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5 Survival Blogs You Should Be Reading

Usually I point my readers toward a specific article on other sites that I found particularly useful and wanted to share. Today I’m giving you my list of 5 survival blogs I think you should be reading. All five were chosen because they each regularly publish quality survival and prepping information for you.

*In No particular order

1. The Survival Blog – Jim Rawles’ Survival Blog is one of our favorites and rightfully so, he writesdiscount code water - - 400 x 250 interesting articles and his reader’s submissions are excellent.

2. The Survival Mom – Lisa, the Survival Mom, is a great resource for the modern survivalist prepper with a family. The term “survivalist” usually brings images of men clinging to their guns in the wilderness but The Survival Mom provides regular people with great ideas for prepping in everyday life. (Like the Survival Mom Vehicle Kit)

3. Suburban Survivalist – The Suburban Survivalist regularly publishes good articles on survival and prepping that make you think and plan, without a lot of fluff in between. He is always available to point people in the right direction and discussion of preps on your site or his. (I really enjoyed his write up on the Mosin Nagant)

4. TEOTWAWKI Blog – The TEOTWAWKI Blog publishes articles a few times a week and they are always good gear ideas or survival book reviews. The site takes on good questions about your plans and preps and doesn’t always just follow the same old ideas in survivalist culture. (Do You Really Need a Bug Out Bag)

5. Bug Out Survival – Scott at But Out Survival doesn’t publish articles as often as other sites, but when he does they are quality. Scott is an experienced outdoors man and sailor who takes a unique analytical look at Bugging Out problems and solutions. (He doesn’t publish often because he is finishing his book – Bug Out: The Complete Plan for Escaping a Catastrophic Disaster Before It’s Too Late which I am hopefully getting an early copy of soon to review for you.)

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