Survival Checklists Created by Military Veterans, Firemen, and Survivalists

Having 72-hours worth of supplies and equipment on hands is ideal. This checklists covers what you should keep on hand.

During a survival situation, you may need to leave your home and “bug out”. A Bug Out Bag (BOB) will come in handy. This checklists covers all you need to know.

Hurricanes are devastating, yet common and predicable. Prepping for a hurricane is a must in many parts of the world. This checklist covers the basics.

Don’t get stranded in your car during a harsh winter storm and have no supplies. We cover the life-saving items you should have in your vehicle at all times.

It can take time for professional medical help to come to you. A proper first aid kit can help mitigate the impact in the meantime. This checklists covers the starting points of what you should have in your kit.

OTC medications are crucial to have on hand in addition to a first aid kit. We cover the basics in this checklist.

After an emergency, documents can be crucial. This checklists covers the basics around which documents you should keep copies of in a binder.