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Survival Debate: Take In or Turn Away

One of the most basic questions survivalists and preppers wrestle with is what to do if unplanned guests turn up at your door in a SHTF situation. Do you take them in and divide your supplies or turn them away and protect your family?

Take People In


  • BeggarMore People = Better Security
  • Clear Conscience
  • More workers
  • Might be family members


  • Use supplies X-times faster
  • Group decisions and arguments
  • Harder to hide larger groups

Turn People Away



  • Guilt
  • Security Threat if they are desperate enough
  • No longer hidden or anonymous

Middle Ground

The only middle ground here is to offer the beggars some supplies, but send them on their way. In my opinion this might be the best option because you preserve your status as a good person to them and you can justify the guilt of not taking people in to yourself.

Obviously, this opens you up to several security risks. The people then know you have food and supplies and may come back, either peacefully or not.

Where do you stand?

This might be the most difficult and humanizing survival debate we’ve had so far, and not something to decide quickly.

Really think about living with yourself after this decision: whether turning people away to possibly die, or taking food directly out of your family’s mouths for others.

Top Photo by: LiminalMike