Bug Out Bag (BOB) Guide – Emergency Loadout

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Why: The BOB will provide the ability to make drinkable water, to defend yourself and family members, and to start a fire. It’s a pre-packed bag with gear to be used when the unexpected happens. A BOB is designed to have supplies to allow for a maximum 72-hour trip from danger to a predefined location.

What: This Emergency Loadout Guide (ELF) explains what a BOB is, why it is used, what type of gear should be included along with an easy-to-follow checklist, and how to pack the items for maximum compactness and comfort. This guide is all-inclusive and in downloadable PDF format.

This one-stop guide was compiled, reviewed, and tested by our team of ex-military, firemen, and survivalists.

This guide can help you with the following:

  • Important considerations when choosing the right backpack for your kit
  • Step-by-step follow the checklist as you buy your gear
  • Layout plan on how to pack your BOB kit for maximum comfort and compactness
  • Follow provided guidelines to alter the bag for specific weather, localities, and threats

What’s included?

  1. Definitions and terminology
  2. How to select a bag
  3. How to pack
  4. BOB gear checklist
  5. Other resources

This is a digital product that is downloaded upon purchase. The guide is all-inclusive within a PDF file. We provide free lifetime updates to any future versions of this guide.