are 2 items I always carry in my survival bag. You guys may think its weird, but they really work in emergency situations. Kotex pads and tampons. Both are sterile and can absorb alot of blood. Tampons are great for puncture wounds; stick straight into a puncture wound and as they absorb they expand and seal off the wound. Pads are great for large cuts or sucking chest wounds. I've used them in the field and they work. So don't be sqeamish or feel you are being unmanly, these things may save your life or the life of someone you know. So if you're afraid to buy them yourself, ask your wife or girlfriend.

    The MichiganDogman

  40. I would check you local Flea Markets and Dollar Stores, I have found alot and put together my own first aid kit, and etc.

    Keep Preeping and Remember Vote for Ron Paul!!!

  41. Yes!!! Tea tree oil is a staple in my house! I have cured more things with tea tree oil than probably any over the counter medication. Also, lavender works for headaches and peppermint helps with stomach and digestive issues. Those are my 3 must have essential oils. Plus they come in tiny bottles and last a long time because, like you said, you only need a couple drops.

  42. Another multipurpose item for your first-aid kit: a cravat/triangular bandage. You can use it as a sling or to help splint a broken limb or as part of a pressure bandage. Folded into a two-inch strip it can be a tourniquet in dire circumstances.

    On the survival side it could be used for water gathering: wipe dew off safe plants, soak up water from shallow puddles and squeeze out, filter large particulates out of water, etc.

  43. I have picked up what I think is a good little first aid kit from an Insurance agent. It is in a little plastic case and has basic needs like bandages anti bio cream and a neddle and some thread. There is more but it is a handy item for my fishing trips. Also had a Bank handing out little kits in the plastic folders like you use to hold your licensies. Fit anywhere and no weight.

  44. You can get tons of first aid stuff at large animal supply stores, like Big R, or Tractor Supply. I see someone has mentioned them, as I am typing thia! The self sticking rolled bandage is sometimes on sale for $1.99. Also, large roll of sterile cotton is around $5.00. They also have suture needles, and Tea Tree oil treatment in a small jar, not sure of the cost. Also, did not see anyone mention tylenol. And cotton balls smeared with petrolium jelly to start fires, you can stuff the cotton balls into empty TP cardbard rolls, you can make them flat to fit in your bob bag, they take up little room,

  45. More than anything else, the first aid kit will be the most important thing to have. Considering how rough and tough being out in the wilderness can be, having a way to quickly patch yourself up will come in really handy.

  46. Something NOT mentioned in this blog is the use of small, mini, feminine pads in a first aid kit!!

    I know, what would a guy want to carry anything like that for? Well, for one thing they are designed to absorb blood, LOTS of it! If you were stabbed or impaled with a knife or stick, or clawed or bitten by an animal (and survived), then you would need something quick to cover up the wound with.

    The feminine pads will do that and they are VERY compact, easy to use, and inexpensive.

    After 20 years in the military (US Air Force), I've heard some pretty strange things that people used to dress wounds, and yes, this was one of them, BUT it works and ANYTHING that works to keep you alive is worth looking into in my book!

    Survival is the main goal, right!?

  47. I think it's kool that I have a fishing pole with me every where I go, in a way. I am blind , and I have to use a 70 inch cane, when I walk. I have tied fishing line and hookd to my cane and gone fishing.

  48. In the town where I live up in Montana, there is a store that predominently provides hardware, tack and agricultural supplies as well as clothing and sporting goods. They have an area with animal first aid and some limited non prescription vetrinary meds are available. The self adhesive bandages you mentioned can be had for about a buck or two in a variety of widths and lengths as well as a variety of colors. Use it a lot to stock up on as well as for other things!

  49. Don't forget Super Glue for a 1st aid kit. You can glue cuts back together, and eventually it wears off.
    I just found this site, lots of great info. Thanks for sharing.

  50. Want to ask some questions. Has anyone used sandlewood incense for pest control??? And , does bleach provide a sufficient water purification???? Just starting to prep. We lived in western Maryland during "Sandy" and went without power for 5 days and our house was literally covered in snow. Since, we moved to Indiana and now I'm concerned about prepping.

  51. My wife and I find a lot of good first aid gear at Goodwill. Our fist aid bag which use to be a camera bag we got for a couple of bucks, there is usually gauze and bandages in there sterile wrapping and we also get great deals on diapers. A diaper can wrap a bad wound up real quick! There is also all kinds of fishing gear, real cheap. Thrift stores are a great place for survival gear of all kinds. All kinds of camping gear at way less cost than even Wally,s world. Stay prepared my friends!

  52. A David sling, get an old pair of worn out boots remove the tounge and make a pocket use the laces for the lines
    find free rocks & practice then bean someone who has more than you and take their stuff because your woefully lacking in survival gear and nothing you can buy for 5 dollars is going to save your butt.


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