Best Survival Bracelets: Top 6 Picks for 2021

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By Joel Jefferson •  13 min read

Paracord survival bracelets not only look cool but are a low profile, lightweight, and very useful survival tool. These bracelets can be an invaluable resource during a survival situation or when you need a length of cordage to secure a trunk or lash something down.

Best survival bracelets in the market

While the early paracord bracelets contained only cordage, these days many of the survival bracelets on the market are jam-packed with other useful tools. The problem is there is such a wide variety of survival bracelets on the market it can be challenging to figure out which one is the best survival bracelet for you.

At a quick glance, here are is my #1 pick for a bracelet:

Paracord Bracelet Urban Tool Kit by SuperesseStraps
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What to Look For in a Survival Bracelet: Buyer’s Guide

Length and Type of Cordage

Depending on the pattern used in weaving the bracelet, and the accessories hidden within, the length of the cordage can vary widely between bracelets. The amount of usable cordage is the number one consideration in my mind.

best paracord bracelets reviewed

The type of cordage should also be a consideration as well because paracord usually comes with 7 internal strands but I’ve seen paracord with as few as 5 strands and as many as 9 strands. Since these internal strands of nylon contribute to the tensile strength of the cordage having a few strands less or more will greatly affect the total tensile strength.

While for the most part we usually do not require a full 550 pounds of tensile strength it is nice to know if the cordage on your wrist is high quality or not.


The buckles on many survival bracelets come with a compass built in which is a handy addition. Even though these compasses are not designed for accurate or complex navigation having a backup way to orient yourself is always a bonus. Unfortunately they can have issues with accuracy so be sure to check how well they orient.

Fire Starters

The fire starters on these survival bracelets may seem gimmicky but with the right tinder a spark is all you need and these little fire starters will deliver a spark. It is a good idea to take a few minutes to play with … I mean practice with the fire starter.

In my experience it can be a little finicky to strike a spark off of such small fire steel but with a couple of trial runs, the technique is easily learned. Care should be taken because these fire steels can be pretty thin and in turn fragile.

Other Survival Items

The survival bracelets on the market today are often jam-packed with extra goodies. Snare wire, fishing kits, whistles, or even tinder. These shouldn’t be counted on to be effective in a survival situation but are definitely nice to have.

Where is it Going to be Used?

A survival bracelet that you would wear in the back country is overkill for your average day at the office but the need for quick access to cordage exists in both situations. It’s a good idea to have separate survival bracelets for EDC and the bush because in the city a built in fishing kit and fire steel isn’t going to help you tie your muffler back up.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you should be looking for here are my picks for the top 6 best survival bracelets.

Best Survival Bracelet: My Top 6 Picks

1. Best Survival Bracelet Overall – Titan Paracord Survival Bracelet Review

Titan Paracord Survival Bracelet | BRONZE | LARGE (Fits 8' - 9' Wrist) |...

Picking the overall top choice was not an easy task but I’m very confident in my choice of the Titan Survival Bracelet. This bracelet is nothing too fancy, but that is exactly why it tops out this list. The Titan Survival Bracelet only contains the features you’re actually likely to use and it follows the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule pretty well. The 11 feet of paracord has the usual 7 strands but also contains a 25-pound test fishing line, snare wire and some waxed jute cord that is to be used as tinder. With four different sizes and a simple but stylish design this is a survival bracelet that anyone can wear. The fact that the cordage is name brand and the company is veteran-owned also scores it higher in my books as well.




Titan Paracord Survival Bracelet | BRONZE | LARGE (Fits 8" - 9" Wrist) |...
  • IMPORTANT!!! - Please measure your wrist before ordering. If your wrist-size is at the upper limit...
  • MADE WITH SURVIVORCORD – This paracord survival bracelet is woven with more than 11 feet of...

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2. Runner Up Friendly Swede Multi Functional Paracord Bracelet Review

The Friendly Swede Multi Functional Paracord Bracelet Survival Kit (Dark...

This Friendly Swede survival bracelet is our runner up for the best overall because of a few things. First I could not confirm the length or quality of the paracord used. Second it is only available in one size and I am not a one size fits all kind of guy. Lastly, although I like the addition of the fire steel and striker I am not a fan of fire steels that have holes drilled through them in the way this one has.

The odds of the fire steel breaking is greatly increased with every hole that is drilled through so in spite of the fact that this bracelet has the ability to create fire it had to be down graded to runner up. On a positive note the fishing kit contained with in it looks very complete and the addition of a couple of saftey pins and a small amount of tinder are quite nice.




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3. Best Survival Bracelet for EDC – No products found. Review

No products found.

The way this survival bracelet is woven makes it quite large, however it’s just stylish enough to go relatively unnoticed when worn as EDC. Boasting 13 feet of 550 cord this bracelet will give you more than enough cordage for what ever comes at you in the course of your day. Unlike it predecessor on this list this bracelet is adjustable and comes in several sizes.




4. Runner Up for EDC Survival Bracelet GECKO EQUIPMENT Paracord Survival Bracelet Review

GECKO EQUIPMENT Army Green/Black King Cobra Paracord Survival Bracelet with...

If you are looking for a basic survival bracelet for EDC that is low profile but still looks good, then this is definitely and option to take a look at. Unfortunately it only comes in one size but has about an inch worth of adjustment in the clasp. The paracord is this bracelet is claimed to be 7 strand that can be turned into 60 feet of cordage. This implies that you’re probably not going to get a length of paracord out of this bracelet that is more than 8 or 9 feet. To Gecko Equipment’s credit they do not claim that the paracord is true 550 cord instead they put the tensile strength at 350 pounds. Like my top EDC pick there are no survival tools with this bracelet just cordage which in an urban environment would be the primary reason to put your survival bracelet to work.




GECKO EQUIPMENT Army Green/Black King Cobra Paracord Survival Bracelet with...
  • 9.5" Premium Branded Paracord bracelet With Stainless Steel Adjustable D-Shackle. Suitable for 7"-8"...
  • Can be disassembled to perform multiple tasks in EMERGENCY situations (SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW)

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5. Best Budget Survival Bracelet – A2S Protection Survival Bracelet Review

Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak – Survival Bracelets with Embedded Compass...

One of the main reasons I like these bracelets is the simple fact that I get two of them for the price of one. Each of these bracelets will unravel to 12 feet of 7 strand 550 cord which is a pretty good amount of cordage for a survival bracelet. The buckle comes with a compass, whistle, fire steel, and a striker. Given the low price it is best to test out all the survival tools before heading out into the bush to check the quality. Be sure to check the compass against one that is known to be accurate.




Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak – Survival Bracelets with Embedded Compass...
  • 5-IN-1 SURVIVAL TOOL: K2-peak is a complete paracord survival bracelet - Disaster Preparedness Kit -...
  • SIZES THAT FITS EVERYBODY: We provide 4 Fixed Sizes + 1 Adjustable size. Fixed Size variations: 7.5,...

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6. Best DIY Survival Bracelet Kit – Last Man Survival Kit Bracelet Review

LAST MAN The Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet (Large, Black with...

Being a big fan of DIY I couldn’t help but put this one on the list. I’ve always found that it’s better to physically have handled the items inside a survival bracelet than to buy one pre-made with the contents buried under paracord. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to build your own survival bracelet, and because you are the architect you can customize it to your hearts content. I like this kit because it comes with a nice fishing kit, compass, fire steel and tinder which are exactly the kind of items that would be nice to have around your wrist in a survival situation.




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Open Questions about Survival Bracelets

What makes a good survival bracelet?

What it come down to is this: The best survival bracelet is the one you are going to actually have on your wrist when SHTF.

If it is too bulky, uncomfortable, doesn’t fit right, or is in your kitchen junk drawer then it won’t be on your wrist and therefore will be useless. That being said it is important to have a bracelet that supplements your normal survival gear but doesn’t replace any of it. Having a good length of paracord is basically the most important aspect with the rest of the gear in the bracelet only being ‘nice to haves’, and not anything that you want to trust your life to.

Personally I would not want to be in any situation where the only means of effecting my survival is a bundle of paracord on my wrist, that being said I’ve always got one on my wrist in the bush.

Is all paracord the same?

The short answer is no, not all paracord is the same. Some are rated to tensile strengths well greater than the usual 550 pounds while others do not even make a claim as to how strong it is. It is pretty rare that any of us will absolutely require a full 550 pounds out of our paracord, but it’s nice to have. One important to note factor is the inner strands. They are incredibly useful and in the case of seven strand paracord they will turn one 10 foot piece of cordage into 80 feet just by removing the inner strands. This one feature is why paracord is the cordage of choice for these bracelets.

Are such small compasses accurate?

Some of these bracelets come with compasses and as to whether or not they are accurate, the unfortunate answer is: It depends.

These compasses are not designed with actual navigation in mind their sole purpose is to orient you towards an approximation of a cardinal direction. The problem with these is that they are so small that they often will tilt inside the housing and bind up, giving you a false reading. All button compasses should be checked before heading afield and you should practice orienting yourself with it so you can learn how the compass’s disc likes to tilt and what you have to do to get a legit orientation.


I’ve been wearing the same DIY survival bracelet for as long as I can remember. I cobbled it together back in the days before Amazon, but if I were in the market for the best survival bracelet today, I still stand by my top pick of the Titan Survival Bracelet. Even though it doesn’t have the fishing kit, fire starter or even a compass, it does have the high-quality cordage with the snare wire, fishing line and jute cord. My own opinion is that when I unwind my survival bracelet it won’t be to string up a fishing pole, it will be for the cordage so that is all I am looking for.

I don’t wear a survival bracelet as EDC only because in my day job it would be a safety hazard. However if I were to EDC a bracelet the No products found. would be my choice. Even though it is a bit large it’s got a great amount of paracord which is precisely what I have needed on a few occasions in the urban jungle.

Lucky for me I always have a paracord key fob but the times I’ve had to use it I wished I had a full 13-foot length. Survival bracelets are one of those ‘no brainer’ preps. Their job is to be worn until needed and truth be told after a while you hardly notice that its there. Just don’t forget you’re wearing it when you need it.

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