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Bivvy Sack: It’s that much better than an Emergency Blanket

Just about every outdoor pack has an Emergency Blanket or two.  Mostly because they are small, cheap, and light.  But are they really that useful? Here’s why I think you should go for an Emergency Bivvy Sack instead.

The Bivvy Sack

A Bivvy Sack (or Bivouac Sack, Bivy Sack, or Bivi) is usually a slip on cover for your sleeping bag to make it warmer or waterproof.  An emergency bivvy sack is made so that it can be used by itself.  Usually out of synthetic materials that are designed to reflect and hold body heat.

Obviously it’s something great to throw in your Bug Out Bag, but I am thinking it might be most useful for an Urban Survival Bag.  It would be a great warmth and weather protection option for an urban survival pack that is usually smaller and might not be made for out right camping, in which case you don’t have a full sleeping bag.

1. Its Reusable

I don’t know about you but I am never going to be able to refold a .79 cent emergency blanket back into that tiny little square. An emergency Bivvy Sack comes with a stuff sack and is made to be reused.

2. Sleeping Bag Style

Bivvy SackEmergency blankets are nice but they are awkward in a situation where you need warmth around your whole body. Square blankets are great for laying on the couch in the winter, but when you need full protection from the elements a sleeping bag style is really the best way to go.

Not to mention you could just slip it over your full sleeping bag anytime you need to for added warmth or water protection.

3. Help Other People

Not that any Survival Cache readers would be caught unprepared, but you could use an emergency bivvy sack as a sleeping bag if you had to. Assuming all our great readers are prepared, you could use it for helping out someone else who isn’t prepared.

AMK Heatsheet Emergency BivvyAMK Heatsheet Emergency Bivvy

AMK (Adventure Medical Kits) makes a great one called the Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy. It only weights 3.8 ounces and comes with a stuff sack. It costs more than a survival blanket, but since it is much more substantial and reusable that’s not a big deal.  They also make an updated version of the bivvy sack called the Emergency Thermal Bivvy II.

AMK Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy – $13.99
AMK Emergency Thermal Bivvy II – $23.99

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Photo by: Javasport