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Trapped in a bunker with two people who you don’t know can get a little scary.  Especially when John Goodman Survivalist Movieyou believe that one of those people in the bunker with you is a murderer.  10 Cloverfield Lane is a survivalist thriller starring the legend John Goodman as the paranoid prepper/survivalist Howard, who has planned for almost every contingency.  I first heard about this movie when Mr. Goodman was a guest on the Howard Stern show and it immediately intrigued me.

By Jimmy C, a contributing author to Survival Cache & SHTFBlog

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In the opening scenes of the 10 Cloverfield Lane, a woman named Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Review_10_cloverfield_lane_movie_john_goodmanWinstead), who has become emotionally upset with her significant other, packs up all of her stuff and takes off into the night.  While on the road she has a bad auto accident and is knocked unconscious.  When she wakes up, she is chained to a bed inside a bunker and being cared for by a large bearded man named Howard (John Goodman).

After the car accident Howard tells Michelle that there was some sort of mass attack that took place (nuclear or chemical, Howard is not sure), probably killing everyone and rendering the air poisonous.  Howard also managed to save his young neighbor, Emmett (played by John Gallagher Jr.).  Trapped deep inside the bunker and sealed off from the world thanks to no mobile phone reception and no natural light, these three individuals wrestle with the thought of being the last humans on earth or the other possibility that Howard is over reacting and the outside world is just fine.  From there, this show is an absolute freak show, one part “Misery” one part “War of The Worlds.”

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If you think you are going to guess how 10 Cloverfield Lane is going to end, good luck.  I ended up watching Best Survival Moviethe show twice because it was so freaky.  The movie is the debut for director Dan Trachtenberg and was written by screenwriters Josh Campbell and Matthew Stuecken.  The legend John Goodman plays an excellent paranoid prepper, whose only concern is the safety of the bunker.  Anyone who tries to put the bunker at risk, is a risk and those types of risks have to be eliminated.

The director, Trachtenberg, and his team went to great lengths to make the set look as realistic as possible.  With the bunker stocked with all of the emergency essentials that you can think of, food, air filtration, water, blast doors, trash compactor, generator, etc.  It feels like a real modern day prepper’s bunker.  He also went to great lengths to add many of the comforts of home, which a prepper would really do.  They play board games, puzzles, watch movies, listen to a jukebox, etc.  You might think that a movie filmed mostly inside of a bunker would be a little bit slow but this movie is anything but slow.  I think if you get a chance, watch 10 Cloverfield Lane, you won’t be disappointed.  It’s a real thriller.  Who knows, maybe you will get some new ideas for your bunker.

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  1. Loved the bunker! It had everything. She ruined it, he died for his life work, and she might help put on a bandaide down the road…..Wish I had land and resources to create that…


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