10 Survival Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2020 (Updated)

Usually I point my readers toward a specific article on other sites that I found particularly useful and wanted to share. Today I’m giving you my list of 10 survival blogs I think you should be reading. All were chosen because they each regularly publish quality survival and prepping information for you.

Best Survival Blogs: Top 10 Picks

1. The Survival Blog

Jim Rawles’ Survival Blog is one of our favorites and rightfully so, he writes interesting articles and his reader’s submissions are excellent.

2. The Survival Mom

Lisa, the Survival Mom, is a great resource for the modern survivalist prepper with a family. The term “survivalist” usually brings images of men clinging to their guns in the wilderness but The Survival Mom provides regular people with great ideas for prepping in everyday life. (Like the Survival Mom Vehicle Kit)

3. Suburban Survivalist

The Suburban Survivalist regularly publishes good articles on survival and prepping that make you think and plan, without a lot of fluff in between. He is always available to point people in the right direction and discussion of preps on your site or his.


The TEOTWAWKI Blog publishes articles a few times a week and they are always good gear ideas or survival book reviews. The site takes on good questions about your plans and preps and doesn’t always just follow the same old ideas in survivalist culture. (Do You Really Need a Bug Out Bag)

5. Bug Out Survival

Scott at But Out Survival doesn’t publish articles as often as other sites, but when he does they are quality. Scott is an experienced outdoors man and sailor who takes a unique analytical look at Bugging Out problems and solutions. He has a book in the market. Check it out here:

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6.  SouthernPrepper1

Although maybe not a true blog in the writing sense, SouthernPrepper1’s video blog on youtube is one of our Top Prepper Websitesfavorites (if not our favorite).  SouthernPrepper1 doesn’t just talk a big game, he lives it.  If you haven’t watched some of his videos, here is a quick list of some of our favorites:  DoomsDay Preppers NatGeo w/ SouthernPrepper1, Underground Survival Bunker, Trip Wires for Retreat Security.

If only SouthernPrepper1 was our neighbor…..

7.  Surviving in Argentina

Fernando “FERFAL” Aguirre who is the author of the book “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” writes updates to his best selling book on this blog.  FerFal is one of the few writers in the Survival Blogosphere who has lived through a modern survival situation.  His tips and experiences from both his book and his blog will prove useful in helping to prepare you and your family.

It doesn’t hurt that FERFAL (Fernando FAL .308) is a pretty cool guy as well. You can check out his book below:

The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse
  • Fernando "Ferfal" Aguirre (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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8. SHTF Blog

Updated often, this blog provides great reads by JarheadTop Prepper Blogs Survivor, Rangerman, and Calamity Jane.  In our minds there is something to be said about a Survivalist Blog which doesn’t have to have a “Non-Fiction” writing contests every week to boost their Search Engine Optimization – these guys don’t!!!  Some of our favorites: 10 Best Guns for SHTF, How to Make a Humble Hobo Stove.  Keep up the good work Rangerman, Jarhead, and Jane!!!

9.  Modern Survival Online

Rourke provides a good mix of non-fictionRourke Modern Survival Online posts, gear reviews, and news updates on his site.  One of our favorite parts of his site is his “Survival Database Downloads” located on the right side of the navigation bar on the home page.  The “Survival Database” is full of great information compiled by Rourke over the years.

Rourke is another very cool guy in the survival world.

10.  Tactical Intelligence.net

survival blogWe love Erich’s site and his views on survival and preparedness.  We also checked out his new Prepper Academy and loved it.  Tons of great information and he lives by what he preaches….Erich is ready for any situation.  Keep up the good work.

Joel Jefferson
Written by Joel Jefferson

Joel is one of the original founders of SurvivalCache.com. After college, he joined the USMC where he served as an (0302) Marine Infantry Officer. Joel is an avid outdoorsman and spends much of his free time in the mountains. Joel’s hobby is researching survival gear & weapons as well as prepping. Read his full interview here. Read more of Joel's articles.

70 thoughts on “10 Survival Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2020 (Updated)”

  1. going through these sites and started reading the evacuation prep series… I have started using containers for my Bug In scenario.. food storgage, etc and have containers in both of the vehicles.., but for my BOB I was just using the actual pack as the container…, realistically it isn't very likely that I am going to find a Bug Out scenario that involves going on foot from my house so the containerized/prioritized Bug Out Bag/Container seems to make good sense to me.

    • I've been gathering as much survival stuff as I can. So far I have my car fully prepped with the Auto Prepared Kit (pretty cheap at FlashSurvival.com), and a 72 Hour Food Storage Kit in an easy-access place. If I had to survive and didn't have time to prepare that kit would be my life-saver. Got that one at FlashSurvival too. Think it was a little over $100, but well worth it. Good luck on your gathering.

  2. Thanks for the inclusion of Bug Out Survival. The book is in production and hopefully you'll have your review copy soon.

    • I'm new here and am enjoying your website very much Lucas.I have just ordered the book so i hope too learn more about my area.
      I already have dare to prepare from Holly Dayo and it's a real good book.
      Once again glad to be onboard.

    • Thanks for the links Josh. I read Survivalist Blog.net. He does have a lot of good info.

      I hadn't seen Prepare Your Family, that looks like a good one.

      I've left a couple comments on Tactical Intelligence before, he does a good job.

  3. Marshall,

    I'm not really a fan of MRE'S, but even I have a few of them around. They've got plenty of calories in them and you can heat one up while sitting in your car w/o the rest of the world knowing what you're doing. You might check and see the folks selling them through Amazon.com will ship to Canada, they're more reasonably priced on Amazon.

  4. Today I stumbled across a new survival blog It had some helpful tips and I thought it might be something others may find useful too. I found it at grayroots.com Check it out and see what you think.

  5. I personally love EMPact America's Radio Blog. I think it's really great and extremely informational. This whole month they have had Preparedness Podcasts, aside from their usual Wednesday LIVE shows. Tonight they are having Dr. Prepper on their show at 6pm to talk about survival tips and other informational things. Here's the site if you want to check it out: http://empactradio.org/prepcast/ppc16-doctor-prep

  6. I love to see good sites with people who are free thinking. I believe in preparing for any disaster that will come. If you watch the news you have witnessed the changes in the tide. The US and New Zealand have passed FOOD BILLS that take away our right as citizens to buy or grow heirloom seeds to grow our own crops. Part of any survival kit, I think people should plan for long term self sufficiency, so we dont have to rely on BIG AGRA BUSINESS that sells us contaminated food with pesticides and regulates the food industry to keep us on a short food leash ( for example all food in stores usually is geared toward a 3 to 5 day supply of fresh food) and sell us DEAD FOOD with absolutely no nutritional value and mostly made up of chemicals. I encourage people to grow a backyard garden and for people with acreage to frow food for thier community and set up more food co-ops where cash isnt accepted. Bartering with other growers would drastically cut your food bill and provide fresh food. I have tons of information on my website about emergency seed banks, storage food, growing your own food, current events. Check out http://www.emergencyseedbank.org

  7. Don't forget about medical preparedness. How are you going to keep your family healthy in a societal collapse? We have a blog over at http://www.doomandbloom.net with over 150 articles geared to dealing with medical issues in times of trouble. Also, we have just put out a book called "The Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook", over 400 pages long, with all the information you'll need to deal with over 90% of the issues you'll face in a disaster or worse.

  8. I like the survival mom, but due to this post…thanks by the way, I will certainly check some others that were mentioned in the comments…who knew!

  9. I personally like survival blog the most. Thanks for the great list of blogs. I have also recently started my own survival blog called beattheend. Hopefully I can be a good resource as well. Trying to update it as much as possible.

  10. Rawles' site used to be a daily read for me. There is a lot of useful stuff there, and I'd be lyin' if I said I haven't learned from it. I got annoyed at his personal interjections to another's article; often to negate them. Self proclaimed king of survival, I'll do without Rawles from now on. There are plenty of others out there…like this one…Good job, and your other top 5 are excellent as well.

  11. Great advice, there have been a few times where I wasn't prepared and could have used some some more resources to be on top of things. I really like this site for gear reviews as well https://www.tactical-officer.com/. They are law enforcement and military members reviewing gear for safety and efficacy, it's been super helpful.

  12. I follow Emergency Coalition simply because it's a one stop site. They have everything from articles, reviews, and videos to products. The site recently went through a nice transition providing more content about survival as opposed to the old format as a community driven site. I like communities but when it come to my preps and needs I want to see reviews, new products, video tutorials, etc. I don't mind a survival information overload. It keeps me going back daily for me! 🙂 Happy Survival and Prepping…

  13. Hi
    If you want video tutorials check out my new site http://www.survival-gear-supply.com; I embedded you-tubes on certain products. the site is still under construction and I would appreciate it if you could give me some advise on what you would expect from it in order to fulfill your needs and products as a survivalist. it is mainly exhibiting weather resistant survival gear. Thank you!

  14. I'm fascinated by survival tips and all the good thinking that goes into it, so thanks for all the help and info you so generously provide. Also thinking around creating short videos with the best tips.
    Success to all,

  15. my president says all is peachy and you people are the problem. I believe everything on television. my head don't heart so much if others think for me. think happy thoughts.

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  19. Thanks for posting this list of sites. Many people don't know what to do to prepare for major catastrophes. I have found that Bug Out Survivalist and Survival Mom are great sites. I would also recommend adding my friend Shane's site Doomsday Moose. He has some great tips there as well.

  20. I read a lot of books on outdoor as well as emergency survival training, but these blogs definitely make for excellent references. The Suburban Survivalist and The Survivor Blog are two of my personal favorites. People would definitely get a lot of information on practical preparedness for many different types of situations on these two blogs, sans all the fluff. If you want straight and hard hitting relevant information, these two are great resources even if you are the indoorsy type and hardly ever go outside for trips. It always pays to know what to do when situations get dicey, especially when it involves Mother Nature’s wrath.

  21. Enlighten me about water.
    1. Why recycle water if it's already purified?
    2. Are metal caps on glass bottles safe for long term water storage?

  22. Survivalblog site is one to stay away from Rawles seems is in it for the money, not for the truth. He's found a niche and runs with it. Followed that site for years, just figured it out with their new format and censoring comments. Happens to many in our group if a comment disagrees with his let writers who seem to know everything about everything and can't take another opinion. They censor anyone who disagrees with certain suppliers they recommend. Other four are GREAT Thanks for listing


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