J5 V1 Pro Tactical Flashlight Review: Worth It?

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By Joel Jefferson •  5 min read

Primarily known for its extraordinary ratings and reviews, J5 Tactical is a US-based manufacturer and seller of various kinds of flashlights.

J5 V1 Pro Tactical Flashlight Review

J5 V1 Pro Tactical Flashlight is currently one of the best flashlights from the J5 Tactical range available in the market. V1-Pro has an ultra-bright LED light and can run for hours on a single AA Battery. 

This flashlight is currently the best value and bestselling flashlight from the J5 Tactical group.

J5 V1 Pro Tactical Flashlight Review

I will be doing a detailed overview of what No products found. has to offer, followed by a short description of the pros and cons, giving you a clear idea about the flashlight. 

Super Charged LED 

The supercharged LED results in a high-intensity beam of light that can go up to 600 feet. The beam can throw light covering almost as much as two football grounds on a clear night.

3 Different Modes

This flashlight comes with three modes of use. High/Low/Strobe (during cycling).

Single AA Battery 

V1-PRO delivers a fantastic strength of beam light while running on a single AA battery at a time. A single AA battery gives approximately a full hour of super bright light or can last up to a week with regular daily use. If need be, it can also run on any 14500 lithium-ion rechargeable battery available in the market.

All-Metal Body

This flashlight is made from aircraft aluminum alloy, giving it a sturdy, compact, and robust finish increasing its longevity.


This flashlight is designed to survive a drop up to 9 feet in the water or stay submerged in water for a limited period of time and still work perfectly well.

Adjustable Focus

The V1-PRO’s unique feature enables you to adjust the focus of the light between narrow and wide, according to your preferences. This, in turn, makes the flashlight ideal for any kind of uses like hunting, camping, daily household use, etc.


If, by any chance, you are unsatisfied with a flashlight, J5 Tactical provides the buyers with a one-year return replacement policy or refund against your purchase.

J5 V1 Pro Tactical Flashlight Pros And Cons



What People Are Saying About J5 Tactical V1-PRO!

No products found. users have loved the built quality just as any other J5 Tactical product, and few think this flashlight is best suited for both daily (light use) and occasional use.

V1-PRO is compact and, as a result, doesn’t take much space for storage, easily fits in the pocket.

V1-PRO flashlight will cost you something below $30 on Amazon, and the users claim for a flashlight with this durability and high quality the price is quite reasonable and worth every penny.

Some users have complained that the V1-PRO doesn’t deliver 300 lumens fully and that other local tac lights deliver brighter light at 60 – 80 lumens. 

Few have complained about its low battery life that it dries up fast and doesn’t live up to an hour on a straight run. Some claim body warming issues when it’s left on for more than 10 minutes at a stretch.

Overall, user sentiments indicate that the V1-PRO is the best choice available in the market for anyone looking to purchase a durable, compact yet low priced flashlight.

Questions About J5 V1 Pro Tactical Flashlight

Q: Does this flashlight have a momentary ON function?

A: No, it doesn’t have a momentary ON feature. A gentle push on the on/off switches to cycle through the three modes.

Q: Can we use lithium batteries with the J5 V1 Pro flashlight?

A: Yes, for those who want brighter lights, 14500 lithium-ion battery (Sanyo-Panasonic UR14500P) is the best available battery in the market.

Q: The illustration shows a red light on one end, but the document doesn’t mention this. Does it have a red light?

A: The red you have seen the picture is the on/off switch, and it doesn’t have a red light.

Q: What’s the difference between this flashlight and all the Chinese clones of the ultrafine flashlights going for $10 less? 

A: We have used various kinds of flashlights over the years, and this one is the best for the price. Excellent quality, compact and is durable.

Q: How do you get the strobe light to work?

A: The flashlight comes with three different modes of use, high beam, low beam, and strobe. If you want to go cycling with them, simply press the red button at the back of the flashlight, and the modes will change with each click.


Like every other J5 Tactical product, the No products found. is an excellent product and currently the bestselling flashlight in the market owing to its low pricing and high built quality.

The compact aluminum body design makes it feel good in the hands and is lightweight as well. The V1-Pro is a small and handy flashlight, making it easier for storage and portability.

Although there are some drawbacks such as warming issues while kept on for more than 10mins and low battery life as a battery lasts not more than an hour, this flashlight is still a good pick keeping the pricing and exceptional quality in mind.

To conclude, for the price of No products found. is still worth every penny you pay, and is by far the most reliable and best flashlight below $30 price segment.

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