Best Concealed Carry Insurance for 2022: How to Choose?

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By Dennis Howard •  14 min read

Consider this.  You buy car insurance, homeowners’ insurance, and health insurance.  Why?  You are trying to protect you and your family against those unforeseen and catastrophic events that can change your whole life in a matter of seconds.  Insurance is a form of financial protection that you hope you never have to use but gives you peace of mind knowing that the protection is there.

best concealed carry insurance in the market

Your concealed carry license is a bit like insurance.  You have it for the protection of yourself and your family.  You hope that you never have to use it, but the peace of mind that it brings is comforting.  Something that many concealed carry license holders fail to consider is the implications for their lives and the lives of their families should they ever have to use that concealed carry firearm in self-defense.

That is the start of a life-changing series of events that can be just as devastating to your life, financially and emotionally, as losing your home in a tornado or being involved in a car accident.  Without the benefits afforded by a good concealed carry insurance policy, you can face financial ruin as well as emotional trauma that can affect your entire family for years.

If in a hurry, checkout of USCCA as our top-pick:

  • Self-defense shield covers up to $250,000 for criminal defense protection and $2,000,000 for civil defense protection
  • Avoid Jail: Receive up-front attorney retainer and bail bond funding
  • Gold membership is $22/month or $247 annually.
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Best Concealed Carry Insurance: My Top Picks

USCCA Review


USCCA is probably the largest provider of concealed carry insurance in the US today.  Last year it was estimated that USCCA has over 285,000 members.  This means financial stability, which is something important to consider in an insurance provider.

USCCA has three membership levels.  These three membership levels provide increasing amounts of coverage and benefits. 

USCCA offers the full range of additional benefits such as a monthly magazine, online training and support, and continuing education to keep yourself current on the changes to concealed carry law and best practices.

USCCA allows you to choose your attorney rather than using a staff or contract attorney hired by USCCA.  However, if you get upfront payments from USCCA for a bail bond or attorney retainer fees, these are deducted from your criminal defense cap.  Such upfront fees can quickly deplete that cap, which can leave you with a shortfall financially if the case gets involved or turns lengthy.

USCA is not available in New Jersey, New York, or Washington State. However, if you have primary residence in any other state, you would still be covered if you were visiting any of those three states above.

  • Self-defense shield covers up to $250,000 for criminal defense protection and $2,000,000 for civil defense protection
  • Avoid Jail: Receive up-front attorney retainer and bail bond funding
  • Gold membership is $22/month or $247 annually.
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US Law Shield Review

US Law Shield

US Law Shield, formerly known as Texas Law Shield, has quickly grown from its humble beginnings as a group of Texas concealed carry attorneys offering legal services to a small set of Texas residents to one of the premier US concealed carry insurance companies.  US Law Shield offers some great plans with all the usual benefits and features.

The membership structure looks deceptively simple.  The basic individual membership is $10.95 per month or 21.95 per month for two people.  However, the US Law Shield membership is a cafeteria-style plan where you can pick and choose what additional coverages you want or need for an additional fee.  The basic plants include:

It sounds a little sparse, and it is, but you have to remember that the US Law Shield plan is designed so that you can add additional coverages that you think you need, making it a highly individualized plan.  Additional coverage options include:

One downside for some people is the US Law Shield requirement that you only use an attorney that is in their network.  Some people consider this a roadblock for purchasing US Law Shield coverage.  However, on the upside, you can tailor your coverage to exactly what you think you need without having to pay for things that don’t pertain to you.

Unfortunately, if you live in Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, New York, or Rhode Island, US Law Shield is not available to you.

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CCW Safe Review

CCW Safe

CCW Safe is another concealed carry insurance provider that offers no cap protection for both criminal and civil defense.  The policy comes standard with $100,000 in bail bond protection, making the CCW Safe basic plan one of the broadest and most well-funded of any of the basic plans.  Like most of the other companies, CCW Safe offers multiple levels of protection.  Some of the plans are specialized plans for law enforcement.

With CCW Safe, you do get to choose your own attorney, but CCW Safe will only approve your choice after they have vetted the attorney and approved your choice.  There is no way to have your attorney pre-vetted that we could find.

CCW Safe coverage is certainly broad.  The Ultimate Plan covers everyone in your family that resides in your home.  That includes all your children under the age of 18.  On the downside, there is no means to customize the plan to your circumstances or needs.

If you are a retired law enforcement officer, live in a state with constitutional carry, or simply want a plan to cover you in your home, CCW Safe has specialized plans for these situations.

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Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network Review

Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network

Technically, Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network is not an insurance provider.  ACLDN is really a pre-paid legal service so the coverages it offers are limited.  There is no coverage for civil damages, and you won’t get any sort of financial support when you are in court or for the loss of firearms.  There is a mandatory review process one your case fees reach $25,000. 

Membership is simple.  There are no tiers or membership levels.  It is a one product plan

Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network also provides a monthly journal to help keep you up to date on changes in the legal arena, education, and training.  An eight DVD set of video lectures on concealed carry protections is also available.

This is probably the least expensive form of concealed carry protection available on the market.  However, you must understand that it is limited in its scope and options and may still leave you in a deep financial hole.

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Second Call Defense Review

Second Call Defense

If you like lots of options and choices, Second Call Defense may be your best opportunity to tailor a concealed carry insurance plan to your needs.   Second Call Defense has a bounty of add-ons and levels from which to choose and you can build a plan to fit any sort of need.

Start with the basic plan and work your way upwards, adding options along the way to fit a policy to your needs and desires.

Like most of the other top concealed carry insurance providers, Second Call Defense offers a wide variety of other services and features.  Online education programs, newsletters, magazines, and other services are provided at each level.

The basic plan is just that, very basic.  The caps are very low and offer bare minimum protections that will quickly be reached.  There will probably be enough to get you out of jail but not much more than that.

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Firearms Legal Protection Review

Firearms Legal Protection is probably the least well known of the concealed carry insurance companies.  However, it has an impressive array of coverages and shouldn’t be discounted simply because it is smaller and less well known than the others.

With no caps on legal defense for either civil or criminal cases, Firearms Legal Protection stacks up as one of the best options.  The premiums are well within line with the other providers making Firearms Legal Protection a viable option for almost anyone.

Their current levels of subscriptions include:

One downside to coverage from Firearms Legal Protection is the lack of multi-state coverage.  If you travel much and want to carry your concealed firearm, you will be unprotected by your insurance once you cross your state line.

Head-to-Head Comparison Chart

Let’s take a detailed look at the high-level aspects of each provider:

USCCACCW SafeUS Law ShieldACLDNSecond Call Defense
Civil Limit$500,000No LimitNo LimitNo Limit$500,000
Criminal Limit$100,000No LimitNo LimitNo Limit$50,000
Bail$100,000$500,000No protection$25,000$5,000

Finding the Best CCW Insurance for You

When choosing a concealed carry insurance policy, you need to consider several factors. 

Considering the possible outcomes and the financial burden that a self-defense shooting can entail, it is wise to consider protecting yourself and your family with concealed carry insurance.  Let’s look at the most popular concealed carry insurance providers and see how they stack up to one another.

Is CCW Insurance Worth It? YES!

Yes. Definitely worth it and I would even say required.

Like any insurance, it’s there to protect you financially and legally. Like any insurance, most people think “why do I even need this?”. However, when you do need it, you are glad you have it.

CCW insurance will cover your costs (up to your policy limits of course) and provide you with advice in case you have a case.

Furthermore, if you do carry, you also have assets (e.g., your home, cars, real estate), and you get caught up in a case, having some sort of insurance will really help you protect your assets.

In short, highly recommended!

Dennis’ Personal Choice: US Law Shield

For myself and my family, I have chosen US Law Shield.  I started with US Law Shield several years ago when they were still a Texas company providing coverage for Texas residents only.  I have continued with them since that time as they have grown and expanded their coverage.  There are several reasons I like US Law Shield:

I have a personal relationship with the company.  I have been a customer for many years. I like the idea of using a company attorney.  I have a personal attorney.  He is great at my usual business and personal matters, but he is not a criminal defense attorney.  The attorneys that are in the network with US Law Shield have proven records as criminal and civil defense attorneys.  They are conversant with the criminal defense system.  I want someone on my side who understands the system and knows how it works.

Their rates have remained reasonable.  

I like the cafeteria-style plan that allows me to pick and choose the different coverage add-ons for my own lifestyle and needs.

Dennis Howard

Noemi’s Personal Choice: USCCA

The USCCA price breakdown keeps it clean and simple in a way that I enjoy and makes me feel comfortable moving forward with. There are three different primary membership levels that gradually increase in cost per month, services provided, and total insured amounts. Each membership also grants access to the monthly letter, educational content, and more.

When I reviewed USCCA as an option I never felt pressured to move forward, it’s just laid out plainly and you can choose to move forward or not. On a personal note, I do appreciate opportunities to support American companies and that does factor into my decision.

Noemi Gonzales

Noemi did a much more detailed review in this article. Check out USCCA for more details, pricing, and special offers.

Make Your Own Choices

Whatever your needs and wants are, you should consider adding a concealed coverage insurance policy if you routinely carry your firearm.  Putting on that firearm every morning means you have already made the decision that, worse comes to worst, you are willing to use it to defend yourself and your family. 

Take the next step and add the nest level of protection by putting concealed carry insurance in place to protect you from personal and financial disaster should you ever have to use your gun.

Our team at SurvivalCache, strongly recommends USCCA due to excellent coverage, training options, and amazing content:

  • Self-defense shield covers up to $250,000 for criminal defense protection and $2,000,000 for civil defense protection
  • Avoid Jail: Receive up-front attorney retainer and bail bond funding
  • Gold membership is $22/month or $247 annually.
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