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Book Review: Zombie Apocalypse Preparation

Zombie Apocalypse Preparation is a book of fiction.  I think.  I mean it says so in a disclaimer on Zombie Survival Guidethe inside first page.  If and when you buy this book purely for some humorous edification, you have to keep in perspective at all times and upon the turn of every day that the work is indeed fiction.  But you’re always going to wonder.  Houchins and Thomas’ tome is a fun read, if not admittedly outright silly at times and plain old stupid in some cases.  Remember, remember, its fiction.

By Dr. John J. Woods, a contributing author to Survival Cache & SHTFBlog

If you are a serious prepper or survivalist, then some of this material you might take as a personal affront, but I doubt it was meant to have that impact.  I mean after all, there is no such thing as a zombie to start with.  But if you substitute other character references such as roving thugs, Ferguson rioters, home invaders, home grown ISIS terrorists, and other such real criminals, then the book makes perfect sense, sort of.

Bullet Point Commentaries

As I was reading this 370 page paperback, I took a lot of random notes about thoughts, criticisms, Survival Guide for Zombiessalient points, useful information and many other notations, some which could only be summed up as questions which I will never have answered by the authors.  I present these bullet point thoughts here in no particular order.

  • At times you catch yourself asking “is this for real”, then you remember it is fiction.
  • The book puts down the very popular AR-15. Do these guys know guns at all?
  • Suppressors (not silencers) do require a Federal ATF NFA $200 permit tax, not a state tax.
  • The use of a slingshot to “sail” a fishing lure over water is ludicrous.
  • True military grade sniper rifles are only available to law enforcement or the military.
  • Discusses having firearms that are fully auto as if this were a common occurrence or option. It is not.
  • Who or what is a Johnny Two-Balls?
  • “Other bladed weapons” are highly impractical and most are unheard of.
  • Use of heavy equipment to kill zombies highly unlikely option. No access, no skills.
  • Concrete filled tires? During a SHTF, where or why find tires and fill them with concrete to roll down a hill?
  • 3 wheeled ATVs are no longer made and have not been for many years.
  • Mines in the yard? Where do they propose average citizens can obtain landmines?
  • “Mow Down Hoedown”? Too much gas, too much time for the effort.
  • Who is Fisherman F. Thompson?
  • There are comments here and there that are simply unnecessary such as “humping your mom last night.” Much of the foul language is unnecessary being a poor stab at humor.
  • Out of all the places listed to hide out, they left out elevators and forest service towers.
  • Oddly enough in this manual there is useful information intended as such or not, but you have to read close to glean it.
  • The book comes into its element in Section 8 , “Coping with Life in Zombietopia.”
  • Thoughts on dealing with assholes and malcontents is spot on.
  • The paragraph on Greed, page 204 in highly insightful. It is the root of all evil.  See Hillary and Bill Clinton.
  • Page 207, “Compromising is going to be a mainstay of your existence.” True that.
  • Page 246, “paying attention to the tiny details will prove to be a lifesaving hobby.”

Again, these are just some of the thoughts and comments I had about reading this book.  As a prepper, again, I found many items of useful information that could be put into practice, despite the book being fiction.  I do wonder if the authors intended that or just hit upon item merely by accident. Further, the reader has no idea who these authors are or anything about their backgrounds.  Perhaps their previous work was a romance novel or a skill guide to picking gardening tools.  It would have been nice to see their bio or if in fact these author names are even real.

Zombie Apocalypse Preparation is a laughable read.  You will get chuckles from it, but scratch your head at times.  Pick out what is useful or thought provoking and just laugh at the rest.  After all, it is a work of fiction.  Or is it?

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