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How can the ShamWOW help you Survive?

You’ve all seen the commercials with the annoying little Billy Mays wannabe guy who shows you how to soak up an entire bathtub full of water with that little chamois, but have you ever thought of using those super absorbent towels in your survival gear? Maybe you should.

I’ve used a synthetic chamois as a camp/backpacking towel for years and honestly I don’t know why you would use anything else. According to the ad it holds 21 times it’s weight in liquid and I can say that’s a pretty accurate statement.

It’s lighter than a regular towel by a lot so that saves weight in your Bug Out Bag. Also, you only need about 1/4 the size of a synthetic chamois than you would with a regular towel. You could easily completely dry yourself with a 6×6 or 8×8 inch square.

Not to mention that it drys quickly and you can wring it out. Cotton towels, like all cotton, stay wet forever and mold.

You already know it can soak up spilled wine on your nice carpet and is machine washable when you clean up after the dog so let’s look at some practical survival applications.


1. Collect Dew -You could wipe dew off of the top of your tent, or the grass, and wring out the chamois into a water container. Since it wrings out so well this could actually be an effective water gathering tool if you really needed it. You’d never get that with cotton.

2. Collect Dirty Water – You could dip the chamois into a tiny puddle or some other bit of water that would be otherwise impossible to collect and again wring it into a water container. That would even serve as an initial filter because you would wring out the water without the debris.

What else?

There have got to be some other cool survival uses for a synthetic chamois, or ShamWOW if you prefer. Leave a comment with your idea.

Billy Mays Survival Synthetic ChamoisBilly Mays STILL has the Best Deal

Even more surprising because Billy May’s was well known to hate the ShamWOW because he had the same product under a different name years earlier and the ShamWOW guy crushed it.

The Shamwow brand goes for $23.00 on Amazon. (Why not 19.95?) You get 8 large and 8 small. There’s also the knockoff Absorber but you only get 1 for $8.00

Then there’s good old Billy May’s with the Zorbeez. You get 10 pack for $28. Even when his product isn’t the most famous he still wins- Awesome.

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Photo by: Joanna855