SurvivalCache Writer Interview: Dan C.

Dan is a life long experienced and avid firearm enthusiast, hunter and outdoorsman.  Dan’s primary background is in the medical field where Survivalisthe acquired over 30 years of extensive experience in the areas of trauma, cardiac, critical care medicine and medical research. He developed state wide trauma and cardiac medical training programs for physicians, nurses and paramedics, co-authored over 14 medical educational books and study guides, authored several scientific articles that changed national standards in medicine, and developed several medical products.

For ten years, Dan functioned as the team leader of a critical care medical team that conducted world-wide medical evacuations. He participated in over 300 medical missions worldwide at times in very remote and hostile environments, including Haiti, Nicaragua, the Middle East, Russia, and South America.

Over the years, as part of his training, Dan has participated in numerous tactical pistol and carbine training programs from a variety of tier 1 and 2 instructors. Dan’s special interests are urban survival, emergency preparedness, mobility and emergency care. He has spent considerable time developing and implementing urban and rural survival strategies and practicing all the skills required if a survival type event occurred.

Dan holds several firearms instructor certifications, is trained as an armed agent, private investigator and in executive protection. He currently teaches basic, intermediate and advanced firearms classes and works in the firearms department of a large outdoors store.

For the past five years, Dan has been very active in developing education programs for those interested in personal protection, urban survival, emergency preparedness, and home security.  He routinely lectures on these topics to civic organizations, corporations and law enforcement agencies on these topics.

How does Dan C. answer 17 Survival Questions?

1. Please describe your Every Day Carry?
Sig P320, Spyderco pocket knife, Kyocera cell phone, keys, wallet, Luminox 3000 series watch. I also have a fully stocked Get Home Bag that goes everywhere with me

2. Favorite Bug Out Pistol?
Sig 320 with night sights, Sig M11-A1 as backup

3. Favorite Concealed Carry Pistol?
Sig P320/ Sig M11-A1. I pick one or the other based on attire.

4. Favorite Bug Out Rifle or Carbine?
Rock River AR-15 with 512 EOTECH, and Surefire remote activated light with IR capabilities

5. Favorite Rifle or Carbine?
Remington 243 Model 7

6. Favorite Shotgun?
Remington Model 1100 12ga

7. The amount of food you have at your house?
One month

8. Name your top 7 items in your Bug Out Bag?
Weather appropriate clothing, fire starting tools, extra ammo, food, GPS/Compass, First Aid supplies, Rope, headlamps.

9. Describe your Bug Out Location, if you have one?
Locally a eighteen acre small farm. If really serious a 250 acre farm in Florida. But in general I can be as mobile as I need to be.

10. Describe your Bug Out Vehicle?
2000 F-250 4 x4 crew cab 7.3 diesel, slightly lifted, all- terrain tires, bush guard, CB, inverter, fifth wheel and ball hitches. Plus a Honda 300 ATV that fits in the back of my truck.

11. Describe your Bug Out Bag?
Camp Trails internal frame 3800 cubic inch backpack

12. Favorite home defense pistol?
Sig P320

13. Favorite home defense Rifle/Shotgun?
None, use my handgun

14. Favorite Survival Book?
I do not really have one… there are several that I like …

15. Favorite Survival Type Movie?
Really do not have favorite survival movie, but watch Naked and Afraid, Survivorman, and Alaska: The Last Frontier. Both live off the land.

16. Survival Knife?

17. Survival Tools in your kit?
GPS, Knife with gut hook, Multitool, fire starting devices, ammo, rain gear, flashlights/headlamps, rope, wet wipes, gloves, small saw, food, water purification devices, plus much more.