SurvivalCache Writer Interview: Pineslayer

I have lived in Colorado since 1978, moved up into the High Country in 1996. Born in Indiana, more comfortable in the Survivalwoods than in the city since birth I think. Joined Scouting at 9? Joined the US Army Reserves at 17, both great decisions.  Hobbies include, but are not limited to, basketball, prison labor PT, gardening, coaching, constant asset acquisition and conversion, becoming a better American.  I have become a gear junkie, leaning towards US made vintage/bombproof items. I plan on having enough to equip my own squad or two if the need arises. I believe strongly in developing a group of individuals who believe in being prepared for anything, whether that be a total collapse or just an ever changing world. It is not easy.

I dropped out of the Rat Race in 2002 when my daughter hit the planet. My wonderful wife allowed me to become a stay-at-home Dad, working when time allowed. Starting cutting trees with my good friend, hence Pineslayer. I’ve been coaching since 1999, basketball and football, which has changed my life forever.

My 2 favorite quotes are:
‘Everyday above ground is a good day’   Scarface
‘ The day you quit learning is the day you die’ Pineslayer

  1. Please describe your Every Day Carry.  Wallet with plenty of cash, Victorinox Explorer, Bic lighter, chapstick, water bottle, Prepaid cell phone, Timex Ironman w/attached compass or a Luminox, pic’s of my family, and I always have a backpack full of stuff
  1. Favorite bug out pistol.  Either a Beretta 92FS or Ruger MKII
  1. Favorite concealed carry pistol. Beretta 92FS or a Taurus Titanium 5 shot 44Spl
  1. Favorite bug out rifle or carbine.  AR or Ruger 10/22
  1. Favorite rifle or carbine.  My Stainless 10/22 with Hogue overmold and Leupold scope
  1. Favorite shotgun.  Remington 870 with folding stock
  1. The amount of food you have in your house.  Close to a year of stored food with ever expanding gardens
  1. Name your top 7 items in your BOB. Cold Steel SRK, Military poncho, Pathfinder steel cookset, Firesteel, copy of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, food, paracord
  1. Describe your bug out location, if you have one.  My house for now. If I have to leave I plan on returning to eliminate those responsible for forcing me out.
  1. Describe your BOV.  Many options, camper van, FJ Cruiser, motorcycles, F250, M35A2, bikes – I like options
  1. Describe your BOB.  Currently a vintage North Face panel loader, if I plan on humping a tent, sleeping bag,      and other comfort items it will be vintage Jansport D2, last option is a modified Woodland Medium Alice Pack.
  1. Favorite home defense pistol. 92FS with HP’s
  1. Favorite home defense shotgun or rifle.  Remington 870 or a very pretty High Standard Riot 18-7 Model K-120
  1. Favorite survival book.  Tough call, either the Army Manual or Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants.  On the fiction side, One Second After
  1. Favorite survival type movie.  Red Dawn, The Road and I am Legend
  1. Survival Knife.  Cold Steel SRK Carbon V
  1. Survival tools in my kit.  Besides what has already been mentioned, Laplander saw, hatchet, Victorinox Spirit,  wool blanket. My bags are tool heavy with hard to replicate in the wild stuff.