Devil Juice Pepper Spray Review: Worth It? Hands-on Field Test

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By Bryan Lynch •  7 min read

Being able to protect yourself at all times is an incredibly important ability. Many people accomplish this by exercising their second amendment right. However, if you are looking for a less-lethal choice, pepper spray has been a popular option for a long time. 

In today’s article, I will be reviewing Devil Juice Pepper Spray offered by ApeSurvival. But before getting into the review it may be helpful to go over a few items about pepper spray.

Devil Juice™ Pepper Spray
  • A compact personal defense spray
  • It causes serious pain, temporary blindness, coughing, chocking, sneezing and skin irritation
  • Fine mist up to 6 ft distance
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Devil Juice Pepper Spray Specifications

Devil Juice Pepper Spray


The can sprays a fine mist that can reach up to six feet. 


Devil Juice is rated at 3 million SHU

Devil Juice Pepper Spray Review: Field Test 

I must admit that while I was very curious about this product, I was somewhat hesitant about trying it out, okay a lot. Normally, when I test products I like to think that I do so vigorously and to the best of my abilities. 

For pepper spray to be tested it would be best if it was tested on an individual, say, me for example. But sorry guys and gals I did not quite feel like taking that step this time around, maybe sometime in the future, I will. But do not fret as I was still able to test it out and feel some of its effects.

Devil Juice™ Pepper Spray
  • A compact personal defense spray
  • It causes serious pain, temporary blindness, coughing, chocking, sneezing and skin irritation
  • Fine mist up to 6 ft distance
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The Can

I took the can out of its box and was surprised at how small it was. It completely fit within my hand and while slightly bulky I was able to slide it into my pants pocket. 

On top of the can is a black and red cap. The red portions indicate the “danger” zones. The red spray nozzle on the front and the red button on the back that causes it to spray.

There are warnings on the side of the can stating that this is not a toy and I would like to pass that sentiment along as much as possible in this article. Do not point this can at anything you are not prepared to spray.

On the back of the can, there is a black safety tab that sits above the red button. You can try and press this black tab all you like but the can will not spray. This tab needs to be lifted before attempting to press the red button down. 

The Test

On the testing day, I grabbed the Devil Juice and walked outside. And wouldn’t you know it, there was a darn good breeze kicking up. I wasn’t about to spray this stuff into the unknown with a breeze whipping around me so I decided to take this into a more controlled environment, my garage. 

I can hear some people laughing after the previous sentence because using pepper spray in an enclosed area is not the best of ideas especially when the pepper spray is called Devil Juice. But hey, I work with what I have. 

I left one of the garage doors open and decided to simply spray down onto the pavement. With the can in hand, I flipped the black tab, turned my face away, and pressed down on the red button. Nothing happened. I pressed down again, and nothing happened. After several more attempts, I found the sweet spot and pressed down hard.

I kept my finger depressed for several seconds allowing for a nice cloud of Devil Juice to form in my garage and giving me enough time to snap a photo! 

The Effect

After I stopped spraying, I turned to place the pepper spray can on my workbench which quickly turned into me dropping the can and high tailing it out of the garage. 

I could immediately taste and feel the spray in my nose, eyes, and throat. As the mist did not make full contact with my body it was not debilitating but it sure made me want to get clear from the area.

Just being in the vicinity of the Devil Juice for a few short seconds affected me for quite some time.

The immediate effect was a tingling or burning sensation in my nose and on my tongue. My eyes were not wholly affected but they did water slightly and I did have a runny nose for almost an hour. 

After the test, I completely opened my garage to air it out. Hours later I could still detect a hint of the pepper spray in the air. 

Be Prepared!

Know that that Devil Juice sprays as a mist and not as a stream. It is advertised as having an effective range of 6 feet. This means that the spray should hit a target that is six feet in front of you, but the mist will quickly disperse in the air and affect an area larger than that. Enclosed spaces will be particularly affected.  

Be prepared that when you use pepper spray there is a chance you will receive a small dose of it as well. There is also a good chance that it will get on the hand that is holding the can. After use, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands before touching your face. Dawn Dish Soap should work well for this as it will help to break down the oily spray. 

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

First and foremost, remember that pepper spray is not a toy and should only be used in a self-defense situation. 

Try not to use pepper spray in an enclosed environment or windy conditions. 

Since pepper spray can affect the area around a target, the user is responsible and can be held responsible for everything the spray affects. 

Devil Juice™ Pepper Spray
  • A compact personal defense spray
  • It causes serious pain, temporary blindness, coughing, chocking, sneezing and skin irritation
  • Fine mist up to 6 ft distance
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Devil Juice Pros and Cons 



Open Questions about Pepper Spray…

What is Prepper Spray?

It is an aerosolized agent whose active ingredient is capsaicin, which can be found in peppers and chilis. Capsaicin is extracted from these plants, concentrated, and put into aerosolized cans to be used as a defensive means against threats.

It causes an inflammatory reaction to the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.

What Does SHU stand for?

The acronym SHU stands for Scoville Heat Units which is an indication for the strength of spicy foods or pepper spray. To give you an example jalapeno peppers fall in the range of 2,000-10,000 SHU whereas pure capsaicin is rated at 15,000,000 SHU! But most pepper sprays fall in the range of 5,000,000 SHU and below. 

Can anyone use Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray is legal to own in most states with the main requirement being 18 years of age or older to purchase. There are exceptions to where pepper spray can be bought or owned so be sure to check your local laws before purchasing or using. 

Is Pepper Spray Lethal?

Pepper spray is generally considered a non-lethal option. Realistically it should be considered a less-lethal option as there have been some deaths from its use. Pepper spray can be especially harmful to individuals with underlying health issues of the lungs, such as asthma. 


From my testing, this pepper spray worked well and could prove to be quite the deterrent when used against an unwanted threat. The only thing that I did not like was how difficult the red button was to engage. I am unsure if that was a defect of my can or if it is a safety feature to help prevent unintended discharge.

Due to its affordability, compact size, and effectiveness the Devil Juice Pepper Spray is a winner in my book and would be another handy tool to have in the toolbox. If you have experience with Devil Juice Pepper Spray or have a question, feel free to sound off in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and stay prepared!

Devil Juice™ Pepper Spray
  • A compact personal defense spray
  • It causes serious pain, temporary blindness, coughing, chocking, sneezing and skin irritation
  • Fine mist up to 6 ft distance
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