EVATAC Combat Bag Review: Is this a Good Survival Bag?

When you are putting together a bug out bag, it will not be effective if you cannot carry your gear efficiently, comfortably, and easily. Imagine carrying your gear in your pockets and hands while hiking through the woods. That would be a nightmare. It would be nearly as bad to try and carry everything in a bag that was stuffed to the top or falling apart. Though often an afterthought, a good survival bag is critical. For that purpose, we take a deep-dive into the EVATAC Combat Bag in this detailed review.

EVATAC Combat Bag Review

Evatac Combat Bag Review

In this review, we will be taking a look at the Evatac Combat Bag. Evatac is known for their quality bags that are exactly what they appear to be; tough, versatile, and spacious. To get an idea about whether or not the Evatac Combat Bag will rise up to the tasks you might have planned, let’s start out with some of the bag’s features:


The Evatac is made with a 40L storage capacity to carry plenty of goods.


The bag is made of 600D polyester. This is one of the toughest polyester materials on the market.


This bag has 10 compartments. Each spacious and designed for items of different shapes and sizes. Each compartment is waterproofed to protect your ‘moisture-sensitive’ items.


All of the clips and zippers on the Evatac Combat Bag are very thick and constructed for heavy duty wear and tear.

Straps and Padding:

All of the straps and panels that come into direct contact with the body are made with padded cushioning for extra comfort.

Molle System:

Several attachment locations on the bag allow the storage to be expanded. This allows for even more storage space.

Chest Strap:

There is a built-in chest strap that connects the shoulder straps. This allows for a secure fit if running or a long period of wear is required.

Laptop Compartment:

A padded compartment made especially for carrying a laptop is included in the construction.

EVATAC Combat Bag Review
  • Our Favorite Bag
  • 10.6 gal/40L storage capacity. Weighs 2.4 lbs.
  • 10 seperate waterproof compartments
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Pros and Cons of the EVATAC Combat Bag


  • Exceptional storage capacity
  • Heavy duty material and construction
  • Clips and zippers are durable and easy to open and close
  • Padded straps and back panel for comfort
  • Molle system to expand storage
  • Chest strap
  • Waterproof compartments
  • Padded compartment for laptop
  • Very economical in price
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Padding wears down over time
  • Clips are made of plastic (not necessarily a bad thing, however)

What Are People Saying About the EVATAC Combat Bag?

Upon purchasing the bag, the first thing that people are thrilled with is the cost versus the quality of the bag. The bag cost is substantially less than other bags of the same quality. Another thing that people seem to be exceptionally happy with is customer service. EVATAC ships expediently and provides an unconditional money-back guarantee. People love the fact that there is a Molle system integrated into the bag that allows for more room to be made for storage.

The construction of the bag is very durable, and the materials used are very high in quality. The only complaint (although not made by but a few individuals) is that the clips are a bit on the bulky side. This was, however, easily overlooked and does not detract from the quality of the bag. Overall, people who purchased the Evatac Combat Bag are very pleased and most plan to stick with Evatac.

FAQs about EVATAC Combat Bag

Q: What is a Molle system?

A: A bag with a Molle system can be expanded to accommodate more carrying capacity. This means that extra compartments can be added on or that certain areas on the bag can be unzipped or unclipped to allow for the material of the bag itself to be expanded.

Q: What makes the zippers of the Evatac so special?

A: The zippers on this bag are slightly oversized for convenience and durability. The zippers are also made in such a way that allows them to ‘glide’ or to be opened and closed very smoothly without as much risk of jamming or becoming stuck.

Q: Is 40L of storage space a lot?

A: Yes. This is especially a lot considering the way that the compartments are designed and executed. With this amount of storage space, an integrated Molle system, and strategic compartment placement, this bag is very spacious and efficient.

Q: What does the guarantee include?

A: If you are in any way dissatisfied with your purchase, Evatac will exchange, replace, or refund your bag. (Almost everyone who has purchased it has been more than satisfied.)


The Evatac Combat Bag is an all-around awesome bag. It has enough storage space to carry all of your essential items and even some non-essentials as well. The comfort and durability of the bag are second to none, and the bag does not have any unnecessary or cumbersome components.

What really sets this bag apart is the quality of each component used. From the zippers to the straps and the material itself, this bag is made to last. Also, something noteworthy is the value of having compartments that are individually waterproofed. In my experience, not only does this mean that the items inside the bag will be safe from outside moisture, but also that they will be partitioned and safe from ‘each other’.

In other words, if something with liquid were to leak or break inside of the bag, the contents will not affect items in other compartments. Overall, the Evac Combat Bag is a ‘double-thumbs-up’ product. This bag will outlast many of the contents that it is meant to carry, and for the price, this product will not disappoint.

EVATAC Combat Bag Review
  • Our Favorite Bag
  • 10.6 gal/40L storage capacity. Weighs 2.4 lbs.
  • 10 seperate waterproof compartments
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