How to Mount a Scope to a Ruger 10/22: 7 Easy Steps

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By Bryan Lynch •  3 min read

The 10/22 is an absolute blast to take to the range for target shooting. But you know what is even more fun than that?

Taking a 10/22 with a scope to the range.

A scope adds a whole new layer of fun to target shooting because it really drives home the desire for accuracy.

In case you are a new Ruger 10/22 owner or have been thinking about adding a scope to your rifle, we have put together a simple walk-through for installing a scope.

Always make sure that you take the time to properly research scopes and the base to ensure that it will work with your firearm.

This project requires minimal tools and really does not take that much time to complete. And when you are done you will have a great, fun, new accessory that I doubt you will ever get tired of.

Attaching a Scope Base Adapter to Ruger 10/22

The following steps are pretty much right out of the Ruger 10/22 owner’s manual. Before doing any work on a firearm, always point it in a safe direction and make sure that it is fully unloaded.

Step 1

Pull back on the bolt handle and lock the bolt open by pushing the safety to the on position.

Step 2

Use a screwdriver to remove the four screws from the top of the receiver. The screws will most likely be extremely tight, so be sure to use an appropriately sized driver so that the hardware is not stripped.

Step 3

Place the adapter onto the receiver and replace the screws without tightening them.

Step 4

Begin tightening the screws by starting with the first one but only turn it partway, now move onto the next one. Repeat this step until all four screws have a torque setting of 12-15 inch/lb.

Step 5

Release the bolt handle and retract it several times. During this step allow the bolt to snap forward on its own. This will indicate whether the screws are hindering the movement of the bolt. If the bolt moves smoothly then the screws are fine.

However, if the bolt is sluggish or seems to be getting caught on something, then the length of the screws may need to be adjusted.

Step 6

Once the adapter is securely in place and the bolt is operating properly, a scope base and scope can be attached.

Use the instructions that came with the scope and the base to install them properly onto the adapter.

Step 7

Once the scope is installed, take it to the range and zero it in!

Wrap Up

I hope that this quick tutorial on how to install a scope on a Ruger 10/22 was both informative and helpful.

Remember, once you get your scop installed and zeroed in, take care not to bump the firearm or scope around too much. This could change any adjustments that you made.

Thanks for reading and have fun with your Ruger 10/22 and its new scope!

What kind of scope do you like to use with a Ruger 10/22? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know!

Bryan Lynch

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