Survival Debate: AR-7 or M6 Survival Rifle

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By Joel Jefferson •  2 min read

The Survival Debate is back.  If you had to choose between the Henry Arms AR-7 Survival Rifle or the Springfield Armory M6 Scout Survival Rifle, which would you choose and why?  Both are great survival rifles but which one will the fans of SurvivalCache pick?

Springfield Armory M6 Scout Survival RifleAR-7 vs M-6 Survival Rifle


Limited moving parts – very little to go wrong with this rifle/shotgun
Steel construction
2 Barrels / 2 Types of ammo – .410 shotgun & .22LR
Ammo storage in butt stock
Trigger works well with gloves
Shotgun….need we say more?


Spartan Construction – uncomfortable to shoot
Difficult to reload
No semi-automatic fire – must reload each barrel
Packing system not ideal
Pin that joins the lower/upper receiver could be Achilles heel if lost
No longer manufactured – have to buy used

Henry Arms US Survival AR-7 Rifle


Easy to shoot – good ergonomics (for a Survival Rifle)
8 round clip (2 of them – 16 rounds total)
Semi-automatic fire
Limited moving parts
Rifle disassembles into water resistant butt stock
Blaze orange front site post


Disassembled AR-7 and M-6 Scout

.22LR provides limited power
Only shoots one type of ammo
ABS Plastic Construction
No shotgun Video Review

SurvivalCache Team Vote
Mr. Smashy – M6
Scott – M6
Joel – AR-7
James – AR-7
Mike – AR-7
Captain Bart – M6
Josh – M6
Jimmy – AR-7
Greg – M6

Please join in the debate below

Photos by: The Team

Joel Jefferson

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