Survival Cache Podcast Episode 18: 7 Deadly Prepper Sins

Recycling aluminum cans is great. But recycling a prepping wives’ tale is bad. Yet so much of the basic prepping information available in books and on websites includes recycled information basedPrepper Wives Tales Myths Untruths more on wishful thinking and popular fiction than on science and historical lessons. Doc Montana solos on this podcast with his 7 Deadly Prepper Sins. Seven popular, often recycled, prepper bits of wisdom that might not just be wrong, but dangerous, and in fact, unpatriotic.

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Joel Jefferson
Written by Joel Jefferson

Joel is one of the original founders of After college, he joined the USMC where he served as an (0302) Marine Infantry Officer. Joel is an avid outdoorsman and spends much of his free time in the mountains. Joel’s hobby is researching survival gear & weapons as well as prepping. Read his full interview here. Read more of Joel's articles.

4 thoughts on “Survival Cache Podcast Episode 18: 7 Deadly Prepper Sins”

    • Hello Trace,

      Here are the seven deadly preppers sins in a nutshell. Enjoy.

      1. Seeking like minds for your prepper group. The sin here is that rarely do like minds get along under stress. What is better is to seek those with skills, who are honest, and add useful community depth. Collectively, a team of like minds may become the most formidable enemy during a survival situation should you happen to find yourself or a family member at odds with the group.

      2. Stockpile barter items. The sin of a preemptive focus on bartering is that the future is not of your choosing, and deciding what will or will not be useful for others in the post apocalyptic world is a hunch based on a guess driven by nothing more than wishful thinking. It’s best to gain skills that require you to remain alive to be of use rather than standing guard over a box of toilet paper and case of vodka just waiting to be shot.

      3. Believing that silver, gold and/or bullets will be the new currency. The sin here is thinking that the complexities of a TEOTWAWKI economy can be summed up with a hand full of silver coins. The reality is that anything with a predictable, useful and transferable value will require actually living in the situation to assess what is truly of value. While some things are better bets than others, your time, money, and effort is better served the known practicalities of survival according to your prefered survival scenario.

      4. Stockpiling food you are used to eating. It would be a grave sin to live today like it's already a survival situation. Eat healthy now while you can. Survival food is often high in sodium, calories and preservatives. Not the best for pre-apocalyptic times.

      5. Nine meals from anarchy. The sin is believing that there will be a predictable time frame in which you can get your survival affairs in order prior to a full-on collapse. Three days in fact. In reality, you might just have three hours, or even just three minutes. Depending on the situation, the variable of time before it all breaks loose is not subject to kitschy sayings or convenient timeframes. Remember, you are not the only one who will quickly assume the worst and act accordingly.

      6. Ending with three ways to make a fire. A fire is a hungry animal that needs constant feeding. Expecting that starting the fire is the end of your main concern is the sin. What is just as important as starting the fire is keeping fire burning which means processing wood. And that processing usually involves tools, techniques, and time, all usually well in play before the first sparks fly off the ferro rod.

      7. Believing you are prepared. Having all the basic gear, a solid plan, and the most bug out juju of your friends does not mean you are ready for a collapse or disaster. The thrill of turning your survival plan into action is an intoxicating drug to be avoided at all cost. If unrestrained, your addiction will make you a facilitator of the dark rather than a beacon of light. It truly is that simple.

  1. Thank you everyone for helping out with this. I hope to get a newer computer in the future so that I will be able to follow on my own.


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