Raid Routes

Alright, take a moment and imagine with me, you have been a “Survivalist” for a couple of years.  Every paycheck you try to set aside a few dollars to put towards emergency supplies.  Thanks to your frugality and foresight you have been able to stock enough supplies to last you for some time.

One day, something bad happens.  The world as we know it is no longer the same.  There is rioting and chaos in the streets and you SHTF TEOTWAWKI Planningfeel that it is no longer safe for you and your family to stay in your suburban neighborhood.  You load up the wife and kids and pack all of your gear into your truck and trailer and say goodbye to your home, for what could be the last time.

It Would Be Nice To Have

You have your bases covered, but you still wish that you had been able to top off your gas tank.  Maybe you wanted to run to the store and pick up another box of ammo, or get those prescriptions filled.  Maybe you hadn’t been as diligent in your preparations as you should have been and you find yourself woefully under prepared for the situation you now face.  Maybe before today you had never even considered the idea that life as we know it may never be the same.  No matter what the reason, stuff is headed south and you have to get more supplies.

The Raid Route

By looking back at every natural disaster that has occurred in recent history, we see a pattern start to emerge.  Word comes down shit hits the fan planningthat a hurricane is going to come through and everybody immediately flocks to the big box stores and wipes the shelves clean.  Places like Wal-Mart are a convenient place to stop by to grab that gallon of milk and the pack of diapers before the weekend, but time and time again they are stripped clean when panic sets in.  Not to mention that there have been notable crimes committed in some of these large Wal-Mart type stores’ parking lots.  In this article I hope to get you thinking of other ways to obtain much needed supplies while avoiding the places where everyone else will go during an emergency.

Raid Route Planning

When thinking about your raid route, you must first consider where you and your family plan to bug out to in a major collapse.  Start teotwawki planningwith your primary bug out location and then add a potential secondary location.  Also consider this same type of plan for bugging in.  Whether you are traveling home from work or to your bug out location, you should start taking notes on the stores and supplies that can be found a long the way.  Focus on back roads and county highways, stay away from interstates, major highways and urban sprawl town centers containing big box stores (Best Buy, CostCo, Wal-Mart, Target, Friday’s, and the rest of the chain stores).  The interstates and major highways will be clogged with the unprepared while the urban sprawl town centers will be full of hysteria and panic.  Also in your planning, you need to think about how long you can afford to stay at each location, what type of security you will need when you are in the store, how you will protect your vehicle while you are in the store.  If you are going to raid, this is where you should start.


Food should be your first concern, if you have enough then avoid this topic all together.  Major grocery stores are an obvious choice and Shit Hits the Fan Planningwhen people panic, the first thing they think of is food.  I would suggest avoiding large grocery stores unless you can be one of the first 100 people in the door and you have a concealed carry permit.  Hopefully readers of SurvivalCache have made some type of long term food storage plan as part of their bug out strategy.  As you travel along your raid route, look for alternatives to the major grocery store.  Pharmacies often have a small selection of food (Walgreen’s & CVS) and will be less crowded compared to a regular grocery store.  Convenient stores (gas stations), the name says it all but if you are truly a raider in a “Without Rule of Law” situation be careful, most convenient stores are owned by the person behind the counter and he or she can often times have a weapon.

Organic grocery stores, although they have a much smaller selection of America’s favorite high fructose corn syrup based foods, they are often out of the way and patronized by a smaller part of the population.  This might be a great place to find on your raid route.

Hospitals (Yes, hospitals) every hospital has a cafeteria and in addition to having prepared meals in the cafeteria, they have lots of dry food and snacks.  No doubt these cafeterias will be long abandoned during a TEOTWAWKI situation.

Large hunting stores such as Sportsman Warehouse, Cabelas, and Bass Pro Shops are now stocking freeze dried food buckets.  It might be a good idea to know the location of these products in the store prior to a WROL situation or else you might find yourself distracted by all of the other cool stuff in Sportsman Warehouse.

Pet Food Stores – ok, it sounds gross but most cat food is edible.  Try to locate the organic brands as they will have the highest quality of ingredients. It might not be first on your list of recipes but it should be considered in your raid route planning.  As a bonus, most pet food stores have medicine and medical supplies that can be used for humans as well.

Restaurants, although this would be my last choice because most of the food in restaurants is perishable or requires refrigeration, restaurants often have large amounts of dry goods stored and as a bonus they have liquor and beer which could be bartered.


Looters are the bad guys in most situations. Looters are the people who steal and destroy to better their chances at survival.  We do Planning for SHTFnot condone stealing, but it comes down to a personal decision while traveling your raid route.  Is it worth breaking the law to get those supplies?  Is there still law and order?  Nobody knows how long paper currency will hold its value in a collapse, you may end up having to make purchases with other forms of currency right away.  What has value as a bartering item is a frequently discussed topic on the survival cache forums.  Most seem to agree that junk silver, common types of ammunition, food, everyday supplies  such as toilet paper and medical supplies will be highly sought after items during a collapse (37 Survival Items).  Big box stores aren’t likely to accept your trade goods as money, however, most Mom’N’Pops stores will have the flexibility to work with you.  Here are some good places to find barter items on your raid route:  Hunting stores, Hardware stores, Gun stores, Liquor & Cigarette stores, Coin dealers, Pharmacies, Lumber stores, Gas stations, Medical supply stores and Hospitals.


This one is pretty obvious. You need to have the space to transport your newly acquired goods.  If your bug out vehicle is that little Shit Hits The Fan Planning Bug Out BagFord Focus that you drove in college, you may not have the space to carry everything you plan on acquiring.  Trailers are your friends.  U-haul and trailer rental places might be another consideration along your raid route.  You will need to add a trailer hitch to your vehicle prior to an event if this is going to be a consideration.


If Hurricane Sandy was a warning to us all, people are likely to flood all of the corner gas stations to fill up their tanks and portable gas cans after a disaster.  If you SHTF Getting Gashave ever tried to fuel your vehicle on a payday weekend you know how hectic it can be.  Some additional places to look for fuel would be marinas and fishing shops that sell prepackaged containers of gasoline for use in boats and cars.  Many ranches and farms will have large, above ground diesel tanks that they use for refueling their tractors and trucks.  You may be able to barter with the owner for a few gallons to get you to your destination.  Trying to steal or loot from farmers or ranchers would be a bad idea, they will most likely be armed.  It also goes without saying that you would be very wise to stock up on portable gas cans and fuel safe containers while you can.  Great idea, invest in a siphon kit.

Firearms/Hunting/Fishing Supplies

Outdoors Super Centers like Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman Warehouse and Cabela’s are a ton of fun to visit and often have a wide varietyteotwawki planning of supplies.  They draw so much traffic that they could be picked clean very quickly but maybe not immediately after a disaster because most of the “sheepeople” will think grocery stores…then flat screens.  Things to focus on:  fishing supplies, common ammunition, reloading supplies, warm clothes, shelters, hunting supplies, communication gear.  Keep in mind that a number of employees at these type of stores carry firearms, especially in the firearm department.

Other places to consider along your raid route would include small gun stores, pawn shops, gunsmiths, bait shops and the like.  I always make it a point to visit and support my local small businesses regularly and I try to build a good relationship with the owners.  Being friendly can go a long way when you are trying to strike a barter deal.

Tools/ Hardware Stores

Once people empty out grocery stores they will likely turn to hardware stores like Lowes, Ace Hardware, and Home Depot.  Once again your best bet is probably going to be family owned small businesses.  Make note of where all of the little corner hardware and auto parts stores are located.  Make a list of supplies that you will need and a list of supplies that will be good for barter.

Medical Supplies

Most big box stores like Walmart and K-mart have pharmacies in house for the convenience of their customers.  These locations SHTF TEOTWAWKI Planningdon’t carry much stock and are likely to be picked clean in the initial panic. If it were my choice I wouldn’t even bother trying to buy or raid supplies at these stores, again the location itself might be too dangerous and crowded.  Small private medical practices, veterinary clinics and standalone prescription pharmacies are very likely to have the medical supplies that you need.  Emergency rooms will also be full of medical supplies. Unfortunately, the deeper you go into a hospital, the more likely you will encounter heavy locked doors that guard most hospital supplies.

What else?  What are you planning for your Raid Route?

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Written by Josh

Josh is a Boy Scout and an avid outdoorsman. He specializes in knives (and other such tools), various knots & lashings, traditional skills such as blacksmithing & woodworking, bushcraft and fire starting. Read his full interview here. Read more of Josh's articles.

40 thoughts on “Raid Routes”

  1. Interesting take. Raid routes. But from the description, it seems that the raider is operating in a world wide shopping center. I don’t think he’s going to find it so easy so soon after his decision. Raiding in this fashion will put him in contact with bad guys straight off. For one, people being habitual will not want to give up on their last grips on the old world, and will stay with their stores. Employees will leave, so the big boxes will be raided by everyone, including employees with key and knowledge. Butane and pops might be some very tough nuts to crack.

    I’m not sure suggesting this is valid unless a lot of time has passed. But then, that’s called “salvaging” as opposed to raiding, and certainly is for a unique class of Prepper.

  2. Great article… if the worst was to happen… I would also consider fast food restaurants…they will have a good supply of bread, vegtables, meats, eggs and potatoes. The only bad aspect of this, is that most of the items in these places will need to be keep cold. Another great source of food would farms. while traveling on the out of the way roads, you will most likely pass many farms. Bartering or paying for food is the best, but depending on the circumstances… going into the fields and picking the crop yourself may be necessary. The moral of this article: Be Prepared…

  3. how do "preppers" find each other to form supportive groups ~ C.B. which channel ??, short wave ??
    I mean when time comes to bugout during Emergencies …

  4. I've heard more times than I care to that Montana is on the raid route of many a big city prepper. It sounds like a great idea on paper. Wide open space, clear rivers, ample game. But what most bug out plans fail to take into consideration is that we already live in your BO location. And that's true not just in Montana but around much of the country.

    Consider our side of the coin for a moment. If you hesitate because the clerk at the gas station might be armed, imagine a whole state full of gun savvy outdoors folk who are already tired of seeing out of state license plates.

    Here's my take in detail…

    • I despise it too, Doc M. Far too many ignorant people set their sights on rural areas, thinking there is a world's worth of food sitting in the back 40. Feel free to offer a barter or trade for what I have, IF you can find me. However, if you try to take it, you'd better be able to run at over 3200fps.

    • Also, I read your blog. Great points all the way around; however, PLEASE change the last sentence. Texas has its own influx of asshats to contend with, without trying to account for those Montana successfully boots out. Just a thought, since we're still trying to figure out how all those coonasses from Katrina are working out. Maybe you could direct them to Canada! I hear they've done a bang up job with healthcare, hockey, and syrup. Sell your asshats on that, lol.

      • Originally I pointed the overflow towards North Dakota since that is the standard response around here.

        Where would you suggest we redirect the masses? New Orleans? Orlando? Los Angeles? Truth or Consequences, New Mexico?

        • I was just being facetious about arbitrarily sending them to Texas, Doc. That's all. No insult intended from either, I'm sure. Honestly, I think they should aim for public or any government-owned land for that matter. If they're too ignorant or polluted by normalcy bias, they were likely counting on Big Brother and Uncle Sam to see them through anyway.

    • If your back east …….I would go to Maine . I lived there for a few years , big state , sparsely populated , A LOT of open land . Not as good as Alaska for game but if you understand how to deal with severe winters …… might make it . The logging roads spiderweb the whole state , and most are only used for one season in the more remote areas , then abandoned for YEARS .

  5. A couple of other places would be schools for food and small medical supplies and fire departments for med kits and possibly even some emergency food supplies. I would be careful on the fire departmets though as they may have firefighters on scene and of course they may already cleaned out the station for themselves.

  6. Good article. I have given this a little though before. As for food, ethnic food stores are a good option, as many people will not think of eating something that's outside their comfort zone. Just be sure of any dietary restrictions you have and bear in mind that you may be find foods that you may consider bizarre or unappetizing.

    Also consider places that may not be primary food, tool, or fuel sellers. Even office buildings have vending machines and janitor closets may have useful things like tools and cleaning supplies. And department stores – sometimes their clothing sections have water and snacks by the cashiers. There's always malls, but that's probably not a good idea when SHTF. Keep in mind that other people may have the same idea, so be careful.

  7. Josh, I think you did an excellent job of writing about this touchy topic without getting sucked into the moral and ethical complications. From a literary perspective, I think you navigated this one quite well.

    Additionally, from a personal perspective, I'm glad you chose to shelter the topic's sometimes less-than-ethical nature with a general barter approach throughout the article. However, if we remember who we are as an audience, preppers and survivalists, we shouldn't have to resort to moral turpitude to fill our stores, as we should already have a decent grasp of self-sufficiency and overall preparedness.

    However, it is a topic worth the discussion and thought, since our world is unpredictable enough as it is, without a SHTF event tossed into the mix. So, thank you for being comprehensive enough to recognize that plans are never bulletproof and bringing this up for everyone's benefit.

    Now, here's my contribution to the discussion.
    I work in the oilfields. Depending on the quality of the oil, you can run strait crude through a deisel engine. There are numerous cases in my region where transport contractors were sued and blacklisted for filling their semi tractors with what we call "honey oil". There are a lot of things that determine the quality of oil. The tools to gauge oil quality are many. However, the easiest way to determine if straight crude has a chance of running your deisel engine without actually analyzing the oil scientifically is to visually check the oil. The "honey oil" is very light in color, even for crude. It often looks exactly like honey. It isn't as viscous as actual honey but similarity is in the color. Some crude is almost clear too. Some of it even has a greenish or yellowish tint to it. Those should stand a chance of running deisel engines too.

    If you live around areas like the oilfield(look for the tanks, pump jacks, drilling rigs, etc.), you may be able to use oil of sufficient quality in a desperate situation. However, just like those hippie folk and college kids that modify their VW's to run on vegetable oil, you still have to filter the oil before you put it in your tank. Again, this isn't 100% reliable, and depends heavily on the oil quality and the characteristics of your vehicle; but, if you are sitting in a 5,000lb paperweight because you're out of fuel, what do you have to lose in a SHTF situation anyway? Also, many wellsites have generators and lightplants that operate on deisel too. That's something to keep in mind as well.

    More importantly, keep in mind that many oil well sites sit on private property. They may be guarded. There may not be any oil in the production storage tanks. Also, do not draw the oil from the tanks at the bottom valves. There may be water or parafin content that has settled out-both will kill your engine. Instead, start a gravity siphon from the openings at the top of the tanks. One last critical caution, if you see an emissions flare on site(google it), then there is likely toxic gas present-namely hydrogen sulfide. It's deadly in concentrations over 100ppm, which isn't much. Watch the wind direction and don't breath fumes coming from the tanks).

    Depending on how long a site goes unserviced at the onset of a SHTF scenario, the well may be shut in or it may be a ticking time bomb. The oilfield is a dangerous place and you should regard all equipment as dangerous as well. I hope our world never puts us in situation that would require such desperation but I would rather know than not know. Still, I hope this is never useful to anyone.

    • apparently you misspelled raider,in your context it is spelled LOOTER.If you are ill-prepared in a bug-out situation to support yourself and your party, lead poisoning ie. .308 dosage is a distinct outcome.Be careful in your thievery.Good luck and keep your head down

      • Not to mention that if there is more thane one , They may decide to ruff up your kids and have some fun with your wife while your bleeding out on the ground . Nice gift for your family huh ?

        • The only differences between the two are opinion, perspective, and actual ownership. None of the employees actually own the items in the store, unless it is a small business or employee "owned" company with employee stock option. Survival in a SHTF scenario will never be pretty. I think the two of you have taken the easy way out by touting your preparedness and looking down your nose at those that didn't choose our way of life. Put in their situations you would raid or loot in an instant. The issue isn't at the heart of the matter isn't whether you think stealing is good or bad. It is whether or not you would have the understanding and desperation to secure what you need to keep you and your family alive. As preppers, I assume you already do; however, if you are displaced from your fully stocked BOL by others more numerous and heavily armed than your group, you would resort to looting in a heartbeat, all the while hoping and convincing yourselves that your moral and ethical transgressions should be viewed less harshly under your dire circumstances. Again, we're back to perspective and opinion. If SHTF, neither will be worth much at all.

          • The whole point will be moot after the first 72hrs . Every place that has something will be stripped clean . Obviously , the most abundance will be in the urban areas … well as the heaviest population . Rural areas will be cleaned out even faster as they dont have that much to begin with , and if you dont take it with you out there , your not getting it at all . After that , its house to house . If you plan to do that …..plan to get shot or to kill ……because once the shooting starts , it wil be one or the other . Explain that one to your kids , because they are going to see all of it . But its ok , America's moral / ethical fiber was shredded a long time ago , anything goes now . You know its bad when Putin stopped allowing Russian babies to be adopted into the US , because we are unfit parents ………..looking around at todays society ……..he is probably correct .

  8. If you raid and get shot ( by anyone ) ……its nothing less than you deserve . Congratulations , you have unjustified your right to survive , especially if you take from an individual . Put on your street gang colors because you have now become one of them . Your now just another piece of sh*t .

    • So, as the weeks pass everyone will have their gang colors, thinking your excluded is delusional. So if you shoot better make sure your magical abilities hit the mark because once you pull that trigger all bets are off and anyone in desperation is going to aim true and put your life down permanently. Remember your magical thinking may not be as good or right as you think.

    • I agree. Raiding is just mob gang mentality. It's a last resort when everything and everyone is doomed. It would have to be an ELE., not just a regional hurricane.

  9. Most of the locations mentioned in the article are too obvious to the general public. A better idea may be the distribution centers of major box stores. They are boring warehouses on the outside, but may have pallets of food on the inside. And if the SHTF, they may simply be abandoned by the employees who are more concerned about their own safety.

    • I considered that as well; however, there may be considerable risk there too. Preppers are more numerous now than in the last 50 years. We are smart, resourceful, and think outside the box. I really wouldn't be surprised if every distribution center had a prepper already planning to set up shop. Furthermore, I'm certain that FEMA has SOP's in place to requisition these vital assets during the onset of a SHTF scenario. It would be wise to select a more remote distribution center further from population concentrations if you're going to scavenge those resources. One of the books in Joe Nobody's "Holding Their Own" series goes into a hypothetical of a police/sheriff's department taking over a distribution center. It was an interesting take on this topic. Hmm, lots to think about.

    • Freight trains ……….most will not be running , with some possibly being stuck abandoned in transit , because of either rail gridlock , or destination cities are too dangerous to enter .

  10. We should go easy on the boy. He's just a kid with a head full of Lights Out and Walking Dead.

    I think his addressing the useful places where stuff might be found is a noble attempt to open a rather difficult dialog, but one that holds more existential depth then it's initial appearance.

    However, three critical issues should never leave front and center with regard to Josh's take on the matter.

    First, with very few exceptions, all necessary aforementioned survival supplies should be in one's possession already. Routes are covered over time, and time is what's limited when the competition is alive and well and hungry. Perhaps I'll just stake out the Lowe's parking lot and let the BOV delivery vans come to me.

    Second, you could be neck deep in food, flashlights, fishing lures and duct tape, but now what? You can either sit atop your mountain of hoard, or make your way to safety with only the necessities. Jeremiah Johnson carried very little, but it was all he needed. Even Lewis and Clark had to dump a ton of supplies once the reality of their journey became obvious. Their initial prepping failed to consider that an abundance of everything would sink their boats.

    And third, Josh is the future. If his worldly concerns are comfortable inside a winner-take-all attitude when the dark times hit, it will take a lot more than a BIble and a Glock to restart civilization. A reboot would be a great time to cleanse our way of life, but only if one truly believes that our purpose is to move forward collectively rather than as raiding individuals.

    But either way, I'm proud of a kid who has the prep cred of Josh.

    • I take his use of the term “raid route” not to mean the trail of destruction you leave as you merrily rape and pillage the countryside, but rather, potential barter/resupply areas on your way to your BOL.

      It’s important to realize that while having a gun gives you power, everybody is also able to (and it’s safe to assume they do) have that same power.Guns are the great equalizer.

      So, while I wouldn’t hold it against you for doing what you needed to in order to protect your family, be aware that everybody else is likely in the same boat. So if you don’t come in peace, be prepared to leave in pieces.

  11. Very thought provoking article Josh! Bartering after a SHTF event becomes much easier if you practice regularly PRIOR to the event! In some areas including where I live (mountains of Western NC) it is a way of life and has been for many years. We have a local AM radio station that has a "tell it & sell it" 5 days a week. CL is another good place to practice and refine your bartering skills. Good luck and keep up the good work!

  12. Josh,
    Not bad at all. I do think "raid" is a poor choice of words. If you take from someone else, you ARE one of the MZB. Scavenging is one thing but removing another person's survival stuff makes you a BAD GUY and guys like me tend to shoot on sight.

    What I see as a major (probably the biggest) flaw in the GOOD to Idaho, Montana, Dakota, Texas, wherever is that the mall ninjas who plan that way have NO idea how to survive in a Montana winter, a West Texas summer, rainy season in mountains or the great outdoors in general.

    Camping is good but camping is not living there. Most urban dwellers do NOT realize that Gaia is NOT your friend, that Mother Nature is out to kill you and that no matter how good a camper you are, your long term survival at an improvised location is problematic. Think gasoline supplies in NYC after Sandy or city survival after major blizzards with no electricity.

    I tell folks if they have not beat the event out of town or at least gone within 24 hours after TSHTF, they are probably stuck where they are for 2 weeks at least. I figure 24 hours is about how long it will take before folks stop listening to the static on the TV and figure they need to GOOD. After about 2 weeks the biggest part of the die off will have occurred and you may, emphasis on MAY, have a chance to get to your BOL.

    I'm not saying do not try, but I am saying if you have not practiced your skill set a lot, you do not have the skills to actually survive. Jemimah Johnson was mentioned but remember, he lived the life BEFORE he had to survive in extremis. There are true stories of the city dude who winds up stranded out in the tall and uncut and making it for quite a while before rescue.

    Two important points about those stories. First, rescue did come and eventually save them. Secondly, there are a great many more stories of the rescuers finding the bodies. Think of the Seattle (IIRC) family that got lost a few hundred yards from their car while hunting mushrooms. They were found 2 days or so later nearly dead. Another night and they would not have made it. That story is way more common than the unprepared dudes who survive on wits and luck. Wits and luck do make a more exciting movie but it is a really, really poor plan A.

    Most preppers will not survive a total TEOTWAWKI so what are the chances for the unprepared. The important thing to glean from Josh's piece is, I think, route planning. Plan your route to your BOL to maximize your survival chances. Then drive that route; many times. Get to know the gas station folks, the restaurant owners, the small store folks. Make friends on the route before you NEED friends. You are a lot more likely to be greeted with a wave rather than a dose of 00 buckshot that way.

    Just my not so humble opinion of course.

  13. Interesting article. I think trying to get supplies from a hospital is out though. I work in a big hospital system in security management. Areas that have pharmaceuticals or supplies generally are being monitored right on-site by video systems, access control alarms, and even hidden employer panic buttons. Many of these areas are wired right into local alarm companies. They report immediately to local police based on the sensitivity of the area. This doesn't even take into account that many hospitals have armed security (both uniformed and non-uniformed). So, let's say the power was out and generator ran out of diesel (takes 1-2 weeks to run out with no re-supply of diesel). Any security department that is still staffing officers will assign their guys to areas like this. It just seems like a darn good way to get ventilated.

  14. If you live a few weeks and are now out of food and other supplies then your choices are kill to survive or become the slave of a tougher dude.
    If you have a somewhat defendable place then don't get out on the road because you will have to fight for your life and your family from day one.
    After a month then 90% of the people will be dead and it will be safer to travel if you have a place to go.
    You will have to be able to grow food, trade for it , or kill for it. The few of us alive in a year will be tough as nails and mean as hell. Hopefully some sort of technology will survive but don't count on it in your lifetime. I have some stores and survival skills from my time in Special Forces but no one I know now near me has. I'm moving to a less populated area and will be able to hide and live for a month then who knows?
    By the way no one has spoken of eating long pig yet.

  15. You got a pretty grim view of the future there rut. Long pig? Think we are going to go all zombie on ourselves? I doubt it.

    I'm curious what particular scenario you think would bring humanity to its knees so quickly? Even in wildly dysfunctional places like Syria things are much better than you imagine.

    The people I will be most afraid of will be those that have given up all hope and are just out for themselves. In fact, after reading your post, I think I will draft some plans to organize an "attitude cleansing" process to make sure that whomever passes on their advantages to the future, if you catch my drift, is worthwhile. Tough call, I know, but someone has to make them.

    Carry on!

  16. As a truck stop manager, I have learned that all underground fuel tanks will not pump the remaining 5% of fuel left in the storage tank. This is due to water that collects in the tank floats on top of gas/diesel and when a tank gets that low it could possibly start pumping water to the pump station. As a scavenger, you could always pump out the last 5% of “empty” c-store tanks.

  17. At risk of having to expel someone by force I’m going to give you the hands down best place to start: Hotels.
    1. Most are equipped with generators and emergency kits with batteries, flash lights, walkies, first aid etc. after blocking a few stairwells and the elevator you could be in possession of a few floors
    2. The dry and canned food stores here are at least 2x to 10x what a typical restaurant or mom and pop grocery would carry. Not to mention with a generator all meat and veggies will last way longer. Even if the generator runs out its still your best bet. Also, booze and cash for trade.
    3. Already equipped with basic cameras and surveillance for defending your perimeters.

    I could elaborate but I’m sure you are creatiev enough to come up with a few more. I worked in a hotel for many years. Any guests will panic to get home so the resources available to you are going to be plentiful. just remember to share with me when I come knocking.

  18. Don't forget military surplus stores but that is a suggestion for the prep part of preppers. Also fire departments and police departments normally have actions held once or twice a year were you can find great deals on new or previously owned items.


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