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Survival Cache Podcast: Episode 3: Bug Out Bag 3

This episode is part three of a four-part series on the all-new Survival Cache Podcast – and it’s about the (probably) most discussed topic of all time with preppers and survivalists: The Bug out Bag, or BOB. This continuation of the previous two episodes finds Doc Montana and Drew discussing bug-out clothing for your bag… Read More

Survival Cache Podcast: Episode 2: Bug Out Bag 2

In this second episode of the all-new Survival Cache Podcast, Doc Montana and Drew continue their overview of the prepper’s favorite topic: the Bug Out Bag. After discussing the bag itself and introductory contents in episode one, Doc and Drew start reviewing some of the fundamental contents that make up a well-stocked Bug Out Bag… Read More

Survival Cache Podcast: Episode 1: Bug Out Bag 1

Join Doc Montana and Drew for the all new Survival Cache Podcast! In this inaugural episode, the two gentlemen explore and update the discussion on theĀ “Bug Out Bag” and dive into the origins and philosophy of the BOB concept. In addition to the origins, they really focus on the actual bag itself (size, quality, brand… Read More