Streamlight Nano Flashlight Review: Does It Meet Expectations?

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By Elijah Langford •  6 min read

Streamlight’s long-standing history in the flashlight industry has made it a household name. It is one of the first brands I check with whenever I’m looking for a flashlight.

Streamlight Nano Flashlight

The Nano flashlight came across as a handy tool that I could attach to my bag’s zipper. I’d no longer need to pull out my phone and look for the flashlight button as I fumble for my door’s keys.

The power of the cheap flashlight’s LED was very surprising, and unlike my phone’s flashlight, the light doesn’t flood and is focused.

There’s a lot more to the tiny flashlight – all of which I will cover in this review.

Streamlight Nano Flashlight Review

Design and Durability

It’s not really that long ago that AAA-battery operated flashlights were the smallest I could carry with a keychain.

The Streamlight Nano makes that class of lights look massive.

The flashlight is only 1.47 inches long, slightly larger than the size of the dollar coin. The 0.51-inch head diameter and it’s 0.36-ounce weight makes it super easy to carry.

I can carry it around in your pocket without it sticking out or feeling uncomfortable. But I prefer using the convenient attachment to connect it to my bag’s zipper.

Keep in mind that the attachment makes the flashlight longer by roughly an inch. If you plan on carrying in your pockets, removing the snap hook attachment is a good idea. Alternatively, you could also clip it to the belt ring on your pants.

I don’t have to worry about it breaking if my bag hits something or if it rains – which is one of the best things about the flashlight.

The Nano light boasts a casing made from machined aircraft-grade aluminum. The aluminum comes with an anodized finish, which gives the flashlight a clean look and makes it resistant to scratches.

It can take more than just a few knocks.

The quality of the exterior is impressive, considering its low price. It comes with an O-ring, which, coupled with the high-quality exterior, makes the flashlight weatherproof.

The flashlight strikes the right ratio of size to usability. If it were any smaller, I likely wouldn’t buy it. A flashlight smaller than this would either slip from my hands or be unusable.

Another thing I love about the flashlight is its elongated bell design. It’s small, and I expected it to be a pain to turn on in the dark. But since the head is bigger than the body, I can find the LED end with my fingers and turn it on without needing to look at it. The textured notches on the top are a welcome design detail, and only make it easier to find the LED end.

In this way, the Streamlight Nano solved my problem perfectly – no more fiddling with the phone while finding the right keys!

The Nano light comes in four colors: Black, Red, Pink, and Blue. You can match it with your bag.

LED Specifications

The LED 5mm in diameter, and since it is recessed into the flashlight, you don’t have to worry about it breaking open.

The LED is white, impervious to shock, and provides a sharply focused beam of light that is 10 lumens bright.

It doesn’t have a reflector, but the parabolic LED area optimizes the light output. Streamlight claims that the LED has a 100,000-hour life, which is impressive.

I do have one issue, though. As the batteries run out, the LED starts to lose its brightness. I really wish the flashlight had solid-state regulation.


Turning it on is as simple as finding the head of the light and rotating it to the right. You can turn it on with one hand, which is something I find very convenient.

Turning the light off is just as simple – rotate the head towards the left.


The Streamlight Nano comes with batteries included, which is surprising considering the price. It is powered by four IEC-LR41 coin cells. You can find these in any departmental store for cheap.

While Streamlight claims the batteries last for up to eight hours, customers report that it lasts roughly around five, which I think is reasonable.



What People Are Saying About the Streamlight Nano Flashlight

Customers do not report any problems with the flashlight.

They love the form factor and find it bright enough to light up driveways and dark streets. As I mentioned, though, customers report that the battery lasts around five hours – lower than the claimed eight hours.

The build quality is just as impressive as I’d expected. One customer bought the flashlight in 2011 and reports that it still works perfectly – although it is quite scratched up.

Some customers complain that the flashlight turns on unintentionally sometimes, but there are no significant problems with the Streamlight Nano.

Overall, the flashlight is well received.

Questions about theStreamlight Nano Flashlight

Q: Can I remove the attachment?

A: Yes, you can remove the snap hook attachment by opening the split ring.

Q: How do I replace the batteries?

A: You must remove the head of the flashlight to replace the batteries.


I’ve found the Streamlight Nano to be a blessing for when I come back home. It is an unreplaceable part of the things I carry every day.

I don’t even have to look for it – it’s small and remains attached to my bag’s zipper via its snap hook attachment.

I haven’t had to replace the batteries, and it works perfectly fine after getting drenched from the rain.

Customers report that it lasts for years, and while it does have a tendency to get scratchy over time, it’s no deal-breaker. If you’re looking for a compact flashlight that you can rely on to illuminate dark spaces quickly, I recommend getting the Streamlight Nano.

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