Survival Cache Podcast Episode 10: The AR-15 Part I

AR15 Rifle

What survivalist podcast would be complete without a discussion of the AR rifle platform? Doc Montana and Drew discuss America’s favorite rifle and its attributes. Though they intended to cover the whole rifle, front to back – birdcage to buttstock – they got caught in the trappings of platform enthusiasm and only got as far as the top of the upper receiver. Discussed are accessories, variants, and modifications to the venerable AR family of rifles. Stay tuned for part II!

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Photo Credit: mr.smashy

Written by Drew P

Along with Joel, Drew is one of the co-founders of SurvivalCache. Drew has been immersed in the firearms and outdoors culture since birth. He now is a factory-certified armorer for several firearms manufacturers, as well as an experienced DuraCoat finisher. He currently works with a local firearms training facility as an on-call armorer and gunsmith. Read his full interview here. Read more of Drew's articles.