SurvivalCache Writer Interview: Joseph Bryant and Noemi Gonzales

Joseph Bryant and Noemi Gonzales are a dynamic duo that shares a passion for firearms, survival education and gear, martial arts, and adventure.

joseph bryant shooting

Joseph grew up under a father who had a career in law enforcement, taught firearms courses, spent time as a bounty hunter, and operated as a licensed private investigator and Joseph trained with his father growing up and even assisted as a PI during his late teenage years. Joseph continued expanding his training in martial arts, weapons use, survival tactics, hunting, and more since leaving home. He has memories of fishing bullets out of the couch cushions and loading his father’s empty magazines as a chore and learning to shoot pistols, shotguns, and assault rifles before his teenage years.

Noemi gonzales shooting

Noemi knew first hand what it was like to have to produce your own food as her parents were struggling immigrants who had to do whatever it took to feed their family. Noemi has memories of her family using a chicken bone as a fishing lure to catch dinner for the family after foraging. Now she has further honed that sense of self-reliance through Jiu-Jitsu/MMA training and learning how to handle a firearm and works to empower her daughters by passing on such skills to enable them to live more independently and less fearfully.

Spending much of their time training Jiu-Jitsu/Judo/MMA training with their two daughters at local schools helps to keep these two sharp as they continue to run their business endeavors together and prioritize preparation and readiness in their homeschool-based household.

These two also have experience with hunting, training with firearms, various forms of self-defense, and preparing for potential worse-case-scenarios and work hard to pass this knowledge on to their two daughters.

Joseph and Noemi also recently released a book focused on training kids in martial arts at home which you can acquire here:

How do Joseph and Noemi Answer 17 Survival Questions?

1. Please describe your everyday carry (EDC)?

Noemi: The Taurus Curve .308 is my best friend as the design let’s me carry it concealed very comfortably with minimal printing. I wanted something small but more powerful than a .22 to carry with me. The fact that it comes with a laser and a light in the underbarrel plus the clip means great value in this useful gun.

Joseph: My most regular carry would be the Taurus G2C 9mm. Not the sexiest piece but it will achieve the desired objective. I do enjoy the solid grip and relatively comfortable balance.

2. Favorite bug out pistol?

Glock 19 Gen 4 is my first thought. Very reliable and 9mm is a common ammo type.

3. Favorite concealed carry pistol?

Noemi: I’m too in love with my Taurus Curve to think of carrying anything else at this point.

Joe: I mostly carry my Taurus G2C but the Walther PPQ and Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 also come to mind.

4. Favorite bug out rifle or carbine?

I enjoy shooting AR’s a ton but if push came to shove it would have to be the SKS.

5. Favorite rifle or carbine?

For fun? AR-15. For survival situations? A properly modified SKS.

6. Favorite shotgun?

Thinking the  Benelli M2 Tactical is my final answer. It’s hard to choose favorites like this lol.

7. The amount of food you have at your house?

We keep about 3 months worth of food for our family of 4. We also keep a stock of water, vitamin C packs, water filters, and more.

8. Name your top 7 items in your bug out bag?

Pistols, ammo, sawyer mini water filter, gloves, blade tool, tarp, fire starter kit. There’s more but you limited me to 7 here.

9. Describe your bug out location, if you have one?

That answer would vary with the scenario. Ideally, I’d be able to use my fortified and stocked location. If not, then northern Texas would be acceptable. Potentially central Michigan as well as I have experience in those lands.

10. Describe your bug out vehicle?

Nothing to write home about here in that regard. We have a 2019 Toyota Rav 4 that has room for the kids, supplies, and is incredibly fuel efficient.

11. Describe your bug out bag?

A durable outdoors backpack that we got at a local gun show. High quality construction and easy to throw on and off as needed.

12. Favorite home defense pistol?

I’ve always had a soft spot for the 1911 but my favorite will become whichever keeps my family safe should that time come.

13. Favorite home defense rifle/shotgun?

I’d feel most comfortable using an SKS or a Mossberg but I’m sure there are many other awesome options for home defense.

14. Favorite survival book?

Currently loving “Bushcraft 101” by Dave Canterbury  and sharing it with our daughters.

15. Favorite survival type movie?

Ah, here is where we expose just how shallow my movie knowledge is. “Light of My Life” comes to mind, great flick that showed some of the more mundane aspects of survival and the fight scenes were not over the top or anything.

16. Survival knife?

ESEE’s are quality and the SOG Seal Pup is awesome as well with a solid grip. Anything with a full tang is superior to a folding blade, in my experience.

17. Survival tools in your kit?