SurvivalCache Writer Interview: Jay

Jay is currently serving on active duty with the US Navy SEALs and writes for SurvivalCache in his free time and reviews gear Forge Survival Supply.  Jay is our in house “knife guy” and advises us on all blade type tools & weapons.  As you can imagine, Jay has served his country in some of the most dangerous places on earth and continues to do so.
(Jay not pictured)

How does Jay answer 17 Survival Questions?

1.  Please describe your Every Day Carry.
BASIC EDC: Wallet, Suunto X-Lander Watch, Space Pen, Chris Reeve Large Regular Sebenza, Motorola Droid phone, Spyderco Manix 2, 4 Sevens Preon flashlight

FANCY EDC: Wallet, Kobold SEAL Tactical, Large Tom Mayo TNT, Hinderer Kubotan/Pen, Motorola Droid, Lumencraft Gatlight flashlight

2. Favorite Bug Out Pistol?
Glock 21. Aftermarket work by ROBAR

3.  Favorite Concealed Carry Pistol?
Smith and Wesson J-frame. Aftermarket sights by D&L sports.

4.  Favorite Bug Out Rifle or Carbine?
AK-47. Aftermarket work by Primary Weapons Systems.

5.  Favorite Rifle or Carbine?
D&L Sports CQB Carbine w/ Nightforce 2.5-10×32

6.  Favorite Shotgun?
Remington 870

7.  The amount of food you have at your house?
Two weeks of food in the house.

8.  Name your top 7 items in your Bug Out Bag?
MSR water filter, Mad Dog Sitka, riggers tape, Surefire flashlight (extra batteries), Glock 30 (extra mags/ammo), wool cap, extra food

9.  Describe your Bug Out Location?
No official bug out location.

10.  Describe your Bug Out Vehicle?
2008 Subaru Outback XT

11.  Describe your Bug Out Bag?
Mystery Ranch Sweet Pea

12.  Favorite home defense pistol?
D&L Sports Professional 1911 w/ attached Surefire light.

13.  Favorite home defense Rifle/Shotgun?
Remington 870

14.  Favorite Survival Book?
Tie: “Hatchet” and “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse

15.  Favorite Survival Type Movie?
Red Dawn

16.  Survival Knife?
Chris Reeve Large Sebenza. This is the knife that I will be carrying more often than not.

17.  Survival Tools in your kit?
EDC plus Bug Out Bag.

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