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Book Review: Survivors

James Wesley, Rawles latest book Survivors follows a handful of determined individuals as they try to make their way to safety during a complete government and financial collapse.  The story takes place during the same period of chaos as with the author’s earlier book Patriots.

By James, a contributing author of


The main character in Survivors is Captain Andrew Laine, a young Army ordnance officer serving in Afghanistan at the beginning of the so called “Crunch”, a period of hyperinflation set off by a full scale default on US Treasuries followed by a worldwide stock market crash.  This collapse of our modern economic system brings about the rise of large criminal gangs and various government personnel, both foreign and domestic, who attempt to grab power in the chaos.

The book follows Captain Laine as he attempts to reach his fiancee, Kaylee Schmidt in New Mexico as the oversea military base where Captain Laine is station basically disintegrates from lack of funding and command structure.  Captain Laine’s trip is anything but easy.  US Dollars in which he is paid are accepted almost no where, military (MAC) flights have been suspended, communications to the United States are intermittent at best and food is hard to come by.  All the while, a large criminal gang which crushes small towns is on a collision course with his loved ones.

Favorite Part

I liked the idea of the criminal gang and how they operated both before the “Crunch” and afterwards.  I also enjoyed Andrew Laine’s creative ways to travel back to the United States by sailboat, horseback, foot, etc. and the encounters he had along the way with people who helped him out of the goodness of their hearts.


For me personally, I like my survival books with only one helping of religion.  This book had just enough religion to turn me off.  Some of the sequences where people stopped to pray for 10 to 15 minutes seemed a little odd to me.  Also the characters were a little hard to follow even though the author provided a list of all of the 60 characters with descriptions in the front of the book.  Maybe I should have taken that list as a hint that I would need to reference it often (and I did).  The ending of the book was probably the most disappointing part for me.  When I got to page 371, the Acknowledgments page, I was seriously thinking that someone had pulled a prank on me and tore out the last chapter of the book.  I had just gotten into the book – ugh!!!


I have read all of Rawles’ books How to Survive TEOTWAWKI, Patriots, and now Survivors.  I would have to say that Survivors is my least favorite of the three.  I guess you can’t win them all.  On the other hand, writing a book is tough and being a critic is easy.

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