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Survival Book Review: Oathkeeper

Oathkeeper is not a prepper or post-apocalyptic survival story.  There are no EMPs, no asteroid strikes, no plagues, Prepper Press Book Reviewno collapsing governments, and no societal disorder.  No, it’s a story of the long-reaching arm of the federal Department of Justice, or maybe you could say “over-reaching” arm of the federal government.  Oathkeeper is the story of Calumet County Sheriff Bear Ellison, a man nearing retirement who finds himself struggling between upholding his oath of office and succumbing to external pressure.  It’s the story of Monte Turcot, a reserved veteran soldier who finds himself in a series of unfortunate circumstances.  It’s the story of Kevin Sniggs, a tough DEA agent looking for arrests and career advancement.


By Mark Puhaly, a contributing author to Survival Cache & SHTFBlog


Oathkeeper is well-written. It’s not a full-length novel, but it’s not a short story either.  Troy’s writing style makes it an engaging, hard-to-put-down read.  I found myself feeling the sheriff’s internal struggle in the face of the external factors he faced.  This book could be classified as a crime novel, which exposed me to the type of story I don’t typically read but I am glad that I did.  As the story progressed, I found myself wondering what would happen next, and what each party did.   I’m likely to find my way to Troy’s other book, Indivisible: With Justice of Some.


I didn’t like the fact that Oathkeeper not a full-length novel, though that’s another indication I liked it.  I also didn’t like the fact it doesn’t seem to be part of a series.  Once I start relating to the characters in the book, I want to continue reading about them.  There could be follow on stories related to this book.


I think Oathkeeper will be a hit with libertarian readers, states’ rights advocates, and most anyone who enjoys a good crime and political drama story.  “Survival” fiction readers might find something different with this book.  I think if you give this book a chance you will have a hard time putting it down.

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