Survival Cache Podcast Episode 7: Uncharted Seventy2 Survival System

In this seventh episode of the Survival Cache Podcast, The Uncharted Supply Company was kind enough to send both Doc Montana and Drew samples of their uncharted supply co seventy2 reviewsSeventy2 Survival System for a real Survival Cache review. The Seventy2 Survival System is a pre-engineered kit designed and marketed to supply a person everything they should need to survive 72 hours in case of emergency.

For this episode, Doc Montana and Drew recorded a simultaneous live unboxing of the Seventy2. They give first impressions, thoughts on the products they discover inside the Seventy2, and describe the various products offered in the Survival System. Drew even takes a few minutes to be sure to break a component unintentionally. Find out here if the Seventy2 Survival System by Uncharted Supply Co is the right bag for your car, office or home. This is a great episode for those of us needing to think about our Bug Out Bag or 72 Hour Bag options, check it out!

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A fun episode with lots of opinions, click on a link below to listen or download to your phone and listen later. Please don’t forget to chime in on the topic!

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