Best Survival Knife Kit Reviews

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By Joel Jefferson •  14 min read

You would never start a job without obtaining the necessary tools to finish it in the first place, would you? Well, this same logic should be applied to going out into the wilderness. If you plan on spending some time outdoors, whether it be for camping, hiking or backpacking, it would always be recommended to equip yourself with some survival gear, such as a survival knife kit.

Best Survival Knife Kits in the market

While out in the wilderness, emergency situations can arise rather quickly, and you’ll be forced to think on your feet. In these situations, a survival knife kit is a great thing to have. In addition to the knife, kits can include other gear such as a compass, sheath, knife sharpener, fire starter, fishing line, and so much more. Having all of these pieces of gear in one place can prove to be very valuable when you need it most.

Survival knife kits are great even for non-emergency situations. Overall, they provide you with a great knife that comes coupled with extra pieces of beneficial survival gear. When selecting a survival knife kit, it’s imperative to choose one that comes with a high-quality and well-constructed knife.

A good survival knife kit is set up around the knife, and not the other way around. To help you choose a survival knife kit, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 best and most affordable survival knife kits available to you today. Here are my top picks:

  • Includes tons of survival gear and small necessities.
  • 420 stainless-steel is easy to sharpen.
  • Serrated edge works well for tree limbs.
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  • 12 different pieces of reliable survival gear.
  • Waterproof storage box to hold contents.
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  • Included wire saw with finger rods to cut fishing wires.
  • Serrated edge to saw tree limbs/branches.
  • Comfort and Performance come hand in hand with Rothco
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Best Survival Knife Kits: My Top 5 Picks

To give you a good idea of the best survival knife kits available to you today, I’ve come up with this list of the 5 most durable, reliable and affordable kits on the market. The contents of these kits may differ a bit, but all of them can provide you with the necessary gear and equipment to survive in the wilderness

1. Whetstone Cutlery Survival Knife Kit Review

Whetstone Frontiersman Survival Knife & Kit w/Sheath

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The best part about the survival knife that comes with this kit from Whetstone, is how long the blade is able to stay sharp right from the get-go. The blade on this knife is ultra-sharp, and stays that way for quite some time. Once it begins to dull, you can re-sharpen it with the sharpening whetstone that’s located in the nylon sheath, which is included with the kit. The 12” knife is constructed with stainless-steel, and is double-bladed with a serrated top edge. The stainless-steel will prove to be durable and reliable over time.

As for the rest of the survival kits contents, you will find a compass, matches, bandages, fishing line, and a hook. The compass can be used to find your direction once again, and remain on the right path. The fishing line and hook can be used to supply you with food, or help set up and stabilize shelter. Matches that are kept dry can be used to start a fire. The compartment within the handle is watertight, and will not allow any external substance to flow within.



Whetstone Frontiersman Survival Knife & Kit w/Sheath
  • Blade Style: double sided with serrated saw back
  • Sharpening Whetstone

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2. Maxam 12-Piece Survival Knife Set Review

Maxam 12-Piece Survival Knife Set with Zinc Alloy Handles, Ideal for...

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It’s hard to get a bigger bang for your buck than with the Maxam 12-piece set, which includes a ton of survival gear in addition to the knife. The blade of the survival knife is about 8” long, and about ⅛” thick. The handle of the knife is constructed with zinc alloy, and is hollow to allow survival gear items to be stored within. The set comes with another knife that is 7” long and 1 ½” thick, which also has a gutting hook on it. Both of these knives can be used to perform various tasks out in the woods, whether it be for cutting limbs off trees, preparing kindling, skinning game, etc.

On top of the knives, this set includes a ton of extra gear. To carry your knife around the campsite or out in the woods, you can hold it in the sheath-attached slingshot that can be looped to your belt or bag. The knife sharpener can be used to fine-tune your knife while on the go. Just like most other kits, this one includes a compass as well.

Other gear in this kit includes bandages, fire starter and matches, fishing line, weights and hooks, razor blade, small pencil, tweezers, safety pin, needle and thread. As you can see, this kit provides you with plenty of gear to be able to hold your own for a while.



Maxam 12-Piece Survival Knife Set with Zinc Alloy Handles, Ideal for...
  • THE FINEST MILITARY SURVIVAL KNIFE SET: Maxam's 12-piece Survival Knife Set gives outdoor sportsmen,...
  • DYNAMIC CUTTING CAPABILITY: Measuring 14" in total length with a 7 3/4"-long 1/8"-thick blade, our...

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3. Rothco Ramster Survival Kit Review

Rothco Ramster Survival Kit Knife

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Rothco has been creating outdoor gear for the wide-eyed adventurer for quite some time now, and have been trusted by many to help them thrive out in the wilderness. The survival knife that comes with this kit is an all around versatile camping knife that could be used for multiple tasks. The blade of the survival knife in this kit is constructed with stainless-steel, and will be able to deter rusting for a long time. This knife is ideal for multiple campground tasks such as preparing wood limbs for the fire, skinning fish and game, cutting rope, etc. The Rothco knife can be stored on the included sheath.

This kit comes with a standalone compass that can be used to stay on your desired path. The compass is not located on the handle of the knife, like many other popular survival knives that come in these kits. The kit also includes fishing hooks, fishing line, some weights, matches, wire saws, sinkers, and needles,all of which can be stored in the handle of the knife.



Rothco Ramster Survival Kit Knife
  • Quality tested and ensured for maximum durability
  • Designed with only the toughest, roughest users in mind

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4. VF DONGFANG Survival Knife with Kit Review

Survival kit,12in1 Survival Gear Gifts for Men Him Husband Dad Boyfriend...

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This survival kit from VF DONGFANG comes with 12 different pieces of survival gear, all of which can be used in a survival situation. The survival knife that comes with it is a cold-steel tactical knife, which can be used for various tasks at the campground or out in the woods. The different pieces of gear that come in this survival kit include a mini flashlight, a tactical pen, a survival bracelet, a flint stone, wire saw, tube whistle, emergency blanket, water-proof bottle, compass, multifunctional card, and a waterproof storage box.

All of the different pieces of survival gear in this kit are of high quality, and will be durable in tough conditions. The emergency blanket can be used to retain most of your body heat in a cold situation. The survival bracelet has an attached fire starter and compass, two tools that are essential for survival in the wilderness. The tube whistle is great for attracting anyone’s attention in a situation where you are hurt or disabled. All of the contents of this survival kit can be securely stored in the waterproof box, which can feasibly be transported from one place to another.



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5. Survivor HK-217 Knife with Kit Review

Survivor HK-217LS Fixed Blade Knife with Survival Kit, Silver Reverse...

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The knife that comes in this survival kit from Survivor is constructed with stainless-steel. The stainless-steel will help the blade last long and stay sharp over time, while keeping rust away. The other end of the blade has a serrated edge, which can be used to saw things, such as wood limbs and branches to prepare for a fire. The knife has a total length of 14 inches.

In addition to the knife, this survival kit also comes equipped with compass, sharpening stone, sheath, matches, wire saw, fishing line, fishing hooks, and some weights. All of these pieces of survival gear are essential when it comes to a life-or-death situation. The survival kit can be stored in the handle of the knife.



Survivor HK-217LS Fixed Blade Knife with Survival Kit, Silver Reverse...
  • 14 inch overall survival knife, stainless steel saw tooth blade, solid metal handle hides survival...
  • Stainless steel saw tooth blade

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Survival Knife Kit Buying Guide

When selecting out a knife kit to use, it’s important to be aware of the multiple aspects that are very important in a knife, as well as what pieces of gear can make up a good survival knife kit. Certain features of the knife can make it more useful than others out in the woods, while other knife kits could contain certain pieces of gear that could have been more useful to you in a given moment.

Knife Features

A more detailed guide on choose a survival knife can be found here.


When looking for a quality survival knife, it’s important that the tang is Full Tang. If a knife is full tang, this means that the tang goes down to the base of the handle. In other words the blade and tang are one solid piece of steel. This gives the knife much more strength and durability, compared to knives that have the head connected only to the top of the handle, which can break off easily.

Blade Metal

The type of metal that your knife’s blade is constructed with can play a big part in its reliability and longevity. Most commonly, survival knives that come in survival knife kits are either made of high-carbon, or stainless-steel. Stainless steel can take a beating for a very long time, and can deter rust from forming. Carbon blades, however, are known to hold a sharp edge for longer, but may begin to rust up more quickly.

The Handle

The handle to your survival knife that comes in the kit is an aspect that you should consider heavily. With a bad handle and grip, your hand is more likely to slip off the knife during use. Most commonly, survival knife handles consist of rubber or polymer material. Sometimes, survival knives may have a hollow handle that can be used to store items in. In most models, this hollow handle is sturdy, but there are cases of blades breaking off from a handle that isn’t full tang.

Must-Have Gear in Survival Knife Kits


One of the most common pieces of survival and navigation gear that comes in knife survival kits is a compass. A compass is one of the most traditional and reliable devices to use while out in the wilderness to point you in the direction you desire to go, whether it be true north, south, east or west.

The quality of the compass you receieve will depend on the quality of the survival knife kit you purchase. Some survival knives that come in the kit will be equipped with a compass on the bottom of the handle. This can be a decent feature to have, but it would be better to have a separate compass, used solely for navigation purposes.

Fire Starter

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself caught out in the wilderness in a life-or-death situation, perhaps the most important thing you’ll need to be able to do is start a fire. A fire can mean warmth, a way to cook food, and a means of keeping away predators. For these reasons, most survival knife kits will come with a fire start. They will likely include either pieces of flint, or a ferrocerium fire starter rod. With a ferro rod, you are able to produce consistent high-temperature sparks. Make sure the knife kit you purchase comes with a fire starter.

Attention Gear

In a survival situation, having devices that are able to catch the attention of other people can mean the difference between life or death. This is why it is common for knife survival kits to come with mirrors, whistles, and / or small flashlights. These devices can be used to draw attention to yourself. This can prove especially valuable if you are not able to call out to someone, due to fatigue.

Fishing Line / Hooks

Many survival kits come with varying amounts of fishing lines and hooks. Some may include plenty of hooks, whereas others may include only a few. Regardless, having a fishing line and hooks can prove to be very beneficial. With them, you are able to catch food to eat, and sustain yourself for longer. Many survival kits also come with weights that can be used on the fishing line for added slack.

Things To Consider

Your Budget

Even though all of those high-end survival knife kits may seem tempting to purchase, it’s important to consider your budget before buying the kit right away. Sometimes, it may be necessary to spend your budgeted money on other gear or items necessary for your wilderness endeavors.

Your Needs

In the event that you’re just going out to an established campsite for a night or two, and will already be loaded on supplies, it’s likely that you won’t need all of the extra gear that some survival knife kits offer. Sometimes, you may be just fine with a good knife that comes with minimal amounts of extra gear. However, if you plan on going backpacking / bushwacking, it would be best to carry as much survival gear as possible.

FAQs about Survival Knife Kits

What Items Most Commonly Come In Knife Kits?

Survival knife kits are intended to provide you with necessary items and objects that will help you survive out in the wilderness in a life-or-death situation. These objects will provide you with the ability to perform different tasks that can be critical to your survival. Most commonly, you will find items such as compasses, fire starters, fishing lines, fishing hooks, weights, emergency blankets, wire saws, mini flashlights, and a few other pieces of gear. Typically, the more you spend on your survival knife kit, the more pieces of survival gear will come in the kit.

Why Should I Carry A Knife Kit With Me?

When out in the wilderness, it doesn’t take much for an emergency to arise, where you can be put into a situation that will test your knowledge of basic survival skills. If you are empty-handed, your chances of survival are very low, seeing that you aren’t equipped with the necessary gear. Surviving in the wilderness calls for multiple pieces of gear to be in your possession. With a knife kit, you will be supplied with most of the pieces of survival gear necessary to help you thrive out in the wilderness.


If you are caught out in the wilderness in a life-or-death situation, the last thing you would ever want is to be out there empty-handed. If you don’t have the essential pieces of survival gear on you, you’re likely going to have a very hard time trying to make it out of there. With a survival knife kit, you’ll be equipped with the gear that can help to bail you out of a sticky situation.

After reading through this review, you should be well aware of what typically comes in survival kits, and which one may be right for you. Remember to always be equipped with a survival knife kit before setting out into the wilderness for any given amount of time!

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