SurvivalCache Writer Interview: Murphy

Murphy has been into subsistence living lifestyle for quite some time now.  He makes his home above 9,000 ft in the Rocky Doomsday Prepper MurphyMountains where the growing season is only about 2 months long.  Murphy and his family are into growing and canning their own food for the long winters as well as keeping their carbon foot print to a minimum.  In addition to a large green house, Murphy also raises chickens, alpacas, llamas, and rabbits.  With a full wood shop, Murphy also makes custom bamboo fly rods for discerning fisherman.



1.  Please describe your Every Day Carry?
I usually carry a pocket knife and a lighter.

2.  Favorite Bug Out Pistol?
I do NOT own or plan on owning a pistol at any time in my life.

3.  Favorite Concealed Carry Pistol?
I am against concealed weapons. 

4.  Favorite Bug Out Rifle or Carbine?
I own one gun and it’s a 22 cal rifle.  If I were to bug out I would bring my 22 cal for small game hunting.

5.  Favorite Rifle or Carbine?
My 22 cal rifle is for protecting my livestock from predators.

6.  Favorite Shotgun?
I do NOT own one!  You should worry more about water, food, seasoned fire wood and shelter.  Guns or no guns, without these essentials you are going to DIE!

7.  The amount of food you have at your house?
We typically have 3-4 weeks worth of food, 6-12 months worth of grass feed beef.

8.  Name your top 7 items in your Bug Out Bag?
Water purifier, Pocket knife, Waterproof matches, Steel wool, Jetboil-cookstove Headlamp, Fly fishing gear

9.  Describe your Bug Out Location, if you have one?
My Bug Out location is an old abandoned mining cabin, next to a high alpine lake, above 10,000 feet, along the Continental Divide.  This would provide me with shelter, good vantage point in which to see anyone coming, plenty of small game to hunt, as well as plenty of trout to eat.

10.  Describe your Bug Out Vehicle?
My Bug Out vehicle is a 1999 Jeep Cherokee sport.  I put a 3 1/2″ lift kit on it an run 31″ BF Goodrich AT tires giving me 5″ of extra clearance.  This allows me to access trails and forest service roads throughout the Rocky Mountains in which stock vehicles cannot handle.  I also have a heavy duty roof rack for extra gear/supplies.  I also raise llamas which are pack trained and can be used to pack out anywhere vehicles cannot go.

11.  Describe your Bug Out Bag?
I have a 4500 cu in backpacking pack with multiple pockets, that is ready to go at all times.  It contains the essentials for surviving in the backcountry; waterproof maps of my local area and possible Bug Out options, water purifier, Jetboil-cookstove, BigZip 2.0, dehydrated meals, Fire starting supplies, headlamp, signal mirror, compass, pocket knife, Leatherman, hammock, lightweight tarp for shelter, parachute cord, rain gear, winter hat, gloves, fishing waders and boots, fly rod and reel, tackle.   The things I would need to add in the event of a Bug Out situation would be; extra clothes, sleeping bag, Thermarest.

12.  Favorite home defense pistol?
“Scout”, my German Shepard, and a baseball bat to break your kneecaps if you try to come into my home!

13.  Favorite home defense Rifle/Shotgun?
Louisville Slugger

14.  Favorite Survival Book?
How To Survive The End of the World As We Know It” by James Wesley Rawles (Minus the Religion)

15.  Favorite Survival Type Movie?
Red Dawn

16.  Survival Knife?

17.  Survival Tools in your kit?
In addition to what is in my Bug Out bag,  I raise and train pack animals which can pack out my entire family in the event of an emergency situation.  In a Bug In situation, I raise over a dozen chickens, have a greenhouse on our property providing us with fresh produce to eat , as well as canning and preserving options.  We also buy a 1/2 of a cow each year, have it processed and freeze it.  This provides my family with beef for an entire year.

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