SurvivalCache Writer Interview: Michael Major

Michael Major has spent a lot of time in the bush around the family home as a child often disappearing for the entire day in the green belt that surrounded the local creek.

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This is where he would try out all the skills that the stack of survival books had within their pages. In that strip of bush the deep love and respect for the outdoors was formed. He then at 17 joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a reservist where he basically worked full time as a soldier for most of his 7 year career, including a peacekeeping deployment to Bosnia where he saw first hand that real life bug outs actually happen. The army also taught him how much his body could take and opened his eyes up to the importance of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. After the army he became a welder/fabricator where he’s spent the past 15 years soaking up every drop of knowledge to become a true Jack-of-all-Trades especially the skills that would be essential in a grid down scenario.

Currently, he is a traditional bowhunter, passionate outdoorsman, an avid angler, survivalist, husband, and father to two boys.

1.  Please describe your everyday carry?

My EDC is either a Leatherman Surge or a Victorinox Swiss Soldier knife, a Zippo, one of those no name key chain bottle opener/screwdriver/wrench combos, Timex Ironman watch, Samsung S8, minimalist wallet and keys.

2.  Favorite bug out pistol?

I do not own any firearms

3.  Favorite concealed carry pistol?

Same as above and also not legal in Canada

4.  Favorite bug out rifle or carbine?

Same as #2

5.  Favorite rifle or carbine?

Same as #2

6.  Favorite shotgun?

Same as #2

7.  The amount of food you have at your house?

About two months, could be stretched to three

8.  Name your top 7 items in your bug out bag?

Wetterlings Hunters Axe, OMP Smokey Mountain Hunter take down bow, Baofeng UV5R Radios, Naturehike Cloud UP 3 person tent, Pathfinder 64oz Bushpot, Coldsteel SRK Carbon V, Sawyer Mini water filter.

9.  Describe your bug out location, if you have one?

Prefer to bug in rather than bug out but if push came to shove there is nothing but bush for hundreds of kilometers just North of us.

10.  Describe your bug out vehicle?

2007 Dodge Dakota V8 Quad Cab 4×4. Wont survive an EMP but always gets me where I want to go.

11.  Describe your bug out bag?

Mardingtop 75L backpack, along with my Alaskan Guide Creations Kodiak Cub Bino Harness.

12.  Favorite home defense pistol?

Not legal in Canada

13.  Favorite home defense rifle/shotgun?

Not legal in Canada

14.  Favorite survival book?

I grew up reading the SAS survival guide and Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski, then the bushcraft series by Dave Canterbury. As for novels I loved Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse by James Rawles, Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven and of course One Second After by John Matherson

15.  Favorite survival type movie?

All of the Mad Max movies except Thunderdome

16.  Survival knife?

Cold Steel SRK Carbon V

17.  Survival tools in your kit?

Leatherman Surge, vice grips, linesman pliers, Folding saw, CKRT Tomahawk, Hunters Axe, entrenching tool