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The Crunch continues.  In James Wesley, Rawles latest book, Expatriates, we find a new group of hardened individuals determined to survive against all odds during the major socioeconomic collapse which Rawles labels “The Crunch” that is sweeping across the modern world.

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The Crusade

The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming!!  Sounds sort of far fetched, but not if you are Australian and you are reading Expatriates Book Review James Wesley Rawles New York Times Best Selling Authorthis book.  As the socioeconomic destruction of the crunch spreads across the globe, some countries have done better than others and those countries are looking to expand their empire.  With the United States in a state of disarray, the global balance of power has shifted and countries who once looked to America as a stabilizing force around the world no longer see the stars and stripes off their shores.

The book Expatriates, like previous books from JWR (Patriots, Survivors, Founders), follows different groups of people in their day to day struggles during The Crunch.  This book is set during the same time period as his previous novels and is not part IV so you can read them in any order.  The focus of Expatriates is primarily outside the United States and Rawles outdid himself this time on his detailed research of the far east.

Expatriates follows a group of Christian missionaries, who are stranded SurvivalBlog.comin the Philippines and face a daunting decision:  stay and face an uncertain future at the hands of the Islamic Liberation Front rebels, and the possibility of a future invasion by Muslim led Indonesia; or travel by an old fishing boat in the open ocean to what they think will be the only safe place they can reach, Australia.  Rawles, who won’t be visiting any Muslim countries anytime soon, weaves an interesting tale of a modern day Crusade, only this time the Christians are on the receiving end of the poor treatment.

With most countries looking inward, Indonesia (population 250 million) The Crunch James Wesley Rawles SurvivalBlog.comquietly begins to conquer island after island in its neighborhood.  After absorbing Malaysia (population 30 million) it is primed for the ultimate conquest:  Australia (population 23 million), with its vast natural resources.

I won’t give too much away, but a sinister plot is put into place years in advance of the invasion by the Islamic led Indonesian government to even the technological advantages the Australian Armed Forces have being supplied by the United States.

Add this all up and you have Red Dawn down under.


As with most books that I read, it started off slow but picked up very nicely.  I liked the concept of the book, Rawles made the rise SurvivalBlog.comof Indonesia believable and their sinister plot of sleeper cells was a wicked curve.  I also liked the idea that the Australians organized their own force of resistance fighters called “Stay Behinds” after the Indonesian invasion.  These were great parts of the book that included sabotage and sniper scenes.  As with all of Rawles’ books, you get a lot of knowledge of survival stuff and this book is no different.  He tells you why, how, and what product they used which is very helpful to other survivalists.  While sometimes you wonder if he is getting paid for product placement in his books, you know that he would not endorse something unless it had a true survival value.


While the main focus of the book was in the far East, Rawles did have some chapters based in Florida.  While I understand why he book review Expatriates James Wesley Rawlesput those chapters into the book, I think it distracted a little bit from the main story.  I thought the whole book could have been about the rise of Indonesia, the trials and tribulations of the missionaries, and the invasion of Australia and it would have been a fine book by itself.  The Florida sections were not a major distraction in the book but it was something that I could have done without.


I really enjoyed Expatriates.  I think this is now my second favorite book that Rawles has written.  I have yet to read “Founders,”  but you can look for a review of that in the very near future.   Rawles and his team did a ton of research, and it shows in this book.  You will get some great survival ideas from this one.  The “Stay Behinds” were some brave individuals.  Living in the bush with limited supplies, facing a ruthless enemy, and conducting guerrilla warfare with “loose rules of engagement.”  Those are my kind of guys.

My James Wesley, Rawles Book Rankings:
1. How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It
2. Expatriates
3. Patriots
4. Survivors

To be read: Founders

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12 thoughts on “Book Review: Expatriates”

  1. Rawles does do a ton of research on his books. I think he gets a lot of information from people on his blog. I will have to pick this one up.

  2. I enjoy Rawles' books – but he can get too "preachy" for me, as I am not a religious person, but I understand that religion is very important to some folks.

    Always good information and tactics in his books, cleverly tucked into the story. I always come away from reading his books with new ideas for my own situation.

  3. Why is it named "Expatriates?" If Indonesians invade Australia, they are by definition the Expatriates. I know many here like Rawles, but I found "Patriots" to be so full of misinformation as well as continuous misuse of grammar, that it lost all credibility.

  4. Thanks for writing this review. I want to buy and read this one, now. I haven’t read Founders yet, but I did read Patriots and Survivors. Patriots was worth reading for the survival info, but the storyline was weak. Cannibal-Communist-Baby-Rapists? “Okay.”

    I think his writing got a lot better by the time he wrote Survivors, which I really enjoyed and some of the scenes and that book have stuck with me. So I’m looking forward to reading Expatriates (and then probably Founders, which I skipped for some reason.)

  5. Being Very busy, i have little time to sit and just read. Then I discovered book on CD. I have all the Rawles books mentioned in the review and have read (listened) all of them completely with the exception to Expatriates. I am on the 31st chapter of 50 at this time. I started listening yesterday afternoon and am almost done with it (will propally finish this evening). he is accurate in his descriptions and his political analysis of so much that is going on in today's world is right on.


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