Best Glock Grips: Top Picks Reviewed & How To Choose

It doesn’t matter just how nice your Glock is if you cannot maintain a grip on it so today we are taking a dive into some of the top grip enhancing accessories designed for Glocks.

best glock grips in the market

My old man often spoke of how reliable Glocks were during his time as a firearms instructor and I always took that to heart. My next thought is that it is just as important to be able to reliably keep it in your hand should you need to actually defend yourself or your family.

Even just practicing some shooting and movement drills challenged me a bit when it came to keeping a Glock firmly in my grasp. Before we get into the article to discuss the grips, here are my top picks:

  • Ridged and stippled design allows for superior grip.
  • Works with a variety of Glock variations
  • Lightweight and thin design makes this grip hardly noticeable
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  • Very simple to install
  • Comes with a cleaning kit
  • X-tra Grip rubberized texture
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  • Laser sight included with grip.
  • For both right-handed and left-handed individuals.
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Best Glock Grips: My Top 5 Picks

1. Best Rubber Grip for Glocks – Tactical Rubber Grip Glove Sleeve Review

Tactical Rubber Grip Glove Sleeve for Glock 17 19 20 21 22 23 25 31 32 34...

If I’m thinking about an ideal rubber grip that is both effective and economical the first thing that comes to mind for me is the Tactical Rubber Grip Glove sleeve for Glocks.

Now this one is not known to be the most durable but it fits for a wide variety of Glocks, grips well, and is very affordable which makes it ideal for many Glock owners.


  • Ridged and stippled design allows for superior grip.
  • This grip works with a variety of Glock variations and is compatible with many concealed carry holsters.
  •  Lightweight and thin design makes this grip hardly noticeable. If we are performing firearms training or in the field for extended periods of time we need to minimize our carried load as much as possible.


  • Thin design and construction might contribute to early deterioration.
  • Some users are reporting that the grip does not fit properly. Perhaps a few shipments of these grips we’re not properly made and made it past quality control.
  • Some users report that it also loses its grip overtime and extended use. Durability is a huge factor to consider when preparing your survival gear or bug out bag.

Customer Sentiments:

Amazon shows this grip with over 70% of five-star ratings and the comments reflect that the majority of users of this grip enjoy it. There are also those that have complained about the quality and durability of this grip. My thought is that you get what you pay for in life. There is a place for lower end grips. We just have to understand that we are trading off durability and quality when we purchase something cheaper that can be used for training purposes. If you really enjoy this grip then I would suggest the possibility of purchasing several incase they wear out sooner than you would like.

Tactical Rubber Grip Glove Sleeve for Glock 17 19 20 21 22 23 25 31 32 34...
  • Grip Sleeve for Glock Generation 1 - 4
  • Made of High Quality Rubber

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2. Best Multi Piece Glock Grip – Foxx Grips Review

TALON GRIPS for Glock 19,23,25,32,38 -(Gen3, 2, or 1) Black Rubber - 104R...

Here’s one of the Glock grip products that I have enjoyed the most using on a range as the Foxx grips felt very solid and the rubberized texture just felt so right in my hands.

The comfort of use, the ease of installation, and the clean aesthetic really put this one as a contender among my top grips for Glocks.


  • Very simple installation. You basically just have to clean your Glock, peel of the grips, and stick them precisely where you want them.
  • This grip set also comes with a cleaning kit and instructions. Any prepper worth his salt knows that maintaining your gear is vital in potential survival situations.
  • X-tra Grip rubberized texture allows for some of the best grip level on the market.


  • If you do not properly clean your firearm before applying these grips then they will not stick to the gun overtime. Some users have also claimed to have cleaned the gun properly and for the grips to begin to fail prematurely.
  • Long exposures to high temperatures may reduce the stickiness of the grip additions.
  • Depending on caring position and the pressure applied, some users have reported that the grips we’re shifting position gradually over time.

Customer Sentiments:

The times that I’ve used the Foxx grips for shooting training I had a very solid experience with nothing negative to report. It would seem I’m not alone in that regard as many users also seem pleased with this product. There is no ignoring the fact that there are some users who have reported that the grips do not maintain position as they should over time. I think whether or not you properly prepare your weapon for the grips is a huge factor to consider here as well.

TALON GRIPS for Glock 19,23,25,32,38 -(Gen3, 2, or 1) Black Rubber - 104R...
  • TALON Grips are a US patented single piece wrap around adhesive grip
  • Create a functional and positive interface between the operator and the firearm

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3. Best Multi-Function Glock Grip – Crimson Trace Corporation Review

Crimson Trace LG-639 Lasergrips with Red Laser, Heavy Duty Construction and...

Gear that can provide multiple solutions always stands out to me and that is a big factor in why I think the Crimson Trace Corporation – Glock® Gen3 Compact Rear Activation Lasergrips  should be on the radar for anyone looking to add accessories to their Glock.

When you purchase this product you are getting not only a solid grip but also a laser sight for your Glock. If we are talking about preparing for potential survival situations then I always tend to favor gear that can be used for a variety of purposes or brings additional value to the table.


  •  Laser sight included with grip.
  •  Rubber grip is able to be used by both right-handed and left-handed individuals.
  •  The button to activate the laser sight is on the rear of the firearm so it can be used by either hand.


  •  The batteries for the lasers must be changed out periodically. If you intend to use this one in your survival kit then I would recommend stocking up on the appropriate batteries for it.
  •  The sighting may take some adjustment to get it properly lined up and accurate.
  •  The laser placement means that a raised finger can block the path of the laser. Those of us who habitually raise a finger for proper trigger discipline may find ourselves interrupting the path of the laser beam inadvertently.

Customer Sentiments:

More than 3/4 of reporting users love this grip and laser combination for their Glocks. There is a degree of training required to use it properly as we can’t inadvertently block the path of the laser ourselves while practicing trigger discipline. If you have been considering acquiring a grip and a laser for your Glock then I would humbly suggest you consider this one as a viable solution.

Crimson Trace LG-639 Lasergrips with Red Laser, Heavy Duty Construction and...
  • BRIGHTNESS: Features a 5mW peak, 620-670nm, Class 3R visible red laser that is in conformance with...
  • RUNTIME: 4 hours of battery life that runs on (2) 2032 batteries (included)

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4. Most Adaptable Grip for Glocks – Talon Grips For Glock Review

TALON Grips for Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, 38

I also tend to have a soft spot in my prepper’s heart for gear that can be adaptable for better individual use.

The Talon grips for Glocks check that box for me because it can custom fit to most models, can  come in a few different colors, and provides the option of choosing either rubber textures or granular textures for the grip.


  • Both the rubberized and granulated textured grip options work very well and help to keep the gun in your hand.
  • Larger-than-average grip surface area also contributes to the superior level of grip this product provides.  I’d hate to be the guy who clumsily drops his weapon in a serious altercation.
  • Many available options in terms of textures, fittings, and more make the Talon grips very adaptable for different variations of the Glock.


  • A minority of users have reported that some of the sizes are not correct.
  • Depending on positioning and material of clothing worn, the granule it option may snag clothing items.
  • Some users reported needing to slightly trim these grips to make them fit properly.

Customer Sentiments:

This is another product I had a little trouble finding cons about.  I’m also reading that many users have purchased more than one set of Talon grips and have them equipped to multiple Glock variations and enjoy them. Again, it is worth performing due diligence as there are reports that the sizing charts are not 100% accurate so make sure that your Glock variant will work appropriately with this grip product.

TALON Grips for Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, 38
  • Durable, single piece, firearm specific design provides maximum coverage
  • Proprietary material is less than 0.5mm thick adding minimal bulk

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5. Runner-Up for Best Rubber Glock Grip – Hogue Semi-auto Handall Grip Review

Hogue Handall Full Size Grip Sleeve

Here’s my runner-up when it comes to rubber Glock grip sleeves. The Hogue stands out because it is a very minimalist design, provides a modicum of increased grip, and is very low priced. I am also fond of the Palm Swell you see with this grip, not something that is included with many grips at this price point.


  • Very comfortable soft rubber surface and lightweight. Those are two great features to have if you are in a survival situation.
  • Affordable price point means that you can get several of these, trim them to fit as you need, and it not be too much of a financial hit.
  • The installation process takes only moments and is very simple. I believe that simplicity is an often-overlooked factor to consider when choosing your prepper gear.


  • The thin construction of this grip means that it would have reduced durability in comparison to other products on the market.
  • Some users have reported having to cut or trim this grip a small amount in order to make it ideally fit their Glock variant.
  • The thin rubber will twist and stretch out over time. It could even cover the mag release button.

Customer Sentiments:

For the price point, this grip is fantastic and will get the job done. We also cannot look away from the fact that this is another grip for the Glock that is available at a more affordable price point so we must adjust our expectations accordingly. in my experience, grip sleeves are great when they are newer but as they deteriorate over time you will notice a slight looseness which will eventually become unacceptable if you are serious about safety so if you are fond of these I would recommend purchasing several at a time.

Hogue Handall Full Size Grip Sleeve
  • Slip On Grip fits a variety of models

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How to Choose a Good Grip for Your Glock

Here a few basic parameters to keep in mind as you review potential grips for your Glock:

Grip Materials and Textures

The best grip products for Glocks currently on the market are generally made from rubber or are granulated and have Ridge patterns or stapling to enhance the grip.

Accommodates Concealed Carry

Another factor to consider is whether or not the Glock grip you’re looking at works well with your concealed carry setup. Some groups have unique designs or even additional accessories attached and may not fit all concealed carry setups.

Surface Area Covered

A solid Glock grip product will cover the majority of the surface area on the grip of your Glock. There are lower end and even knockoff products that cover only a fraction of the surface area of the grip. Increased surface coverage means superior grip available.

Questions I Always Get Asked About Glock Grips

Q: Will This Grip Fit My Glock?

A: There are so many variants to the Glock that it is important to confirm whether or not that the specific grip product you’re interested in will actually work for your variant.

Q: Does the Grip Require Being Put Together?

A: Glock grips will require some form of installation or preparation but there is no doubt that some are easier to install than others. On the lower end of the price scale, Grip sleeves simply just need to be slid on and adjusted. Other types may require you to clean your firearm in advance or require some other form of preparation.

Q: What negatives or drawbacks should I look out for in Glock grips?

A: There are some potential negative aspects of Glock grips to be wary of as you look for the right product. Some grips might require some trimming or modification to fit properly. Others may offer a high-quality grip but that grip just might snag in loose clothing items. Certain grip products will also display a tendency to fail over time or when exposed to certain temperatures.


We all have different price ranges we are able to look at and have different requirements for our grips so I highly recommend researching your grip product before purchase to confirm that your variant is appropriate and it does not hurt to see what the commenters down below are saying about it.

I know that if I just don’t feel quite right with the grip of a firearm I can still enjoy shooting but would not rely on that weapon system to keep my family safe in some kind of extreme situation  so it may require some experimentation with a variety of grips to help you figure out what works best for you.

If you are leaning towards a lower-end starter grip then I would suggest you scroll back up to the Hogue or the Tactical Rubber Grip Glove for Blocks.

If you are thinking that you might need something a little sturdier then I’m thinking that the Talon grips might just be ideal for you. Properly preparing for potential hostiles and survival situations also includes factoring grip into the equation. A nice Glock won’t do you much good out there if you can’t keep it in your hands.

Written by Joseph and Noemi Gonzales

Joseph Bryant and Noemi Gonzales are a dynamic duo that share a passion for firearms, survival education and gear, martial arts, and adventure. These two also have experience with hunting, training with firearms, various forms of self-defense, and preparing for potential worse-case-scenarios and work hard to pass this knowledge on to their two daughters. Read this duo's full interview here. Read more of Joseph and Noemi's articles.