Best Survival Chainsaw: Top Picks, Buying Guide, and Questions

Choosing wood cutting tools for your survival gear can be complicated because of weight. Axes, hatchets, and saws can be heavy and cumbersome. A much lighter option is a flexible survival chainsaw.

A flexible saw, or survival chainsaw, is a chainsaw-type blade strung between two handles.  They all weigh in at 5 or 6 o.z. At that weight, I can’t think why you wouldn’t want one in your survival gear.

Besides weight, it is pretty amazing how effective these things can be with very little effort. (See the video below) You just wrap it around a tree or piece of wood and slide back and forth.

Let’s discuss the best products you can buy today.

Best Survival Chainsaw: Top Picks

1. Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch

Most pocket chainsaws in the market have 24-inches long chains. But the Sportsman pocket chainsaw’s 36-inch long chain makes it a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.

The longer chain makes for longer strokes, which translates to faster cutting times. The chain’s length helps you maintain better posture when you’re cutting wood, which results in lesser fatigue – and that counts for a lot in a survival situation.

Cutting thicker and higher branches is more comfortable with the chainsaw, and some survivalists extend the pocket chainsaw’s range by running rope or paracord through the handles.

Sportsman claims that the chainsaw is self-cleaning, but it’s best to clean it after use and oil it from time to time. However, one of the best things about the saw is that it’s made out of high-carbon heat-treated steel.

You don’t have to worry about durability with the Sportsman pocket chainsaw.

It comes with metal brackets and can be re-sharpened, which is impressive because many other pocket chainsaws cannot be re-sharpened.

The cross-stitched, heavy-duty handles of the chainsaw can withstand the force required to cut through thick branches.

But there’s more.

The chainsaw comes with a rugged nylon storage pouch with a front snap and belt loop. Since the saw is lightweight at 0.14kg, you won’t even feel it on your belt after a few minutes.

Customers report that it doesn’t bind unless you use it very aggressively and that the narrow chain helps reduce drag when cutting.

But since the chainsaw only has teeth on one side, customers find having to reposition it on high branches over and over again annoying.

It comes with an 8mm magnesium fire starter, which fits in the bag along with the chainsaw.

To use it, all you have to do is scrape off the black paint on the 3-inch rod and shave the magnesium into a small pile. You must then strike the flint using the edge of the provided scraper onto the magnesium pile to start a fire.

You can also use dryer lint instead of magnesium.

But the best thing about buying this chainsaw is that Sportsman offers a lifetime guarantee – if you don’t like it for any reason, you will get a full refund.


  • High-carbon heat-treated steel chain
  • Sturdy handles
  • Rugged nylon pouch and fire starter kit included
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Excellent overall quality


  • Slightly more expensive than other pocket chainsaws
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2. SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear

SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear

In addition to serving as the perfect pocket chainsaw to help make a fire in a survival situation, the SUMPRI pocket chainsaw also enables you to unblock roads that have fallen trees on them.

Customers report that they were able to cut down 10” diameter log in a matter of minutes, which is very impressive!

Like the Sportsman pocket chainsaw, the SUMPRI chainsaw also has a 36-inch long chain (excluding the handles).

The longer chain reduces the time and effort required to cut down a branch – regardless of if you need it for a fire or want to clean up a tree in your backyard.

It can also come in very handy on mountain bike/ATV trails since you will be able to clear the path of trees without much hassle. It can also be invaluable when off-roading.

SUMPRI claims that you can cut a 3-inch thick log in under 10 seconds. It is made possible by the high-strength heat-treated steel used to make the chainsaw.

The blades are razor-sharp, and the 3-feet chain enables you to slice through wood like a pat of butter.

The handles are robust, and you can use a rope to extend the chainsaw’s reach and cut down branches at higher heights.

The belt-loop pouch makes it easy for you to carry the chainsaw around, and the all-weather fire-starter is a great bonus. It comes with a unique casing and works perfectly, even in the rain.

It’s shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about durability, and the magnesium enables you to start a fire in seconds.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is reassuring, and the value it offers is surprising, considering it’s cheaper than the Sportsman chainsaw.


  • Affordable
  • Heat-treated steel
  • Magnesium-based weather-proof fire starter
  • Belt-loop pouch


  • Smaller straps
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3. Pocket Saw 26 Inch & 23-Inch Long Folding Saws

Pocket Saw 26 Inch & 23-Inch Long Folding Saws

If you’re looking for an affordable, no-frills sawing solution for your survival kit, this is the right saw set to purchase.

For a little more than the price of lunch, you get your hands on two pocket saws – one 26-inches long and one 23-inches long.

The 26-inch saw has fabric handles and enables you to cut down thicker branches with ease. The chain is narrow, and the saw edges are sharp, which reduces drag and exertion.

While the handles are sturdy, since they are co-molded, pulling too hard will cause it to cut into your palms a little. Wearing gloves when using the saw will keep you protected.

The smaller 23-inch saw is a lot narrower than the longer pocket-saw and has rings for handles, making it difficult to cut down thicker branches.

However, unlike the longer saw in the set, it can cut from both sides. If you extend it with rope to cut down a high branch, you won’t have to worry about orientation.

Both the chainsaws are made from 65Mn high carbon steel, which makes them very durable, but one gripe that customers have that also bothers me is the quality of the included pouch.

It’s not very rugged, making it more of an unprotective carrying case than a protective pouch.

Nonetheless, considering the price and the value offered, I can’t complain.


  • Two saws for a low price
  • 65Mn high carbon steel
  • Rugged co-molded handles in the longer saw


  • Flimsy pouch
  • No warranty
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4. Loggers Art Gens 48-Inch Saw

Loggers Art Gens 48-Inch Saw

The Loggers Art Gens saw is the go-to choice for survivalists for several reasons:

It’s a lot longer than the average pocket saw at 48-inches. The longer length enables you to cut more in one stroke, reducing cutting time and effort.

The chainsaw is also very sturdy. The chain is made out of carbon steel, and the woven nylon handles don’t break under pressure.

It also comes with two 11.5 feet long safety ropes, which you can use to extend the range of the saw and cut down high branches. The three metal snap hooks that come with the rope increases its utility.

But the best thing about the saw is that it is double-sided. You don’t have to worry about orienting it correctly if you wish to cut down a high branch, which is a huge advantage.

Several customers commend the saw because its double-sided design, coupled with the safety ropes, saved them hundreds of dollars they’d have spent hiring arborists.

The saw’s serrated blades remain sharp for a long time, and you can sharpen them using the included file with ease.

Another big advantage of getting the Loggers Art Gens saw is that it comes with a throwing weight pouch, which comes in very handy when climbing.

It comes with two grommets, which is excellent, but it’s not very durable since it’s made out of what seems like canvas.

It’s the most expensive saw on the list, but the quality of the saw and the freebies that come with it make it worth every penny.

Loggers Art Gens gives all customers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is super reassuring.


  • Long, double-sided saw
  • File included for sharpening
  • Pouch doubles as a throwing weight pouch
  • Comes with safety ropes and metal snap hooks


  • Pricey
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5. CROC SHARPEST! Survival Pocket Hand Chainsaw

CROC SHARPEST! Survival Pocket Hand Chainsaw

While the CROC SHARPEST! The chainsaw is 36 inches long in total, the chain itself is only 21 inches long, which makes it the shortest chainsaw on this list.

However, it has over 92 teeth, which is more than any other saw has on this list. The additional teeth enable it to slice through wood with ease.

Other saws of the same length struggle to cut through 6-inch thick wood, but you won’t have any trouble cutting a thick branch with this chainsaw.

The teeth are sharp and made out of high-quality steel, so durability is not something you need to be concerned about.

If you dislike the nylon straps and rings that come with other hand chainsaws, the CROC SHARPEST! may be right for you, since it comes with ergonomic handles.

It also includes a simple buckled pouch, which makes carrying it around easier, and the company assures that you will give a full refund if you’re not happy with your purchase in 60 days.

The company also offers a rather conceited guarantee. If you can find another hand chain saw that works better than theirs in 60 days and send them a video of it, you will get a full refund.

Nonetheless, customers report a significant reduction in strain when cutting owing to the added teeth that come with the chainsaw.


  • Easy-grip handles
  • 92+ teeth make for easier cutting
  • High-quality steel chain
  • Carrying case included


  • A little expensive for a 21-inch chainsaw
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Survival Chainsaw Buying Guide

Every survival kit must have a reliable pocket chainsaw in it. The ability to make shelter and start a fire significantly increases your chances of survival.

But there are several factors you need to consider before you get a pocket chainsaw – you don’t want it to break or not do the cutting when you need it the most.


Most chainsaws are lightweight, but since you will also have other supplies in your bug out bag, the weight will add up quickly.

Try and get the lightest chainsaw you can.


A bi-directional blade will cut through wood faster. All of the chainsaws on this list are bi-directional.

However, if you want to cut without worrying about the blade’s orientation, you should get a double-sided chainsaw. The Loggers Art Gens 48-Inch Saw is an excellent option.


The handles of the chainsaw make a massive difference in your cutting ability. For most, the nylon handles work great, since they can slip their hands through the loops and grip the chain’s edges for leverage.

However, if you want a more comfortable experience, you can get a chainsaw with ergonomic handles like the CROC SHARPEST! Chainsaw.


While you could slip the chainsaw in your bag or your pocket, don’t do it. It will damage your pocket/bag and may even cut you.

Make sure that the saw comes with a rugged case.

Open Questions about Survival Chainsaws…

How to maintain one?

Since hand chainsaws don’t have motors, there’s not a lot you need to do. Keep the chainsaw clean, sharpened, and oiled – it will serve you for years.

How to sharpen?

Most chainsaws can be sharpened using regular round chain files. However, some cannot be sharpened, so make sure you read the manual.

Can a survival chainsaw cut through plastic and rubber?

Survival chainsaws can cut through most plastics with ease, including PVC and CPVC pipes. However, attempting to cut rubber with it will clog the teeth.

How do survival chainsaws compare to pruning and crosscut hand saws?

Cutting with survival chainsaws is undoubtedly a lot easier than cutting with pruning and crosscut saws. It also gives a much cleaner cut, but this doesn’t matter in a survival situation.


The Loggers Art Gens chainsaw is very easy to recommend – it’s long, double-sided, sharp, and very sturdy, which means it’ll last you years and keep cutting easy.

It also comes with safety ropes, metal snap hooks, a sharpening file, and a pouch that doubles as a throwing weight pouch.

The for the value and quality of tools you get, the price is more than fair. You cannot go wrong with the Loggers Art Gens 48-Inch Saw.

Written by Joel Jefferson

Joel is one of the original founders of After college, he joined the USMC where he served as an (0302) Marine Infantry Officer. Joel is an avid outdoorsman and spends much of his free time in the mountains. Joel’s hobby is researching survival gear & weapons as well as prepping. Read his full interview here. Read more of Joel's articles.