SurvivalCache Writer Interview: Captain Bart

SurvivalCache Writer

Born in Palestine, Texas and raised on the Gulf coast since my father worked in the oil refineries. Joined the Army 1969 for Artillery OCS and flight school. Viet Nam May 1971 through March 1972 followed by Pershing school and two years in Germany.  In Germany my wife and I got into prepping.  We had to have a NEO (Next of kin Evacuation Order) kit to get the depends out of the country in case the ‘evil empire’ headed into the west.  Medically retired in April of 1976 for neck injuries I picked up in Viet Nam.

Back to school on GI bill. Worked for NASA then to Phoenix in 1978 to be a test pilot and systems engineer for Sperry Avionics. After five years there, data base and systems administrator for the Phoenix Police Department for another 6 years.  While in Phoenix, I attended seminary after work and weekends.  I was ordained a Permanent Deacon February 28, 1987 for the diocese of Phoenix with the equivalent of a master’s degree in theology.  Back to Houston in 1990 to work for Lockheed on the Space Shuttle program. There for 5 years then i spent 5 years working for Oracle as a field survive manager then back to NASA as an astrophysicist. (Yeah, I know, I AM a rocket scientist. Sounds cool but not so glamorous as it sounds).

Our location makes getting out of town almost impossible since Housotn sits on all major roads out of town.  Age, health and location make a successful bug out unlikely unless there is plenty of warning.  Hobbies are ham radio, astronomy, flying, geology and shooting.

We are putting together a retreat location near a nearby town that doesn’t need us to go through Houston.  It is a reasonable location – not really isolated but just outside of a small town.  The town is between us and Houston and acts as a bit of a buffer.  Since it is a farming town it is a fairly efficient block.

Favorite firearms, the gun I’m currently shooting.  I’m rather partial to lever guns in rifle and pistol chambering and revolvers over semi-auto pistols but whatever I am shooting is my favorite at the time.

How does Captain Bart answer 17 Survival Questions?

1.  Please describe your Every Day Carry?

Kel Tec P-11 (in pocket 100% of the time)

Swiss Army knife

Case Knife

Leatherman tool

Green laser pen

Magnesium fire starter


BIC lighter

Casio watch (time sync to WWVW)

Dental Floss

Two Survival Flashlights

Whistle, compass, thermometer, magnifying glass

2.  Favorite Bug Out Pistol?

Ruger Blackhawk, .45 Colt/.45 ACP

3.  Favorite Concealed Carry Pistol?|

.45 Colt Commander

4.  Favorite Bug Out Rifle or Carbine?

Marlin 30-30 levergun or .45-70 Marlin and Savage .22 LR semiauto (if in vehicle)

5.  Favorite Rifle or Carbine?

Shiloh Sharpe’s 50-90 in black powder

CZ 550 American in .375 H&H Mag modern

6.  Favorite Shotgun?

Mossberg 12 GA pump

7.  The amount of food you have at your house?

More than a 2 week supply

8.  Name your top 7 items in your Bug Out Bag?


Space Blanket

Survival knife

Flare launcher (pen size)

First aid kit including required meds (diabetic)|


Maps and Ammo (50 rds for rifle)

9.  Describe your Bug Out Location?

5 acres in agricultural area. Well on property, minimal shelter but being improved. Primary location is Bug In at current location.

10.  Describe your Bug Out Vehicle?

Suburban 4 X 4 with off road and tow packages

11.  Describe your Bug Out Bag?

Red Head back pack.

12.  Favorite home defense pistol?

Colt Combat Commander .45 ACP.

13.  Favorite home defense Rifle/Shotgun?

Mossberg 12 GA pump

14.  Favorite Survival Book?

Back To Basics but a tough call – may be a Kindle with them all!

15.  Favorite Survival Type Movie?

Accurate movies about the West (Louie LAmour type stuff).

16.  Survival Knife?

Army issued pilot survival knife circa 1969

17.  Survival Tools in your kit?

Leatherman, dental floss, range finder, machete, hatchet, survival saw, crank flashlight/radio, rope, wire

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