5 Best Concealed Carry Jacket for Survivalists Reviewed for 2021

Best Concealed Carry Jacket

Have you ever carried a concealed firearm in a jacket? I’ve struggled with that bulky, lop-sided look that comes with storing a pistol in a jacket so it’s been a bit of a pain for me to find an ideal jacket that I can carry my 9mm in comfortably without broadcasting the fact that I’m carrying.

I thought I could help you to avoid this headache by breaking down these best concealed carry jackets available in the market. It’s important to be confident that your gear is secure, accessible, and not obvious where it is stored.  These factors become all the more relevant in a survival situation.

Best Concealed Carry Jacket: My Top Picks

Here are my top picks at a quick glance:

  • Comfortable to wear and resistant to the elements
  • Secure weapon storage with extra pockets for additional items.
  • Hides weapons well and appears as a normal jacket to maintain stealth.
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  • Conceals larger handguns comfortably
  • Elbow pockets, sections of the back, and shoulders are protected by a 5-piece EVA armor set
  • Resistant to the exterior elements
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  • Plenty of secure pockets on this jacket
  • Very resistant to moisture.
  • Abrasion resistant reinforced wrist cuffs, joints, and elbows help this jacket to maintain integrity.
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1. Best Men’s CCW Jacket – Rothco Men's Concealed Carry Jacket Review

Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket, Black, X-Large

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The Rothco men’s concealed carry jacket is not perfect but it definitely stands out to me as the top choice for men’s concealed carry jacket products for a few different reasons.

This jacket has more than adequate storage, the soft shell exterior checks that box of being resistant to the elements, and your firearm is hidden very well in this jacket. The outer soft shell of this jacket consists of 100% hydrophobic multifunctional polyester with three layer construction to be more resistant to the outside elements.


  • Comfortable to wear and resistant to the elements, particularly relevant factors to consider for survival situations.
  • Secure weapon storage with extra pockets for additional items.
  • Hides weapons well and appears as a normal jacket to maintain stealth. I’m not fond of the idea of a potential aggressor knowing the location of my weapon in a dangerous situation.


  • The exterior pockets are not ideal for modern cell phone shapes and sizes. My thought is that an ideal concealed carry jacket should be suited for daily life just as well as a potential survival situation.
  • Questionable zipper location can allow more moisture in than it should in a few small spots. If you are stuck in a serious downpour during some kind of survival situation there is potential for this jacket to become permeated with moisture.
  • Some users have reported receiving their jackets with improper length ratios which make for uncomfortable fits.

Customer Sentiment:

While there are some complaints about this product in regards to its length, fit, and zipper placement it would seem that the majority of users have positive things to say about this concealed carry jacket. As for the zipper placement and it’s allowance for moisture access, my thought is to use the jacket as an external layer and wear something else resistant beneath it. Just got to keep in mind that the primary objectives here would be to comfortably conceal a firearm with quick access available.

  • Comfortable to wear and resistant to the elements.
  • Secure weapon storage with extra pockets for additional items.
  • Hides weapons well and appears as a normal jacket to maintain stealth..
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2. Best Women’s CCW Jacket – Women’s Full Metal Jacket Review

Let’s get into a few reasons why the Women’s Full Metal Jacket made this list as the best concealed carry jacket for women.

First off, there’s no denying that it has a clean, sharp look to it. Both sides of this jacket are ideal for storing a pistol so you can choose whether to use your left hand or right hand. The design of this jacket is also great for making sure that your firearm is undetectable.

This product features an additional magazine slot with each holster rig, two cargo pockets, two hand warmer pockets, two front pockets, and two hidden strong-side drop pockets. It is also resistant to the elements and possesses a detachable hood.


  • Pockets are great for effective concealment and quickdraw plus this jacket is ideal for ambidextrous women because there are pocket holsters available on either side. These factors are particularly useful for women and some kind of dangerous situation where every second counts.
  • Exterior is resistant to elements and the hood and is detachable. Again, I find it important for these concealed carry jackets to be able to function just as well in daily life as they might in a survival situation.
  • Built-in shoulder harness helps to better secure the firearm and to even reduce the weight that the wearer has to endure. This can be a factor in survival situations if you are spending an extended amount of time outdoors.


  • While it is resistant to the elements to a degree, this jacket is not suited for extended exposure and extreme weather. I would think this jacket would require additional garments or modifications to really make it survival ready.
  • Limited gun holster size puts a cap on the type of firearms you’re able to store in the pocket.
  • The fit is not ideal for all body types with this jacket. If you are required to spend a long stretch of time in a concealed carry jacket then you want to make sure that it is comfortable and effective.

Customer Sentiment:

The only real gripe I can find anyone having with this product is in a limited gun holster size. There are plenty of women out there who wish to carry a little more stopping power. Personally, I carry .380 as a bare minimum so I understand. Other than that, a majority of users of the women’s Full Metal Jacket seemed very pleased with the purchase.

3. Best Men’s Leather CCW Jacket – SOA Men's Leather Jacket Review

SOA Men's Leather Vest Anarchy Motorcycle Biker Club Concealed Carry...

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Men who favor leather jackets won’t be left out in the cold when it comes to concealed carry jackets with this one. At first glance, it looks like a normal biker’s jacket but conceals multiple large pockets that are capable of holding decently sized weapons securely.

The exterior shell of this concealed carry leather jacket is made of cowhide leather and the interior possesses a non allergenic polyester. The interior is comfortable to wear while the exterior can act as a layer of light armor in the event of some kind of survival situation.


  • Conceals larger handguns comfortably and appears like a normal leather jacket. Ideal for a biker trying to maintain a low profile.
  • Elbow pockets, sections of the back, and shoulders are protected by a 5-piece EVA armor set. Protective layers become all the more relevant in survival situations.
  • Looks very sharp while also remaining resistant to the exterior elements.


  • If you want the leather to be a bit softer than you will need to condition it.
  • Larger firearms might be slightly visible which can be a disadvantage in a hostile situation.
  • There is no hood to this jacket so your head and ears would be exposed to the elements. If you are considering using this jacket for a survival situation I would recommend wearing some kind of undergarment that provides a hood for head protection from the elements.

Customer Sentiment:

I know many people over the years that have struggled to find a reliable leather concealed carry jacket that would satisfy all their needs and I know that many people have found this jacket very agreeable in that regard. Some users have found the jacket to be a little smaller than they had expected so you might want to confirm the measurements before placing your order and maybe even order a size up. Many users have found this jacket to be ideal for maintaining a casual appearance while also carrying a weapon and enjoying the protection that this jacket offers.

  • Outer shell is made of cowhide Leather..
  • Dual action; snap buttons on front and the front metal zipper closure.
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4. Best Lightweight Men’s CCW Jacket – Condor Men's Summit Zero Lightweight Jacket Review

Condor Men's Summit Zero Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket - Tan L

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Here’s a very adaptable lightweight concealed carry jacket for men to consider purchasing for being prepared for potential survival situations and will also be able to securely carry their firearms.

This lightweight jacket stands out among others in its class due to its breathable fabric, improved air circulation, and ability to wick moisture and prevent water from infiltrating.


  • Plenty of storage available due to all the secure pockets on this jacket. Storage is a huge factor to consider for potential survival situations.
  • Very resistant to moisture. Planning on ways to stay dry is an important factor to consider when prepping.
  • Abrasion resistant reinforced wrist cuffs, joints, and elbows help this jacket to maintain integrity even if you are moving through challenging terrain in an emergency or survival situation.


  • Not ideal for extremely cold climates. We should take our terrain and habitat into consideration when factoring how to be prepared for a quick bug out.
  • There are reports that some users have received their jacket with minor flaws or issues affecting the pockets and stitching.
  • The hood is not detachable which makes the collar slightly stiff.

Customer Sentiment:

This product is dominated with 5 Star reviews but there are a few concerns that some users have brought up that are worth mentioning. Concern over quality control regarding zippers, stitching, and pockets have been reported by a minority of users. Many customers who have purchased this concealed carry jacket seemed to enjoy utilizing it as they explore and would trust it for potential survival situations.

  • Plenty of secure pockets on this jacket.
  • Very resistant to moisture.
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5. 2nd Best CCW Jacket for Men – Rothco 3-Season Jacket Review

Rothco 3 Season Concealed Carry Jacket

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Here’s yet another product from Rothco that stands out as a solid concealed carry jacket for men.

Factors such as large holster pockets, padded concealment inside the pocket lining, the four interior magazine pockets, and stylish appearance establish this product as my second best choice for men’s concealed carry jackets.

It looks sharp and would absolutely make for a good addition to the gear of any prepper.


  • Larger holster pockets means that bigger firearms can be securely stored in this jacket.
  • Inner jacket lining possesses four extra magazine pouches easily accessible for fast reload if needed for self-defense.
  • The exterior of this jacket works to protect the user against the temperature and outside elements while also appearing casual.


  • There is no hood on this jacket. If you wish to be prepared for extended time in the elements then I would recommend an undergarment that supplies a hood.
  • The weight of this jacket is not inconsiderable. Now add the additional weight of your gun, extra ammo, and any other survival gear you might need to carry in an emergency to your calculations.
  • The pockets are secured by a smaller amount of Velcro so the contents of your pockets might become exposed.

Customer Sentiment:

Customers who purchase this jacket seem pleasantly surprised at how effectively it conceals your firearm while also being comfortable in different climates and seasons.  Adaptability is another important topic to think about when preparing for potential scenarios.

  • Made for Fall to Spring Wear with A Washed 100% Cotton Outer Shell and Polyester Inner Lining.
  • Two Inner Concealment Pockets, On Each Side, With Hook And Loop Closure for Easy Access.
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Concealed Carry Jacket Buying Guide

First things first, let’s start by establishing some parameters as to what exactly makes a concealed carry jacket a solid purchase.

There are many companies that sell and distribute lower-end products under the guise of being “tactical” so it is smart to do proper research and understand what you’re purchasing before you pull the trigger, so to speak. I’ve seen a lot of ads in my newsfeed lately that depict gear claiming to be useful for preppers and survivalists that seem to offer actual little value beyond attempting to cash in on some kind of tactical fashion trend so buyer beware.

Here are some topics to consider when deciding which concealed carry jacket with suit your needs best:

Jacket Storage

How many compartments for storage does the jacket have? Does it seem like a firearm would be secure in the jacket? Is the jacket stitched in such a fashion that the weight and outline of the gun is not apparent to a casual observer? Are the pockets too deep for fast access? Are the pockets too shallow to properly store items? Having additional secure storage in some kind of emergency can be a huge advantage.

Resistance to Elements

Will this jacket keep you from getting wet in the rain? Are the pockets designed in such a way to properly shut water to ensure that your weapon is not compromised? Is the jacket properly insulated so as to keep you warm on cold days? Keep in mind that if we are in a survival situation that being able to resist the elements will be a key factor in your product selection.

Weapon Concealment

How visible is your firearm well stored in the jacket? Can you wear the jacket zipped up and open without revealing the fact that you’re carrying a weapon? I’ve had experience with a jacket that conceals my 9mm very well as long as it is zipped up. The moment I try to even lower the zipper part way the outline of the pistol becomes more visible.

Weapon Access

How quickly can you draw your weapon should the need arise? In my experience, having a concealed carry jacket with pockets that are slightly too deep and not the ideal shape had a good second or two to how quickly I could pull out my gun when needed. With a bit of practice I could get better at it but there was still always a chance of the hammer catching the fabric and delaying my draw. What is the shape and inner material lining of the gun pocket like? Every possible second can count in a survival situation so being able to cleanly draw your weapon seems vital to me.

Concealed Carry Jacket FAQs

Q: What factors should I take into consideration when picking a CCW jacket?

A: Factors to consider when selecting your CCW jacket include but are not limited to topics such as weather resistance, amount of pockets or storage space available, how well it prevents printing or outlining your gun, the appearance, the structural integrity, and more. Think about where you will wear it and the local climate, what kind of firearm you intend to carry in it, and factor in any other gear you will be wearing.

Q: Are CCW jackets able to protect me from the elements?

A: Understand that not all CCW jackets will be the same. There are many CCW jackets that are incredibly resistant to the elements but you must do your due diligence to ensure that you pick a proper product. Understand your local biome and where you might need to survive should a worst-case scenario occur.

Q:  Will I need to purchase any additional gear for my CCW jacket?

A: No, a good CCW jacket should be an all-in-one purchase that allows you to conceal your weapon in a secure fashion.

However, make sure to be protected with proper conceal carry insurance as well. You never know when you may need it…

Q: Is it illegal for a concealed carry weapon to print?

A: No, it is not illegal for a concealed carry weapon to print. However, it is not advised that you let your weapon be visible in any way.

After all, concealed means concealed, and whilst there are no laws that dictate that printing is illegal, it is certainly frowned upon. Accidental (or purposeful) exposure also presents issues, and some States may well have laws that cover this.

Different States may have different interpretations of what it means to truly conceal your carry weapon. For some, total concealment is preferable where you cannot even see the print of the weapon underneath your clothes.

However, others may be more lenient and state that provided it is not in plain sight then it is fine.

We think that it is always best to properly protect yourself, and you can do this by wearing a jacket designed for gun concealment. You can check out our top picks here.

Q: Can I conceal carry in uniform?

A: No, it is unlikely that you will be able to conceal carry a weapon whilst you are in uniform. The US Military does not, as a rule, allow for uniformed members to conceal carry their weapons.

Some branches of the military are particularly strict about this, for example, US Marines face very serious repercussions if they are caught with a concealed weapon while in uniform.

On the other hand, there may be some branches that are a little more relaxed in the sense that if you are caught you will likely be told off but not face strict repercussions.

The US Military does not issue permits that allow you to conceal carry a weapon, and certainly, any member of the military in uniform must have their weapons visible if they are carrying.

What’s more, the US Military often has strict rules regarding when the wearing of a uniform is allowed, especially when off duty.


What it comes down to, in my experience, is understanding your specific needs, your local climate and terrain, and the pros and cons of these various products to understand which is best suited to add to your survival preparation gear.

I can testify firsthand how irritating it can be to use a concealed carry jacket that was hastily purchased and not ideal for the task. Not only was it a minor irritation for me but I also felt compromised in the sense that if I was not wearing the jacket just right then the outline of my gun was visible.

My thoughts move to the Rothco Men’s Concealed Carry Jacket as the first choice for men (though part of me does prefer the aesthetic of the 3-seasons variant) and the Women’s Full Metal Jacket as the ideal choice for female preppers and concealed weapons carriers Being prepared means to consider as many possible outcomes as you can and adapting to them in advance and our gear selections will have an impact on just how prepared we are when the time comes so make sure to choose wisely.

Written by Joseph and Noemi Gonzales

Joseph Bryant and Noemi Gonzales are a dynamic duo that share a passion for firearms, survival education and gear, martial arts, and adventure. These two also have experience with hunting, training with firearms, various forms of self-defense, and preparing for potential worse-case-scenarios and work hard to pass this knowledge on to their two daughters. Read this duo's full interview here. Read more of Joseph and Noemi's articles.