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Survival Gear Review: MSR Dromedary Bladder Review

The ability to transport water has been a deciding factor in where homes could be built to where one could explore since the dawn of time. Being able to bring with you potable water to an unknown area is paramount for survival. Some of the earliest water containers were clay pots, bamboo canteens, and of… Read More

But Out Tip: Walk Your Bag

Several years ago when I sat back on my porch, looking out into the woods, I came to the realization that if I got lost…

How To Clean and Eat Skunk

My survival buddy Jeremy, who goes by One Wildcrafter on YouTube, and I, may be one of the few people who have ever totally consumed…

Top 10 Common Prepper Fails

Being successful at prepping is a lot more difficult than most people think. In fact, the failure rate for fully prepared survivalists is pretty high…