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Female Self Defense: 5 Weapons You Need to Survive

Self defense for women is a vital consideration for every female’s survival as well as an important part of your “Everyday Carry”.  Here are five weapons you need to have with you at all times.

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1. Ninja Spike Keychain (aka“kubotan”) This weapon is intimidating and usually comes Self Defense for Womenwith an attachment for your key chain. The ninja spike fits perfect in between your fingers as you make a fist. I always grip this spike as I am walking to and from my vehicle. If there is someone up to no good and they see you gripping this weapon, chances are they will pick someone else to prey on. If they don’t happen to notice it and you are attacked, a quick punch in the eye with this will definitely make them let go so that you can flee. In a pinch, you can also grip your largest key between two fingers and use in the same manner, but keys are not as easy to use.  The Ninja Spike key chain is perfect for leaving a permanent tattoo on your attacker.

2. Honeycomb Hairbrush by Cold Steel – This is by far one of my favorite weapons! This isfemale self defense truly a functional hairbrush and it is so innocent looking that no one would ever think that the “brush” part pulls off to reveal a 3 1/2” dagger. This brush is made from Zytel (a stiff nylon fiberglass composite). Keep in mind that this is a dagger meant for stabbing, not a knife used for slashing so you have to have enough strength to thrust this into an attacker.  Ladies, this also comes in handy if you get a bad haircut.

3. Paracord Monkey Fist (aka“Monkey Ball”) – The first time I saw this I didn’t know whatself defense for women to think. It just looked like a cute key chain. Then, I swung it against a counter and realized how much damage this could do. It may look like a toy, but it most certainly is not. The Monkey Fist has a steel ball bearing wrapped in that paracord and would most certainly inflict serious damage if swung at a perpetrator’s head or even body.  If you connect with this monkey…someone is going down.

4. Open Assist Knife – This knife will open easily with a quick movement of your thumb as female self defenseopposed to a conventional pocket knife.  The ease of only having to use one hand is extremely important should you find yourself in an emergency situation, making this a good choice for an EDC (everyday carry ) This is not a switchblade, as switchblades are illegal in most states.  Most states allow you to carry a knife with a blade up to 3”. It is wise to review your local state laws to determine if the knife you plan to carry is legal.  Bottom line, when someone sees that you have a knife…they know you mean business and no one wants to get cut.  Recommended brands: Spyderco & Emerson

5. MACE, Pepper Spray, (or the hottest) Bear Spray – Most everyone is aware of udap-pepper-spray-self-defensemace/pepper spray.  It is one of the most popular self defense items that people purchase because it is non-lethal and you do not have to have direct contact with your assailant.  When purchasing mace/pepper spray, make sure you get a good law enforcement or military grade.  I recommend UDAP because it is designed to stop Grizzly Bears and any other mammal smaller than 1000 lbs.  There are a few states that restrict mace/pepper spray and you can usually find the restrictions on any website that sells it.  Hit someone in the eyes with this and you will magically disappear from their view.  Not to mention that the cops will not have a hard time finding the attacker, look for the blind guy walking around like Frankenstein.

Let me conclude by saying I personally am a supporter of people carrying handguns and tasers for self defense. This is only to serve as a very introductory article for those who may not currently be carrying any kind of weapon at all.  All of these items fit easily into a purse and generally do not require a license or permit to carry.  Always ensure that any item you carry for self defense does not conflict with any local regulations.

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