How To Improve Your Reflexes For Fighting

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By Bryan Rucker •  3 min read

If you expect to be doing some hand to hand combat when the SHTF, then you need to start working on your fighting reflexes now. Because let’s face it, if you’re fighting another person, what it all really comes down to is who has the better reflexes. You need to be able to duck, dodge, and anticipate what the other person is going to do in the fight. And once your improve your reflexes, it will be hard for anyone to match you in a fight.

Don’t want to wait around for a fight before you work on your reflexes? Good. We’ve got some tips to help you out with that. But first, we want you to remember that part of having great fighting reflexes is being able to react effectively. If you can’t do that, then it won’t matter how good you reflexes are out there.

Start Training Now

What type of combat are you expecting? If it is punches, then you need to start sparring with someone so that you can work on developing better punching reflexes. You could even join a local boxing gym to work on this for now. You can’t get better at block and dodging punches unless you are actively being punched and having to respond to those punches. That’s why you gotta take some punches to work on this.

Or maybe you’re expecting a different style of combat. So, something like signing up for a Krav Maga class is a better training option for you.

Don’t Focus On Your Reaction

Whether you’re doing Krav Maga classes or spending time at a local boxing gym, you need to do more than focus on your reactions to the combat. You should be paying attention to what happens before you need to react. This will help you be able to sense what is coming before it happens to you. Once you can see what is coming, you are better able to work on your reactions, and thus your reflexes in such a fight.

Practice With Some Training Aids

Other reflexes can be worked on all by yourself. For instance, you can get some reaction balls, which are six-sided lumpy balls that you throw up against a wall and you never know how they will bounce back to you. Working with something like this helps you to focus on improving your hand-to-eye coordination and how quickly you can move and react on your feet. These are often used by athletes, such as baseball players, to help them become more agile and quick on the sports field. The same will happen for you as you train with these to improve your fighting reflexes.

Workout And Stay Fit

An often overlooked component of improving your fighting reflexes is that it is much easier of if you are fit and in shape. So, do regular strength training and cardio workouts to ensure that you’re in great physical shape at all times. This will only help you to become faster and better when faced with a fight. You don’t even need to spend any money on this because you can do body weight exercises, like burpees, at home.

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