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Survival Cache Podcast Episode 17: Camp Stoves For Bug Out

When the balloon goes up and you suddenly have to think about cooking your food either away from home or in your home without your current stove working, this will be the podcast you were glad you didn’t miss. Drew picks Doc’s brain about all things camp stoves from high tech tiny wood burners, to… Read More

Survival Cache Podcast Episode 16: Ten Cool Survival Gear Items

If you could only take 10 items with you on a survival journey what would they be? A knife? A rifle? Maybe a firestarter? Well, that is a different list. This list on the Survival Cache Podcast is a lot more fun. Doc and Drew tackle their Top Ten favorite survival items in their personal… Read More

Survival Cache Podcast Episode 15: Survival Knives

When knife companies want to find out if their products are up to the task? The seek out Doc Montana’s opinion on their design and steel. So maybe you have you been dying to hear Doc talk about survival knives? Then this is your episode.┬áDoc and Drew talk all things knives. Types, actions, locks, steels… Read More

Survival Cache Podcast Episode 14: Derrick of Prepper Press

Derrick, the founder of Prepper Press, joins Doc and Drew to talk about several interesting topics including an underground house for sale in Las Vegas, the prepper publishing industry, and other interesting topics. Listen as Doc and Drew pepper Derrick with questions and thoughts about the state of the industry and the future of prepping… Read More

Survival Cache Podcast Episode 13: Glocks & More Glocks

When it comes to emergency preparedness and everyday carry, there is one name that stands above them all…. Glock. Doc and Drew talk Glocks for survival and EDC. The reasons for their choices and the backstory of how they settled upon Glock as the one-stop sidearm solution. Listen as the guys take a deep dive… Read More

Survival Cache Podcast Episode 12: Bug Out Trial Run

Did you ever want to try to test your Bug Out Bag or your Bug Out Plan but did not know where to start or how to do it? Join us on this exciting podcast as Drew and guest Jarhead Survivor from SHTFBlog share with Doc the lessons they learned during a trial run of… Read More

Survival Cache Podcast Episode 11: The AR-15 Part II

Boom!! Episode 11, Doc and Drew attempt to discuss the parts and accessories of the AR15 platform. In this second and final part, the receivers, mags, buttstocks, buffer tube, and plenty of springs and detents are the topics along with all the little parts and opinions within. Want to comment about this podcast? Sound off… Read More

Survival Cache Podcast Episode 9: EDC / Everyday Carry

In Episode 9 of The Survival Cache Podcast, Doc Montana and Drew discuss a topic that will always be relevant and personal: EDC, or Everyday Carry. Everybody’s personal situation is different, so the kit you carry may vary widely from the items Doc Montana takes with him everyday. Doc and Drew discuss their EDC kits… Read More

Survival Cache Podcast Episode 8: Bug Out Vehicles

Since both Doc Montana and Drew are self-described vehicle aficionados,┬áthe eighth episode of The Survival Cache Podcast is a great one: Bug Out Vehicles! Even though both Doc and Drew currently own and love Toyotas, they love all vehicles including jeeps, trucks and 4×4 subaru’s. If you are serious about planning or prepping then you… Read More

Survival Cache Podcast Episode 7: Uncharted Seventy2 Survival System

In this seventh episode of the Survival Cache Podcast, The Uncharted Supply Company was kind enough to send both Doc Montana and Drew samples of their Seventy2 Survival System for a real Survival Cache review. The Seventy2 Survival System is a pre-engineered kit designed and marketed to supply a person everything they should need to… Read More

Survival Cache Podcast Episode 6: The Ruger 10/22

In episode 6 of the new Survival Cache podcast, Doc Montana and Drew review the famous Ruger 10/22 from its humble beginnings in the 1960s all the way through the modern age “Ruger 10/22 Takedown” iterations. Both Doc and Drew have extensive experience with the 10/22 platform, and they discuss their loves, their gripes, their… Read More