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Survival Gear Review: Bob’s Butt Wipes

Ok, ok, I hear the chuckles now from across the room at the Bug Out Bag (BOB) planning meetings, but this is a serious product for survivalists and preppers and Best Survival Toolsgenerally all outdoors people whether actually outdoors or in the cabin, RV, or home, doing a Bug In or a Bug Out.  Although there are a lot of natural substitutes for toilet paper, there is still nothing like the real thing.  And you’re already wondering exactly how much I can really say about such a product review for a post for Survival Cache.  Read on and you will be surprised.

By Dr. John J. Woods, a contributing author to Survival Cache & SHTFBlog

Bob’s Butt Wipes Specs

First of all, the product specifications just in case you were interested.  Foremost for preppersBest SHTF Toilet Paper using them outdoors or in prep for a SHTF mission, these wipes are unscented, so no perfume to offend anyone.  That’s a no brainer for many situations, but these days some are so sensitive to scents and smells, especially in the confines of a Bug In.  For game food seeking Bug Out preps, I cannot convince some hunters of it, just a little bit of foreign smell can travel literally hundreds of yards in even the slightest breeze.  So, have your bacon and eggs after the morning hunt and fuel up your ATV the day before you go hunting.  Forget the cigarettes and the chew, too before climbing into your hunting stand.   Many hunters go so far as to use scentless soaps and other items to reduce human oriented smells.  This is a good idea, too, so Bob’s Butt Wipes definitely fits into this scheme of things.

Next, these wipes are flushable or easy to dispose of in a Bug Out outdoor waste facility, read outhouse.  You know what that means, but if you read the labels on many wipes, even common baby wipes, they are not always flushable and some probably never biodegrade.  All you have to do is stop up the plumbing once with any kind of wipe and you’ll learn that lesson the hard way.  If you are Bugging In, but lucky to retain community water, then don’t create any additional problems for yourself.

Bob’s Butt Wipes are also hypoallergenic, so sensitive skinned folks can forget that worry, too.  There are no harsh chemicals or compounds here to cause a rash or a breakout.  You should not run into any problems with dry or broken skin issues with these wipes.  Bob’s wipes are also alcohol free, so you won’t get the dried out skin from using them either.

Bob’s Butt Wipe Deployment

The really neat thing about Bob’s Butt Wipes is the unique dispenser they come in.  The canister-container is a plastic box with hanging handles on the sides with molded in loop holes designed to fit right over any common bathroom tissue holders.  The “box” is suspended under the paper roll for easy access through a little pop open door.  You can install the container in a matter of seconds.  For the Bug Out, this dispenser can be hung in any number of manners for easy access.  The box can also be easily refilled right where it hangs without having to take it off the roll hanger.  Wipe refill packs are also available to purchase wherever Bob’s Butt Wipes are sold.  The retail pricing for the packaged dispenser and wipes runs from $6.99-$7.99.  The 42 count refill packs sell for $2.99.

Wet Wipe Utility

I have used a variety of such wipes for a long time for many purposes and I see no reason that Bob’s Butt Wipes could not be used Doomsday Prepperslikewise.  We all know the primary purpose for these moist wipes, but there can be many creative uses as well.  Maybe you have thought of some I have not.  I always put some wipes in my gear bag to take to my SHTF camp, but also I put some in my BOB pack to take along on any trip.  This may be to camp or around camp to the stand or on the 4-wheeler, especially during hot weather days.  These make great cool down wipes for the hands, face and neck when the sweat starts rolling down the eyebrows and the back of the neck.

I also use these wipes for a multitude of quick clean up messes around the Bug Out cabin, and in my Chevy Silverado in travel route on trips.  They make great clean ups too for muddy shoes and boots.  I even keep them around the skinning rack and workshop to wipe down hands.  They work for cleaning knives and tools, too.

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Believe it or not, I use them around the gun cleaning bench, too.  I am not much on wearing gloves when cleaning guns or lubricating various things around the shop, so I keep some wipes handy for that.   A couple quick wipes will take off gun solvent and oils from the hands.  If you do mechanic work, then use these wipes to clean off grease and grime from any repair or maintenance jobs.  It seems like you can hardly touch anything without it getting all over everything, so keeping a box of these wipes around speeds up the cleanup.  These wipes are useful for cleaning up optics as well.  I use them on gun scopes both exterior finishes and the lenses for a smudge free clean up.  Great for binoculars as well and I even wipe off my eyeglasses, as well.

Bottom Line

Furthermore, having hunted or patrolled many times in the rain and then the related mud that comes with being outside on the property, I use wipes for the pre-cleaning of my SHTF weapons and other gear before applying new rust-proofing oils.   They even work on fabric backpacks, gun cases, outerwear garments and other such uses. So, as you can see, a prepper, could get pretty creative with the uses for cleansing wipes such as those like Bob’s Butt Wipes.  But, (no pun intended) if for no other reason than their primary intended purpose, Bob’s Butt Wipes are a great product built into an innovative delivery dispensing canister ready for use at your Bug In home, Bug Out camp,  escape vehicle, or wherever.

All Photos By: Dr. John J. Woods

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