Survival Cache Podcast Episode 8: Bug Out Vehicles

Since both Doc Montana and Drew are self-described vehicle aficionados, the eighth episode of The Survival Cache Podcast is a great one: Bug Out Vehicles! Evenbest survival podcast though both Doc and Drew currently own and love Toyotas, they love all vehicles including jeeps, trucks and 4×4 subaru’s. If you are serious about planning or prepping then you have thought about your bug out vehicle and what it should look like and have in it. Here we take a deeper dive into Bug Out Vehicles and Doc and Drew consider the Bug Out Vehicle or BOV, and share their own rigs, tools, and preferences. When the Sh*t hits the fan, you don’t want to be pushing like these guys in the photo, listen now and plan ahead.

A fun episode with lots of opinions, click on a link below to listen or download to your phone and listen later. Please don’t forget to chime in on the topic! Doc and Drew invite you to discuss and debate, via email: podcast(at)survivalcache(dot)com!

Drew P
Written by Drew P

Along with Joel, Drew is one of the co-founders of SurvivalCache. Drew has been immersed in the firearms and outdoors culture since birth. He now is a factory-certified armorer for several firearms manufacturers, as well as an experienced DuraCoat finisher. He currently works with a local firearms training facility as an on-call armorer and gunsmith. Read his full interview here. Read more of Drew's articles.

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