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Bow Fishing, Rifle Caching, and Essential Skills

I am starting on new weekly column on Survival Cache this week called Saturday Links. It is a small collection of links to the best survival articles I found this week.

1. First up, Scott, at wrote a great article on Bow Fishing. A food gathering option that I have never considered before but definitely sounds interesting. Reading the article, Scott makes it sounds really easy, but I am guessing there is a pretty good learning curve.  I would also recommend an emergency fishing kit in your Bug Out Bag from Forge Survival Supply.

Bow Fishing: An Effective Means of Food Gathering

2. Next is an awesome video posted over at Accept the Challenge on ways to protect things like rifles for long term storage in a survival cache. The video goes through the whole process with a rifle. Very cool and surprisingly cheap (unless you are adding up your time to get the supplies and make it) – we have found a more professional way to Cache rifles with the Master Cacher Vault System.  (Best part, all of the anti-humidity bags and products included, turn key)

Caching: Rifles

3. Finally, a good list post by The Survival Mom about essential survival skills. This will be good for newer survivalists, but I also enjoyed it because it makes you think about something just as important as your survival gear: your survival skills, something I think is undervalued in the survivalist community.

10 Essential Skills Necessary for Survival

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