Dust Mask for your Urban Survival Bag

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By Joel Jefferson •  2 min read

Dust Mask for Urban SurvivalIn the years following 9/11 there were, and still are, thousands of emergency workers getting horrible respiratory diseases and cancer from breathing the dust left after the towers collapsed. As of recently, we as a society realized how deadly a virus can be.

You might not be working in a emergency zone for weeks after the SHTF, but there will be things in the air you don’t want to be breathing. Here are a couple different kinds of dusk masks you can use for Urban Survival, or your Get Home Bag.

Types of Dust Masks for Survival

Going to a doctor for a respiratory illness after total collapse obviously isn’t going to happen, and even in a regional scenario, once you get out you can’t undo damage to your lungs.

Basic Dust Masks

The most basic breathing and dust masks just insulate your breathing from the outside air to catch the largest particles. You can easily carry several N95 rated masks to distribute to your group, or others around you. You also will not stand out from the crowd because many people, especially rescue workers, will be wearing them.

*Note: Be sure to get N95 rated masks, instead of the cheap paper ones.

* Update: N95 rated masks completely sold out around the world after the pandemic. Best to keep a few of these in stock in your bug out bag at all times.




Respirators can obviously filter more than the basic dust mask and really covers the main things you are looking to avoid in this type of situation including lead, asbestos, toxic dusts, fiberglass, ammonia, formaldehyde, or certain acid gases. There are a few disadvantages, not the least of which is that you will really stand out in a crowd.




It should go without saying that neither of these options will do anything for you in the event of a serious chemical or gas emergency scenario. They are for protecting your lungs as much as possible from dust, debris, and potentail viruses to a certain extent.

Joel Jefferson

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