ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Review 2022

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By Dennis Howard •  13 min read

Advances in technology have had a profound effect on shooting, especially in the area of optics. We have progressed from depending on optical glass lenses to gather available light for our eyes to advanced electronic systems that don’t depend on light.

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Review

These thermal imaging systems offer many advantages that a traditional optical scope cannot provide. Even the more advanced starlight scopes often cannot compete with these new thermal-imaging systems.

The ATN X-sight 4K Pro digital rifle scope is an advanced digital scope that uses the latest ATN 4K M265 sensor to gather the heat signatures that drive the Obsidian IV dual-core processor. A 1080 x 720 full-color display gives high-resolution images even at maximum magnification. This riflescope serves well as a day-night rifle scope.

ATN X Sight  for HD day night shooting and hunting

Optical scopes are great during daytime hunts when the available light is adequate. Traditional night vision devices work well after dark, but are useless during daylight hours. The ATN X Sight 4K Pro works well under all light conditions. Add to this versatility all of the features that you get with a digitally controlled sight system, and you get a package that is unbeatable.

The Era of Enhanced Optics

Typical night vision starlight image showing reticle from night vision scopes

Thermal imaging devices are not new. Infrared has been used since World War II for night vision purposes. In the late 1950s, the first light-amplifying night vision devices were being tested. During the Vietnam conflict in Southeast Asia, American soldiers dubbed these devices “starlight scopes.” As technological advances rapidly multiplied, thermal-based imaging systems again became a focus of development.

ATN has been a major player in the rapid evolution of digital imaging scopes and is viewed by many shooters as the leading provider of thermal imagining scopes in the marketplace. In the current era of enhanced optical systems, ATN continues to develop new concepts and options in their latest optical systems.

What Is a Digital Scope?

Typical day time mode image seen by the shooter using the ATN X Pro Scope

Digital riflescopes differ greatly from traditional riflescopes or light amplification systems. Traditional and light amplification systems depend on ambient light to transmit a visual image to the shooter’s eye. The glass lenses of traditional scopes do this naturally. Special processors and electronics gather even very low ambient light signals and amplify them to create an image for the shooter.

Optical glass-based scopes must have enough light for the shooter to see. Once the sun starts to set, these traditional scopes are useless. Starlight scopes can work in near darkness but must have some sort of light, even if it is very faint, to electronically create the images sent to the shooter’s eye.

ATN X SIght 4K Pro typical night mode reticle image

The new generation of digital scopes uses light in a different way. These devices see true color images under normal light conditions and use advanced computer image processing to enhance the images after dark. During daylight, the ATN riflescope produces crisp color images of the target. This makes these digital devices a true day-night rifle scope.

What sets the ATN X Sight 4K Pro Apart?

ATN has combined state-of-the-art electronics and software in the X Sight 4K Pro to create a new scope that has set the standard for other night vision and daylight scopes. This ATN product offers something for hunting or for competition target shooting. Working through the list of features available on the ATN X sight 4K pro is a job in itself.

Electronic Magnification

Using the power of computers, the ATN Sight provides a range of magnification from 3 – 14X or 5 – 20X magnification. The magnification is all computer-controlled. However, to make the zoom control more natural, the ATN Pro uses a spin-to-zoom wheel on the left side of the scope body. This wheel allows the shooter to zoom in and out seamlessly in a natural motion for smooth zoom transitions across the range of magnification.

Most other digital scopes use a push-button magnification control. You need to push one button to zoom in and another button to zoom out. I love the concept of wheel control for these changes. The motion is intuitive and allows easy and smooth magnification control.

Advanced HD Optical Sensor

The heart of any digital optical scope is the video sensor that gathers the image information. ATN uses its 3864 x 2218 video sensor to ensure the highest resolution image possible in a digital device. The greater the number of pixels in the sensor, the better the image quality, both during daylight and after dark.

The design of the ATN X Pro sight allows quick mode changes between day and night without losing any image quality. If you are in that twilight zone where image quality can suffer with some scopes, you can pick the best option with the ATN X Sight Pro.

Advanced Mil-Dot Reticle

ATN mil-dot retivle with heads up display on the scope

ATN chose a smart mil-dot reticle for the ATN X Sight 4K Pro. The ATN Mil-Dot reticle is a true dynamic reticle that adjusts with the magnification through the entire range of the scope’s magnification. The variance between the mil-dots on the reticle’s point of aim can be programmed to match your custom loads if necessary.

I like the convenience of not having to mentally make the adjustments in the reticle when changing magnification. For me, the advantages of the mil-dots on the reticle always staying in the correct proportion to the image of my target can’t be overstated.

ATN Ballistic Calculator

ATN doesn’t limit the precision shooter with its features. The ATN Pro incorporates a state-of-the-art ballistic calculator that provides a heads-up display in the scope viewfinder. This gives the shooter instant feedback.

ATN ballistics calculator showing aiming location and shot placement for top notch precision

The ballistic calculator allows you to input information apart from your cartridge load information that includes:

All of these factors can affect the trajectory and performance of your rifle cartridge. Some of these factors are set using the internal sensors in the ATN X Sight 4K Pro. Others can be set by linking the ATN Pro scope to your smart device.


Speaking of connecting your ATN Smart 4K Pro digital riflescope, you can connect your ATN riflescope to your smart device or smartphone using Bluetooth technology. The ATN riflescope also includes Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to seamlessly stream to other devices or record to the onboard SD card.

The proprietary ATN Obsidian Mobil App allows other Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect with your ATN riflescope. You can share real-time images from your scope to others along on your hunt or while you are competing.

The following list includes examples of the ATN Pro scope’s connectivity features:

1. GPS-Enabled Technology

An onboard GPS module allows you to geo-tag your video or photo captures. If you are hunting, you get instant feedback on your position and your elevation. If your target is moving, the GPS module allows you to see your target’s speed in real-time.

2. HDMI Interface

A mini-HDMI interface allows you to playback your captured video to any HDMI-enabled television or monitor. Now you can relive the most exciting hunts with your friends and family on a big screen.

I appreciate that you can replay and enjoy the recorded parts of a hunt without having to remove the SD card or transfer the digital recordings to another device. Convenience always goes a long way in my book.

3. Laser Range Finder

You can interface your ATN Smart Range Finder to automatically input the estimated range to your target to the ballistics calculator in your ATN X Pro riflescope. No more fumbling with manually entering an estimated range to get the most from your ATN X Pro riflescope.

I question why the range finder function wasn’t built into all the other onboard features in the ATN X Pro riflescope. It would seem such a natural inclusion to supplement the ballistics calculator.

4. Dual Stream Video Capability

The ATN Obsidian IV Dual streaming allows you to send your images via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as well as record video to the onboard SD card at the same time. You can share your hunt with others in your group while performing video record to the SD card to share later with family and friends.

Using the ATN radar function, you can use Wi-Fi to set up a local group that allows everyone to view what you are seeing through your ATN riflescope.

This is a unique option for ATN. Most other digital sights will either record or stream, but not both at the same time. In my opinion, this feature makes the ATN scope a much more versatile tool.


Use the ATN RADAR function in the ATN app to keep track of your hunting partners or tag the location of your quarry

Being in the field in groups comes with its own challenges. Just keeping up with your companions can be overwhelming and can take away from the enjoyment of your time in the field. ATN speaks to this situation with added functions.

If your friends also hunt with a RADAR-equipped device, you can link your devices wirelessly. A graphic representation of your hunting partner’s location is shown on the heads-up display in the viewfinder. You can always know where your hunting buddies are located for safety during your hunt.

You can also use the RADAR function to tag and locate your game for later reference and retrieval.

Recoil-Activated Video

The excitement generated by stalking your quarry during a hunt often culminates in a few seconds of heart-pounding activity as you prepare and take your trophy shot. All too often in the flurry of this activity, it can be easy to overlook some items, such as starting the video record on your ATN riflescope.

ATN anticipates this oversight with their recoil-activated video system that can be set to automatically start recording as soon as you squeeze the trigger on your rifle. You won’t miss much of the action downrange with this option.

I am a little skeptical of adding automatic processes to anything as simple as taking a shot during a hunt. However, being able to forget that step and know that at least part of the trophy kill will be saved is an excellent addition to a fine digital riflescope. In my book, the recoil-activated video or RAV is a definite plus.

Battery Supply

I have a distinct fear of spending hours on a stalk for a trophy and having batteries fail just as the shot opportunity presents itself. That is one reason I have always opted for a traditional scope with a backup sight as well.

Batteries are an ongoing thing for me. However, ATN has turned to technology for a partial solution to the battery life conundrum. The ATN X riflescope boasts an 18-hour continuous use battery life.

In addition, you can add an ATN power kit to provide an auxiliary battery to your ATN riflescope. This can give you an added 22 hours of battery life. The ATN power kit can also power other items such as the ATN Auxiliary ballistic laser. Each battery kit includes a 22000 mAh battery, the connecting cable, and an adjustable buttstock pouch.

To conserve battery power, the digital electronics in the ATN riflescope use an ultra-low power consumption profile. This low power consumption means added battery use without a decrease in performance.

One-Shot Zero

As much as I love shooting, I deplore having to sight in rifles and scopes. The process is tedious and often frustrating. ATN does away with much of this frustrating process with their One-shot zero system.

Sighting in your rifle is now as easy as taking one shot on target and the press of a few buttons to adjust your ATN rifle scope point of aim. The smart reticle is automatically adjusted to the point of impact instantaneously. In addition, when using the ballistic calculator, the smart reticle will show you the precise holdover or hold under for your shot.

Color Selections and Patterns

Black is the customary color of most scopes. Now ATN offers the X Sight in a variety of popular gun finish colors and camouflage patterns. You can customize the look of your scope and rifle combination when you order your X Sight.

You can adjust the intensity level of the display to get the best image, whether you are hunting during the day or at night. This gives you the ultimate control of your night vision scope to meet the needs of your situation.

IR850 Infrared Illuminator

To further enhance the performance of your X Sight, ATN includes an IR150 infrared illuminator with each ATN riflescope. When paired with your ATN 4K sight, you can take night vision hunting. An IR illuminator extends the range of your night vision operations, giving you added capabilities.

In Summary – The Technical Specifications

If you need the quick and short version of my opinions, here are the details of the X Sight 4K Pro sight as described by the manufacturer:

All of these features are complemented by the great customer service provided by ATN. You can also interface the ATN 4K Pro sight with other ATN smart devices. The auxiliary ballistic laser is an example of one of these devices.

Accessories Included in the X Sight 4K Kit

ATN has added more value to the X sight 4K kit by including a number of additional accessories to enhance the operation of the riflescope. In addition to the scope you get:

These accessories turn your X Sight 4k into a true Ultra HD day-night hunting system that will give top-notch performance in any situation.

My Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a day-night rifle scope with ultra HD graphics, The ATN 4K Sight is definitely a place to start looking. Upgrading to a new scope can bring a whole new dimension with an X Sight.

You can get all the features shown above in a night vision scope and a daytime scope in one Ultra HD package for under $1,000. I believe that this is a deal that can’t be beaten easily.

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