Kabar Mule Review for 2022: Good Survival Knife? Let’s Find Out

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By Elijah Langford •  6 min read

There are plenty of benefits of carrying a good knife with you while camping, hiking, or in case of survival situations. I have found myself using my knife for tasks as simple as trimming annoying threads on my clothes and as ridiculous as cutting branches for firewood. My point is that a knife can help to solve many problems on the trail, in the woods, or even at home. If you carry a knife everywhere as I do, it is important that you choose a quality knife that can stand up to whatever tests that you might face with it. Let’s be real; you should be able to keep track of it too. In this article, we do a Kabar Mule review. Kabar is an amazing brand for knives. Does their Mule knife live up to its expectations? Let’s find out!

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  • Larger in size than most folding knives.
  • Heavy-duty steel that can be sharpened easily.
  • Blade has two thumb studs for easy opening with either hand
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Kabar Mule Review

Kabar Mule Review

In this review, we will be looking at the No products found.. Hopefully you will get a good idea of what this knife can do. We should start by going over the basic features of the knife.

Size and Dimensions:

The Ka-Bar Mule is 9 1/16 inches long when open and 5 ¼ inches long when closed. The knife weighs a total of a half of a pound. The blade itself is 3.9 inches long with a thickness of 0.14 inches.


The Ka-Bar Mule blade is made of AUS 8A stainless steel. This is a very hard coated steel. The handle is made of a material made of Zytel.

Blade Liners:

The knife comes with stainless steel liners to increase the lateral strength of the knife.

Handle Grips:

The grip is complete with rubber inserts. This will allow for a non-slip grip on the handle to help avoid dropping the knife while using.

Thumb Studs:

For aid in opening the knife with one hand, there are two thumb studs (one on either side of the blade). They are located on either side so that the knife can be opened with the right or left hand.


The Ka-Bar Mule is sold with a polyester sheath. The sheath has Velcro as well as snaps. These closures allow for the knife to be carried vertically or horizontally on a belt.

Pocket Clip:

This knife does include a pocket clip. The clip is ‘reversible’, meaning it can be placed on the knife to face either direction. (This is good because you can customize it to fit your pocket perfectly.)

Kabar Mule Pros and Cons



What People are Saying About the Kabar Mule

For the most part, people absolutely love the No products found..

The first thing that people seem to notice is how sharp this knife is when it is freshly out of the box. They are not wrong. The Kabar Mule is razor sharp, indeed. The cool thing about this knife is that it is easily resharpened and can maintain an edge for a long time.

Although bulky, the sheath is handy. Most say, however, that the sheath is just a bit too cumbersome and that the knife is best carried using the pocket clip. I agree. Having a sheath for a fixed bladed knife makes since, but unless you plan to attach it to a bag or pack, the pocket clip is the way to go. The weight of the knife is something that people notice right away as well. The heaviness and the aesthetic qualities of the knife are a reassurance of the quality.

FAQs about the Kabar Mule

Q: Is a folding blade better than a fixed blade?

A: This is a matter of preference. A folding blade is easier to carry or conceal. If this is important to you, a folding blade is a good choice. A folding blade is also a little bit better protected from wear on the edge, which is a plus.

Q: Is the sheath necessary?

A: This also depends on what it is that you intend to do with the knife. The sheath can be used to attach the knife to a belt or a bag. The pocket clip is just fine, however, and allows the knife to be easily accessed.

Q: How tough is the steel?

A: Simply put; tough. Ka-Bar is known and remembered for their quality steel. The edge and blade and overall durability of this knife will not disappoint.


This ‘little’ guy is as tough as nails. The steel and coating quality is excellent and will withstand years of wear and tear. Of course, the durability of this knife will increase with proper care and sharpening. The fact that the studs used for opening the knife are on both sides is a huge plus. The versatility of this folding knife is great. It is not so small that large tasks are out of the question, but it still fits and clips into your pocket easily and remains secure there. I like the handle construction because of the difference in texture between the hard handle and the rubber grip makes for a great feeling in the hand.

Kabar is known for their quality, and this folding knife does not disappoint in that regard. If you are looking for a good-sized knife that will travel easily and stand up to some heavy use, No products found. will be a great fit for you.

No products found.
  • Larger in size than most folding knives.
  • Heavy-duty steel that can be sharpened easily.
  • Blade has two thumb studs for easy opening with either hand
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