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Getting Started, MRE’s, and Igloos

The SurvivalCache newsletter features links to articles I find throughout the week on other Survivalist’s Blogs that I want to share with our readers. This week we have getting started tips for new survivalists, everything you ever wanted to know about MRE’s, and how to build an igloo.


1. Erich over at put together a good article for new survivalists that addresses the question “How should I start food storage?” His suggestions are simple, easy, and not overwhelming.

Getting started with food storage

2. The TEOTWAWKI Blog pulled a great article out of his archives this week all about MRE’s The article covers military versus commercial meals, buying tips, pros and cons, shelf life, storage, taste, and other tips.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about MRE’s

3.  Check out this youtube video on building igloos.  (click here)

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